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13:20  23 february  2021
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Macron admits France murdered Algerian independence figure

  Macron admits France murdered Algerian independence figure President Emmanuel Macron has admitted for the first time that French soldiers murdered a top Algerian independence figure then covered up his death in the latest acknowledgement by Paris of its colonial-era crimes. Macron met four of the grandchildren of Ali Boumendjel and admitted "in the name of France" that the lawyer had been detained, tortured and killed in Algiers on March 23, 1957, his office said Tuesday. French authorities had previously claimed that he had committed suicide while in detention, a lie that his widow and other family members had campaigned for years to see overturned.

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Since February 2019, the Hirak has been expressing the exasperation of a population that is suffocating in an opaque political system and still held by the military. The urgency is now to open a real dialogue.

Editorial of the "World". Birthdays provide an opportunity to take stock, but also to look to the future. Two years after its launch, on February 22, 2019, the Hirak, a spontaneous and peaceful protest movement against the Algerian leaders and political system, has a first merit: it remains alive. Witness the mobilization, Monday February 22, despite the repression and the Covid, of thousands of demonstrators shouting "The generals in the trash" or "The people are demanding independence" in several cities of the country. But above all, the Hirak tenaciously expresses the exasperation of a population that is suffocating in a political system opaque to bogus democratic institutions, of which the military continues to pull the strings.

Opening in Algiers of the Gourdel trial, the French beheaded in 2014

 Opening in Algiers of the Gourdel trial, the French beheaded in 2014 © Supplied by Le Point L st trial of those accused of the assassination of Frenchman Hervé Gourdel, a mountain guide kidnapped and beheaded by jihadists in Algeria in 2014, opened Thursday morning in Algiers, six years after the events. After a postponement at the beginning of the month, the trial is taking place before the court of first instance of Dar El Beïda, in the suburbs of Algiers, in the presence of the victim's family, in particular his partner. It should last a day.

A Alger, lors de la manifestation célébrant le deuxième anniversaire du Hirak, le 22 février. © Supplied by Le Monde In Algiers, during the event celebrating the second anniversary of Hirak, on February 22.

In Algiers, two years later, the street returns to the Hirak However, after a year of demonstrations every Friday and another year of sporadic protests, Covid forces, it is clear that the results are mixed. Of course, the Algerians have obtained the departure of President Bouteflika after twenty years of reign. Certainly, they ridiculed, by abstaining massively, the claim of his successor, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, military candidate elected during a rigged presidential election, to religitimer thanks to the constitutional referendum of November 1, 2020. Of course, the protesters come from '' obtain, on Thursday February 18, the release of around forty imprisoned activists, including journalist Khaled Drareni, and the promise, by Mr. Tebboune, of new elections "detached from money and corruption" and leading to “New institutions”.

45th anniversary of the proclamation of the SADR: Algeria renews its support for the Polisario

 45th anniversary of the proclamation of the SADR: Algeria renews its support for the Polisario © RYAD KRAMDI / AFP / File A soldier from the Polisario Front and the flag of Western Sahara. This February 27 marks the 45th anniversary of the “Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic” (SADR) proclaimed, in 1976, on the territory of a former Spanish colony disputed by Morocco and the Polisario and which still has no legal status . At stake in rivalries between Morocco and Algeria, a "non-autonomous" territory, according to the UN, Western Sahara is a diplomatically frozen file.

In Algeria, President Tebboune tries to regain control after three months of absence But the vain commitments of the same type repeatedly brandished in the past, the succession of phases of repression and appeasement, which the country has chained since the end of the bloody decade of the 1990s, brought the country far beyond weariness, to a muffled anger exacerbated by the inertia of the regime. The Hirak, a “degagiste” movement which calls for a change of regime but has neither a clear program nor a leadership, has failed to force the small group of men from the security apparatus and the army to negotiate. who holds the reins of the country. Often denounced, the impasse seems total.

Fall in oil revenues

However, Algerian leaders can no longer play the clock forever. The health crisis and the sharp fall in the prices of hydrocarbons are undermining the main basis of the regime: its ability to buy social peace thanks to the oil rent which provides 60% of state revenues. Public investment, the main engine of growth, is weakening. Inflation is swelling and the official unemployment rate has reached 15%, not to mention the impact of the crisis on informal employment, which is vital for many.

LDC: CRB - ​​Al-Hilal will play well in Algiers

 LDC: CRB - ​​Al-Hilal will play well in Algiers CR Belouizdad will be able to host the Sudanese Al-Hilal in Algiers on Friday in the African Champions League. Al-Hilal will be able to travel to Algeria to face CR Belouizdad on Friday at the July 5 stadium as part of the third matchday of the Champions League group. "Our next opponent Al-Hilal has received permission from the Prime Ministry to enter the national territory. The club management was able to resolve the visa problem to welcome our Sudanese guests," said the champion club.

Algeria: "The second wave of Hirak will include social and economic demands" This time, cosmetic reforms will not be enough. The urgency is for the opening of a real dialogue between the authorities and the oppositions, including representatives of Hirak and of civil society. As the sixtieth anniversary of its independence approaches, on July 5, 2022, it is difficult to see how Algeria, a potentially rich country, could do without a review of its institutions and a national conference. The later the sincere engagement of such a process towards a rule of law worthy of the name, towards a real parliamentary control and an independent justice, the more the tensions will worsen and the more the price to be paid for the Algerian people is likely to be. to be heavy.

Tops / Flops Sevilla-Dortmund: Haaland knocks Sevilla, Gomez and his sleepy family down .
© Panoramic TOPS Haaland, obviously Obviously, the little music of the Champions League transcends Erling Haaland. The day after Kylian Mbappé's stratospheric performance at Camp Nou (1-4), the Norwegian scored his 17th and 18th goals in 13 C1 matches, one less than the Parisian before his 21 years. But the Norwegian "cyborg" will have them in six months ... Another exceptional performance from the prodigy of Dortmund, who also splits an assist to Mahmoud Dahoud (19th).

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