World B.1.617: What we know about the new Corona variant from India, which now also reaches Europe

11:15  18 april  2021
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South African variant can 'break through' Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study says

  South African variant can 'break through' Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study says South African variant can 'break through' Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study saysJERUSALEM (Reuters) - The coronavirus variant discovered in South Africa can "break through" Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine to some extent, a real-world data study in Israel found, though its prevalence in the country is low and the research has not been peer reviewed.

While the new variant is domestic to India and rather common, positive cases detected with the new double mutant virus have been traced in at least 5 states in India , which have also recorded high surges in the past month, including Maharashtra , Delhi, Punjab. Now , variants of the strain alter the very structure of the spike protein, which makes it more efficient in attaching with the human host cells and multiplying faster, causing scarier infection bout. Does it pose a threat to our immunity? We do not currently have enough clinical evidence to know how fast, or how many people exactly have been

Now , at the time of this article’s publication, the new variant has been spotted in at least 60 countries. But why is this variant of so much interest to scientists, public health organizations, and the public at large? In this Special Feature, we review what we know so far about B . 1 .1.7 and look into the questions that Also , MNT have been in touch with Pfizer and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to find out whether the COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States and Europe will be effective against B . 1 .1.7. Learn what they had to tell us . Article summary

in India live almost 1.4 billion people. With more than 200,000 cases within 24 hours, the country has now recorded a new Corona peak. Apparently, the newly discovered virus variant B.1.617 spreads rapidly quickly. Overall, since the beginning of the pandemic, 14.2 million Indian citizens have become infected with the Coronavirus . Thus, the country is now second place worldwide, place one occupy the USA.

investigations from the Indian state of Maharashtra show that at 60 percent of the tests the novel B.1.617 variant was found, as reported to the "Indian Express" . This variant carries two mutations: E484Q and L452R. Both were found separately from each other in other Corona variants, for example in the British or South African variants and the fast-propagating variants from California. Now the mutations were discovered together in a variant, namely in B.1.617.

Temporarily close the borders to Brazil and India to halt COVID variants

  Temporarily close the borders to Brazil and India to halt COVID variants We must temporarily close our borders to travelers from India and Brazil, as well as any country that develops an out-of-control variant-driven COVID-19 outbreak worse than our own. © Getty Images Temporarily close the borders to Brazil and India to halt COVID variants With such an easily transmissible virus as this one, U.S. travel restrictions have been insufficient to stop the spread from other countries to ours. This disturbing trend is continuing.

Once the Indian researchers upload their data to GISAID, scientists from around the world will be able to determine whether the "double mutant" is the same lineage as the one found in the UK, or whether this combination of mutations independently emerged, as was the case for the K417N/T, E484K, and N501Y trifecta of mutations that. Much more worrying is the UK or the Kent variant ( also known as B . 1 .1.7), which is now dominant in much of Britain and has spread to more than 50 countries. A total of 736 of the 10,787 samples sequenced in India have been found positive for this variant .

The Indian Covid variant is unlikely to set lockdown easing back to 'square one' because immunity from vaccines 'won't just disappear', a leading immunology expert claimed. Member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) Professor Adam Finn said he expected a 'Basically, applying what we know about other human coronaviruses would suggest that this is going to be even less controlled by vaccine. 'But we don't know that for certain at the moment.' Despite the concern, India is not currently on the Government's 'red list' for travel. The red list sees people who

also in Europe this new variant has already been detected

The virologist Aris Katzourakis from Oxford wrote on Thursday on Twitter, one must have an accurate eye on B.1.617 - because in the UK already 77 cases of the Indian variant have been demonstrated.

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The British physician Paul Hunter from the University of East Anglia said the "Guardian" : "These two new mutations that together Act, could be much more problematic than the South African and Brazilian variants, each having only one mutation. " It could even be that vaccines do not work so well with them, says the expert. But you have to carry out further investigations to be sure.

Michigan was warned about the British COVID-19 variant, but many ignored it

  Michigan was warned about the British COVID-19 variant, but many ignored it While schools and restaurants reopened and mask and quarantine rules were relaxed, the British COVID-19 variant ran rampant in Michigan.A deadlier coronavirus variant that had first ravaged Britain was now here — in metro Detroit, at the University of Michigan, a state prison in Ionia and rural counties in the Thumb region — with doctors, nurses and public health officials fully aware.

Why are there concerns about the Indian coronavirus variant ? The Indian coronavirus variant is considered to have concerning epidemological, immunological or pathogenic properties. "Basically, applying what we know about other human coronaviruses would suggest that this is going to be even less controlled by vaccine. But we don't know that for certain at the moment." Will the UK ban travel from India ?

The variant is also known as 20I/501Y.V1 , or simply called B . 1 .1.7 . Coronaviruses from the B . 1 .1.7 lineage are thought to be 30 to 50 percent more infectious than other variants in circulation today. They are also likely to be more deadly , based on studies in Britain. After its discovery in December, it quickly emerged in other countries and surged at an exponential rate. B . 1 .1.7 has now been detected in over 90 countries . It was first reported in the United States in January, and has now reached at least 49 states .

German virologists do not want to give a review for the B.1.617. Jörg Timm, Director of the Institute of Virology of the University of Dusseldorf, said the "Mirror" : "The mutations in the spike protein of B.1.617 are already known from other variants." He go from a comparable effect as from the South Africa and Brazil variants. You can handle the immune defense of antibodies. That is, anyone who is only vaccinated once or has only a slight corona infection behind him could infect again with the new variant. However, heavy courses are unlikely, Timm told the "mirror".

  B.1.617: Was wir über die neue Corona-Variante aus Indien wissen, die jetzt auch Europa erreicht © Provided by Business Insider Germany

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India Imposes Nationwide Lockdown To Contain The Coronavirus Outbreak © Yawar Nazir / Getty Images India Imposes Nationwide Lockdown to Contain The coronavirus outbreak

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