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21:40  24 february  2021
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Eyad al-Gharib, hier, dans son box de la Haute cour de Coblence. L’ancien membre des services de sécurité syrien a été condamné pour complicité de crimes contre l’humanité. © REUTERS Eyad al-Gharib, yesterday, in his box of the High Court of Koblenz. The former member of the Syrian security services was convicted of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.

Beyond the conviction on Wednesday February 24 of a former member of the security services, judges have for the first time established that the Syrian authorities were guilty of crimes against humanity.

Four and a half years in prison. The sentence imposed on Wednesday February 24 by the High Court of Koblenz seems out of step with regard to the reason for the conviction, "complicity in crimes against humanity". But Eyad al-Gharib, 44, is just one underling among thousands in the immense machine of death, in place for fifty years that Assads father and son made Syria their property.

Syria Fast Facts

  Syria Fast Facts View Syria Fast Facts at CNN to learn about the Middle Eastern country sharing a border with Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. © JOSEPH EID/AFP/AFP/Getty Images The ancient oasis city of Palmyra, Syria, in March 2014. About Syria(from the CIA World Factbook) Area: 187,437 sq km Population: 20,384,316 (July 2021 est.)Median age: 23.

On his arrival in Germany in 2018 to seek asylum, after having deserted and fled Syria in 2013, Gharib did not hide his past as an agent of "branch 251" of the Security Department. State. Yesterday, he was found guilty of having participated in the arrest of at least 30 demonstrators during the popular uprising of spring 2011 and their transfer to a prison where torture was systematic.

Crime against humanity

Around ten Syrians have testified to the appalling abuse they endured. But, if the trial started in April 2020 and this verdict are qualified as "historic", it is because for the first time a court has established that the acts of the accused were committed in a planned and systematic framework. Which therefore falls under the "crime against humanity".

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For this, the judges relied on evidence, in particular the chain of responsibility linking “branch 251” and the multiple security services to the inner circle of power, or the organized nature of the abuses.

First in a series

The photos of the "Caesar case" weighed heavily in court. This former military police photographer, now in hiding in Europe, exfiltrated in 2013 at the risk of his life 28,000 photos showing 6,786 Syrian detainees frozen by brutal death, starving and tortured. But above all, listed by their executioners to show their hierarchy that "the job was well done". These photos, analyzed in court by a forensic doctor, Markus Rotschild, constitute overwhelming material evidence.

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The Koblenz trial is the first in a series. Gharib's superior, Colonel Anwar Raslan, 58, head of branch 251 investigations, is prosecuted in the same court for "crimes against humanity", the death of fifty-eight people and the torture of 4,000 detainees . Verdict expected in October.

And there are all the other proceedings brought before courts in Germany, Sweden or France, often by virtue of the principle of universal jurisdiction. In Germany, it allows the perpetrators of the most serious crimes to be prosecuted, regardless of their nationality and where the crimes were committed. Starting with those who are on its soil.

Syrian Medics Lay Out the Devastating Scale of Attacks on Healthcare Facilities Over 10 Years of War .
Over two-thirds of health workers reported being inside a facility during an attack, according to an International Rescue Committee reportA year earlier, when a bomb exploded near the entrance of Haas Hospital in northwest Syria, Dr. Yamen had remained in the operating theatre as his co-workers fled to safety. On the table in front of him, the abdomen of a boy he was performing intestinal surgery on was still open. Yamen carefully finished the operation as he heard the helicopter that he believed had dispatched the bomb still circling overhead. After he finished suturing the boy’s chest, trauma victims from the blast began to come in for treatment.

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