World Provocations, multiple ceasefire violations: the tone rises between Kiev and Moscow

18:40  15 april  2021
18:40  15 april  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

Funding alone won't prevent a future Flint water crisis

  Funding alone won't prevent a future Flint water crisis Too often unsafe water is being delivered to Americans and our rivers continue to be polluted by noncompliant wastewater. These are just a few of the failing systems that have reached headline news. Pittsburgh, where Biden announced his plan, is a good example of the problem. Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is under a 2019 order for civil violations of the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

Robots géants dans une rue de Donetsk, le 14 avril 2021. © AP - Alexei Alexandrov giant robots in a rue de Donetsk, April 14, 2021.

"Moscow openly threatens Ukraine of destruction ": The sentence is the Chief of the Ukrainian diplomacy Dmyro Kouleba released this Thursday morning in front of his counterparts from the Baltic countries came to Kiev express their solidarity. On both sides, it's verbal climbing and military tension.

A new series of declarations of the Ukrainian diplomacy signs the intensity of the tension between Moscow and Kiev with this warning of the Minister of Foreign Affairs: "The Red Line for Ukraine is its state border. If Russia violates the red line, it will have to suffer ". The minister calls Westerners to impose in this case new sanctions against Russia. Now Response Classic Kremlin: Moscow "does not threaten anyone" and denounces "Ukrainian provocations" again.

U.S. Should Sidestep Ukraine-Russia Conflict | Opinion

  U.S. Should Sidestep Ukraine-Russia Conflict | Opinion With violence in eastern Ukraine bubbling to the surface, the clamor in Washington for a more aggressive U.S. response is growing louder. The Biden administration, which agreed to send an additional $125 million in military support to the Ukrainian military in March, will continue to feel the pressure as long as hostilities between Kyiv and separatists remain on the upswing. President Joe Biden should resist the temptation to get the United States more involved in what has proven to be an intractable conflict in Ukraine. Restraint and foresight, not reactive posturing, is the best approach.

In addition to diplomatic tensions, there is an accelerated degradation of the situation on the ground. Late Wednesday, April 14, OSCE's observation mission issued this public statement: "The number of cease-fire violations, the last two weeks has reached its highest level since the beginning of the year" . In 15 days, the number of incidents has even tripled compared to the previous two weeks.

The Ukrainian president is him in full diplomatic tour: Ankara Saturday 10 April and Paris this Friday, April 15th. The United States has proposed a meeting at the Putin-Biden summit, but this perspective moves away: new American sanctions against Russia are expected in the day, sanctions motivated by Washington for interference in elections.

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Ukraine. "Progress" in a truce, according to Kiev .
© AFP / Bertrand Guay The Ukrainian President Volodyymr Zelensky during a press conference in Paris on April 16, 2021. Kiev announced "significant progress" In view of a truce with Moscow, at the end of an "emergency" meeting, which brings together Ukrainian and Russian representatives under the mediation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Tuesday, April 20th .

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