World North Korea's petroleum imports breached sanctions cap: UN experts

11:45  06 march  2021
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  How to rethink Russia sanctions The U.S. sanctions on Russia could benefit from some streamlining, but by and large its principles are clear and sound. The three main U.S. concerns should be to revive coordination with the EU, to greatly improve enforcement and to force Russia out of eastern Ukraine by threatening more sanctions. Right now, the United States should impose personal sanctions in defense of Navalny.Anders Aslund is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. His latest book is "Russia's Crony Capitalism: The Path from Market Economy to Kleptocracy.

North Korea Has Breached Oil Import Limit, U. S . Tells UN . Trump extended an olive branch to North Korea on Tuesday, complimenting Kim for sending him a “beautiful” letter and saying he wouldn’t have allowed the CIA to recruit the his slain brother as an intelligence asset. The latest U. S . allegation comes after a report by a UN Panel of Experts submitted to the council earlier this year that said North Korea successfully evaded sanctions to import as much as seven-and-a-half times the allowed amount of refined petroleum last year.

Over 40 countries have accused North Korea of breaching limitations placed on refined petroleum imports by the United Nations in an attempt to bolster its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles programs. The U . N . Security Council has ordered an immediate halt of all petroleum deliveries through the end of The sanctions started in 2018 and were again renewed in 2020 in an effort to cut off fuel to North Korea and hamper its development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Pompeo says trump only wants north korea summit this year if 'Real progress' can be made.

North Korea illicitly imported far more refined petroleum products last year than allowed under an annual threshold set by United Nations sanctions, a report seen by AFP revealed.

Kim Jong-un sitting in front of a laptop: North Korea illicitly imported far more refined petroleum products last year than allowed under UN sanctions, a report found © STR North Korea illicitly imported far more refined petroleum products last year than allowed under UN sanctions, a report found

Pyongyang can import up to 500,000 barrels per year, but from January through September last year the isolated regime received petroleum products that exceeded that cap "by several times", according to a Panel of Experts report submitted to the UN Security Council.

Citing "images, data and calculations", the new report claimed at least 121 shipments of refined petroleum products -- such as gasoline and diesel -- were delivered to North Korea by an unnamed member state's tankers and others.

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cap North Korean labor exports; cap imports of oil and refined petroleum products; ban natural gas imports ; restrict fishing rights; restrict scientific and technical cooperation with North Korea ; and. The United States has imposed unilateral sanctions on North Korea that restrict more economic activities and target a larger list of individuals and businesses than the UN sanctions . They are primarily designed to impede Pyongyang’ s development of missile and nuclear technology, but some have come in response to North Korean cyberattacks, such as its 2014 breach of Sony’ s computer

The resolution caps North Korea ' s crude oil imports at 4 million barrels a year and limits its imports of refined oil products, including diesel and kerosene, to 500,000 barrels a year. Those sanctions prohibited North Korea from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates. It also banned all textile exports and prohibited any country from authorizing new work permits for North Korean workers -- two key sources of hard currency for the northeast Asian nation .

The shipments mark Pyongyang's latest circumvention of international embargoes meant to stem its weapons development by choking off revenue needed to keep its economy running. 

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Despite multiple sets of sanctions -- including limits on Pyongyang's oil imports and a ban on its exports of coal, fish and textiles -- the country has continued to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile arsenal, analysts say.

Nuclear negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington have been at a standstill since a summit between Kim Jong Un and then-US president Donald Trump broke down over sanctions relief and what North Korea would be willing to give up in return.

The panel of UN experts also said the North has continued to produce fissile material -- a crucial ingredient for nuclear weapons -- and has stolen more than $300 million worth of cryptocurrencies through cyberattacks to support its banned nuclear programmes.

Pyongyang's "total theft of virtual assets from 2019 to November 2020 is valued at approximately $316.4 million", the report said, citing a UN member state.


The Biden administration has reached out to North Korea, seeking to prevent further escalation .
The move comes after four years of the Trump administration's tumultuous, hot-and-cold diplomacy with the reclusive nuclear-armed nation.The move comes after four years of the Trump administration's tumultuous, hot-and-cold diplomacy with the reclusive nuclear-armed nation.

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