World Russia. The health of Alexei Navalny, on hunger strike, continues to deteriorate

17:55  08 april  2021
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Putin foe Alexey Navalny declares hunger strike in prison

  Putin foe Alexey Navalny declares hunger strike in prison Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny declares hunger strike over alleged denial of medical care in prison. Navalny, known as President Vladimir Putin’s fiercest critic, was sentenced in February to over two-and-a-half years in a prison camp. He said he is suffering from acute back pain caused by a suspected pinched nerve, which is making it hard for him to walk or stand up.

Le leader de l’opposition russe Alexei Navalny se tient à l’intérieur d’une cellule vitrée lors d’une audience au tribunal de district de Babushkinsky à Moscou, le 20 février 2021. © Kirill KudryAVTSEV / AFP The leader of the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny is held inside a glazed cell at a hearing At the Babushkinsky District Court in Moscow, on 20 February 2021.

The state of health of Alexei Navalny, who started a hunger strike in prison, still deteriorates, said his lawyer on Wednesday 7 April.

The health of the main opponent Russian Alexei Navalny, imprisoned in penitentiary colony , sick and on hunger strike, continued to deteriorate Wednesday, April 7 with a loss of sensation in his hands and less kilos.

Alexei Navalny, 44, announced March 31 to have decided to stop feeding to protest against his conditions of detention in Pokrov's number 2 Camp, 100 km east of Moscow, renowned as one the hardest of the country.

How dissident Alexei Navalny's new standoff with Russia's Putin could play out

  How dissident Alexei Navalny's new standoff with Russia's Putin could play out If Russia is 'painfully killing' jailed opposition figure Navalny, what's the Kremlin's long game?Now his allies are openly voicing fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin once again wants him dead.

It ensures that access to a doctor has been denied

the anti-corruption activist accuses the penitentiary administration to deny him access to a doctor and medicine and the "torture" by sleep deprivation. He had already said herself suffering strong back pain and lost sensitivity to both legs.

His lawyer, Olga Mikhaïlova, who was able to visit him Wednesday, April 7, "said AFP he pursued his hunger strike, despite a strong cough and temperature.

"He has a bad mine and does not feel well"

"He has a bad mine and does not feel good. Nobody intends to treat him ", she said, stating that the opponent, which measures 1m89, weighed 80 kg, against 93 when arriving at the Pokrov camp in March, and 85 at the beginning of his hunger strike.

Another lawyer from Alexei Navalny, Vadim Kobzev, told Twitter that the opponent was losing "one kilogram a day" and had pain when he walked. " The disease progresses clearly in terms of loss of legs, palms and hands ," he wrote.

Navalny says he's facing solitary confinement "close to torture"

  Navalny says he's facing solitary confinement Russian opposition leader says he's been reprimanded for a series of minor infractions, including getting up 10 minutes too early, at a notorious prison camp. In an Instagram post made on his behalf on Monday, Navalny said he had received at least 10 reprimands over the past four weeks in two different prisons.

The United States worried

The United States has said Wednesday " worried" information on the deterioration of the health status of Alexei Navalny, by the voice of the spokesman of the White House Jen Psaki . Washington has repeated that his imprisonment had been "motivated by political reasons and flagrant injustice" .

In a new message published Wednesday on Instagram, Alexei Navalny assured him that the guards and members of the prison administration put sweets in his pockets and frying the chicken to provoke.

"A delicious fried chicken"

"Nobody will never defend its principles and will be fighting for its rights, (if sees), very close, a delicious fried chicken" , has it ironized, adding to drink only water as part of its hunger strike.

He also stated that he still does not have access to a physician of his choice and his diagnosis, pointing out that " tens of thousands " of ordinary prisoners and Russians " die literally without medical care".

Biden administration sanctions Russian officials over alleged poisoning of Kremlin critic Navalny

  Biden administration sanctions Russian officials over alleged poisoning of Kremlin critic Navalny The Kremlin has repeatedly denied having a role in the poisoning of Alexey Navalny, who has been imprisoned.Washington also imposed sanctions on 14 entities involved in the chemical and biological industrial base in Russia, senior administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Tuesday.

" They are unknown, no one will protect them, nobody will remember it, no one will dispute in their place this misleading inhuman system," he launched by evoking his motivations to continue his hunger strike.

Alexei Navalny is expressed regularly on social networks without knowing how his messages come out of the penitentiary. He told Monday that a detainee from his shoulder was hospitalized for Tuberculosis, the third in a few weeks, denouncing "insalubrity". Requires a transfer

The relatives of Alexei Navalny demand that it be transferred to a hospital, and are all the more worried that the opponent has survived last year to a poisoning that had plunged him In the coma, and which he accuses President Vladimir Putin to be responsible.

A group of doctors, including the personal physician of Alexei Navalny, Anastassia Vassilieva, had gathered Tuesday in front of the Pokrov camp to demand information about his condition, before being briefly arrested by the police.

The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov, felt that Hexi Navalny was a prisoner and another and could not benefit from a preferential treatment.

arrested in January on his return to Russia, the opponent was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in an old fraud case that himself, his followers and many NGOs denounce as political, and whose judgment was denounced by the European Court of Human Rights.

Putin critic Navalny says Russian prison guards are trying to break his hunger strike by frying chicken in front of him .
Navalny, under hunger strike in the IK-2 prison near Moscow, wrote that the guards also slip candies into his pockets to try and tempt him.Navalny described the situation in an Instagram post from the IK-2 prison in Pokrov, near Moscow, where he is serving a three-and-a-half year sentence.

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