World Ship traffic in the Suez channel started again

05:18  30 march  2021
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Opinion: Suez Canal traffic jam blocks the world's jugular vein

  Opinion: Suez Canal traffic jam blocks the world's jugular vein A failure of machinery, human error or natural events -- high winds and reduced visibility - may have caused Ever Given to run ashore in the Suez Canal, writes Salvatore R. Mercogliano. But its impact will resonate far from its banks as it has blocked the jugular of one of the largest trade routes in human history. The Suez Canal was opened in November 1869 to great fanfare after 10 years of excavation. A joint endeavor by France and Great Britain, it provided a shorter route to Asia than having to circumnavigate Africa. Connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea, the vital waterway was essential to maritime commerce.

After days of logade through a crossed giant freighter, there is ship movement again in the Suezkanal. By 6 o'clock Mesz to the morning, 113 ships should leave their waiting positions and cross the channel, Osama Rabie, head of the canal authority, said, according to media reports.

Die «Ever Given» blockierte tagelang den Suezkanal. © - / Suez Canal Authority / DPA The "Ever Given" blocked the Suezkanal for days.

The first ships had already recorded course at the early Monday night. According to Rabies words, "around the clock" is now being worked on the jam of nearly 370 ships, which waited on both sides of the channel because of the blockade on Reede.

Despite the end of the blockade, it may take several days, according to shipping companies until the entire queue will have dissolved. Rabie said the backwater should be dissolved as possible within four days. Due to the blockade, the Channel Authority has lost up to $ 14 million daily (around 11.9 million euros) to revenue.

Suez Canal Remains Choked as Elite Team Tackles Stuck Ship

  Suez Canal Remains Choked as Elite Team Tackles Stuck Ship A huge backlog of vessels was building up around the Suez Canal amid warnings that the salvage team could need days -- or even weeks -- to prise out the giant container ship that’s blocking the crucial waterway. Work to re-float the Ever Given and allow passage for oceangoing carriers hauling almost $10 billion of oil and consumer goods continued without success on Thursday in Egypt. Tugs and diggers have so far failed to budge the vessel, and some experts say the crisis could drag on for several days. The Suez Canal Authority has temporarily suspended traffic along the waterway.

The container ship "Ever Given" was completely fleeted on Monday afternoon. According to the salvation company Boskalis, helper had caused around 30,000 cubic meters of sand away. The Dutch company had supported Egypt in the exposure of the crossed freighter.

Video: Venice wants to keep cruise ships at a distance (Sat.1)

Also the shipping service provider Leth Agencies reported on the successful recovery of the huge freighter. The 400 meter long ship moved after the recovery for the first time out of its own power on the canal, as a photographer of the German Press Agency observed. Sirens accompanied the ride.

The "Ever Given" should be examined after the salvage on the Great Bittersee at the northern end of the Suez Canal. When you can continue your trip to Rotterdam, was initially unclear. Rabie said, first of all, the examination of the incident must be completely completed. The freighter, who has about the size of the Empire State Buildings in New York, was on Tuesday of last week because of a sandstorm on ground.

The German industry had warned about the blockade against bottlenecks and pressure on their supply chains. Among other things, the Suezkanal is an important trade route for the chemical and auto industry.

The Suezkanal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and thus offers the shortest path between Asia and Europe. In 2020, according to the channel authority almost 19,000 ships carried out the waterway.

Trolls attack Egypt's first female sea captain after Suez Canal ship mishap .
Egypt's first female sea captain says she was skewered on social media although she was working on a ship hundreds of miles from the Ever Given.The controversy comes as the canal authority announced that the backup of ships was finally cleared Saturday, 11 days after the Ever Given became wedged across a narrow section of the canal and six days after the ship was freed.

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