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13:45  08 april  2021
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From Algeria to Rwanda: Macron tackles dark chapters of France's past

  From Algeria to Rwanda: Macron tackles dark chapters of France's past From the French role during the Rwandan genocide to its colonial-era crimes in Algeria and looting of indigenous art, President Emmanuel Macron has gone further than predecessors in recognising some of the darker chapters of his country's past in Africa. - Smashing French taboos - As France's youngest post-war president, born after the end of the colonial period in the 1960s, Macron has attempted to smash several taboos around his country's pastBut historians say more needs to be done to restore France's image on a continent where its long history of meddling in former colonies has created a poisonous legacy, particularly for young Africans.

One of France's top colleges - the Ecole Nationale d'Administration - will be shut down, French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to announce, under plans to boost social mobility.

a group of people sitting in a chair talking on a cell phone: ENA alumni are known as © AFP ENA alumni are known as "énarques" in French

A degree from the ENA has been the passport to the upper echelons of French politics for generations.

Its graduates include Mr Macron himself and ex-presidents François Hollande and Jacques Chirac.

However, it has become the target of populist anger at perceived elitism.

The entrance exams are notoriously tough, and the ENA's intake is dominated by students from privileged backgrounds.

COVID-19. Emmanuel Macron will contact the French this Wednesday night

 COVID-19. Emmanuel Macron will contact the French this Wednesday night © Franck Dubray / Archives West-France a family in front of a previous speech by Emmanuel Macron, October 28, 2020. The head of state will deliver a television speech At 8 pm, just announced the Elysee. His word is very awaited against the third wave of the Cvid-19 epidemic that strikes the country. The Élysée has just put an end to the suspense: Emmanuel Macron will speak from this Wednesday night on the sanitary crisis.

It admits fewer than 100 students a year, who are fast-tracked into prestigious civil service jobs.

Speaking in the western city of Nantes in February, Mr Macron said it was time to open up access to top colleges for students from modest backgrounds. The aim, he said, was that "no kid in our republic should say: this is not for me".

He deplored the current state of social mobility in France, saying it was "worse than 50 years ago".

a large brick building: The ENA in Strasbourg is world-famous for intellectual rigour © Getty Images The ENA in Strasbourg is world-famous for intellectual rigour

His announcement is expected in a video conference with several hundred top civil servants. But he first suggested closing the ENA in 2019, after months of gilets jaunes ("yellow vest") street protests which severely challenged his presidency.

Schools closed, braking measures for all of France ... what Emmanuel Macron

 Schools closed, braking measures for all of France ... what Emmanuel Macron YOUR BROWser does not support this video this Wednesday, March 31, Emmanuel Macron addressed to the French to share new measures sanitary to fight against the pandemic of Covid-19. In particular, he announced the passage of the entire territory to the reinforced braking measurements, as well as the closure of crèches, schools, colleges and high schools for three weeks.

Those protests were triggered by a rise in fuel tax, but morphed into a much wider social protest against a perceived Parisian elite neglecting the needs of provincial communities.

Before becoming president, Mr Macron attended the prestigious Sciences Po university, then the ENA, before obtaining a plum job at the Financial Inspectorate - part of the finance ministry.

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The ENA was established in Strasbourg in 1945 by then-President Charles de Gaulle, whose aim was to rebuild a modern French state from the wreckage of World War Two.

But while designed as a meritocracy, research shows that ENA students' parents are often senior civil servants themselves or CEOs. Very few come from working-class backgrounds.

"It's the school of the elite," said Prof Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans, a political scientist who has studied the ENA extensively and now works with it.

Mr Macron is under pressure to improve his ratings ahead of next year's presidential election, and France's painful struggle with Covid-19 has exposed shortcomings in the state administration.

France's vaccination rate remains relatively sluggish, and its long-admired health service has looked vulnerable in the crisis, especially intensive care.

French Europe 1 news says Mr Macron aims to attack what is widely seen as a French civil service job-for-life culture, dominated by academic qualifications.

The reforms could mean more staff turnover, job mobility and a sharper focus on pressing issues such as French secular values, poverty and the environment.

Emmanuel Macron at Notre-Dame de Paris, a visit to a symbolic and political range .
© AFP Emmanuel Macron must visit this Thursday the site of Our Lady of Paris, seriously damaged by a fire two years ago exactly. For the occasion, the Archbishop of Paris, Monseigneur Aupetit, will accompany the President of the Republic. The stakes of this trip is essential for the head of state who wants to make a strong political gesture. Emmanuel Macron Visit this Thursday The site of The cathedral of Our Lady of Paris , damaged exactly two years in a serious fire that marked the spirits.

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