World Spectacular drone recording shows volcanic eruption on Iceland

15:46  30 march  2021
15:46  30 march  2021 Source:   maennersache.de

Volcano that was dormant for 6,000 years erupts in Iceland

  Volcano that was dormant for 6,000 years erupts in Iceland The glow from the lava could be seen 20 miles away.The eruption is the first that the Reykjanes Peninsula, where the volcano is located, has experienced in 781 years.

drones bring us where it is too dangerous for people, or a helicopter flight is too expensive. And they provide spectacular shots, especially from volcanic eruptions. On to Iceland!

Fagradalsfjall-Ausbruch, Nachtaufnahme © Provided by Men's Sache Fagradalsfjall outbreak, night shot spectacular show of nature

There is hardly anything that Mother Nature can impress us than with a volcanic eruption. Now there are hotspots on this planet, where something significantly more frequently occurs, even if they are in well-cold regions of the earth.

The magma shooting out of the inside of the earth, which, as soon as it runs down the slope of the volcano slot, is called lava, simply offers a spectacular show that would like to be considered at a dating distance.

Eruption in Iceland may mark the start of decades of volcanic activity

  Eruption in Iceland may mark the start of decades of volcanic activity Eruption in Iceland may mark the start of decades of volcanic activityOn Friday, March 19, at around 8:45 p.m. local time, molten rock breached the surface in a valley near a flat-topped mountain named Fagradalsfjall, in the region of Geldingadalur, six miles from the nearest town. Incandescent spatter erupted along a crack in the earth, scorching the soil as small lava fountains illuminated the dark landscape.

Film the outbreak with drone

The term "liquid rock" indicates the problem: Caution, hot. Very very hot! If you had only a lightweight, well-controlled flight object, to which you could attach an HD camera ...

The Volcano Fagradalsfjall, which broke out in the southwest of Iceland, was now visited by a drone , which absolutely spectacular recordings in luggage has. Bjorn Hisbekk has steered her and probably well insured before, because there are places in these recordings, where the drone seems to fly directly through the spit magma.

no danger to the people

According to Icelandic weather office, the outbreak by the way is a fairly smaller and locally limited: "The eruption is small and the activity has decreased something since yesterday. There are only a few magma streams and the lava stream covered an area, which is at most 500 meters wide is. The eruption is limited to a small area in the valley and it is unlikely that the lava stream causes damage. "

all the better, the world gets a spectacular show offered without affecting people in danger. The drone video is underlaid with essential music, which still reinforce the overall surreal impression of the recordings.

Here you can watch it.

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