World Kigali and Paris ready to open a "new chapter" after a Rwandan report on the genocide

03:10  20 april  2021
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The gleaming city that emerged from turmoil in the heart of Africa

  The gleaming city that emerged from turmoil in the heart of Africa With noisy traffic and bustling markets, Kigali is much like other major cities in Africa, with one exception -- it's completely spotless. Thanks to a clean up program that is part of community efforts to distance Rwanda from its recent brutal past, it has some of the cleanest streets in Africa.Today, Rwanda's capital is synonymous with the surrounding green hills where mountain gorillas cling to life, while its streets have become famous throughout the world for being immaculate.

  Kigali et Paris prêts à ouvrir un © provided by the point

P Aris and Kigali have in concert contemplated on Monday a "new chapter" of their complicated relations, after the publication a report commissioned by the Rwandan authorities who concludes with "a heavy responsibility" French in the genocide of Tutsi in 1994, without accusing France of complicity.

This survey of nearly 600 pages, commissioned in 2017 by Rwanda in the American Law Firm Levy Firestone Muse, qualifies France of "essential collaborator" of the Hutu regime who orchestrated the massacre in three months of more than 800,000 people, Essentially in the Tutsi minority, according to UN figures.

genocide in Rwanda. Trials required against an ex-naturalized French gendarme

 genocide in Rwanda. Trials required against an ex-naturalized French gendarme © Pascal Guyot / AFP On this archive photo taken on June 27, 1994, French soldiers on patrol cross Hutu troops from the Rwandan government forces near Gisenyie, at the border with The DRC. The national anti-terrorist prosecutorist requires a trial against a Rwandan ex-gendarme held in France for "genocide, crimes against humanity and participation in a group for the preparation" of these crimes.

The report also rejects the idea that Paris was "blind" against the "predictable" genocide which was preparing, as recently estimated a French historians commission led by Vincent Duclert, which, however, denounced "heavy and heavy responsibilities and Overwhelming "from France in the tragedy.

According to the authors of the report, which have studied several million pages of documents and interviewed more than 250 witnesses, France then chaired by François Mitterrand knew that genocide was preparing but continued to bring "unwavering support" to the Hutu regime Juvenal President Habyarimana, even when his genocidal intentions "had become patent".

The genocide began on April 7, 1994, in the aftermath of the attack against the aircraft of President Habyarimana, shot over Kigali. In a few hours, Hutu militia started killing Tutsi and moderate Hutu, on a large scale and with extreme brutality.

genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda: a report commanded by Kigali Pointe "A heavy responsibility" of France

 genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda: a report commanded by Kigali Pointe © AFP - Simon Wohlfahrt Vincent Biruta (L), Rwandan Foreign Minister, and Jean Damascene Bizimana (R), The Head of the Rwandan Genocide Commission (CNLG), after the press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kigali on 19 April 2021 2021, during the presentation of the MUSE report, commanded by Kigali to a law firm. American, "says France has made possible a genocide that was predictable. .

The role of France in the genocide in Rwanda has been an explosive subject for more than 25 years and poisons the relations between Paris and Kigali, where Paul Kagame, former leader of the predominantly Tutsi rebellion of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), is at Power since it ended the genocide by reversing the Hutu regime.

Or if the published investigation concludes that "the French State has a heavy responsibility for making possible a predictable genocide", it could not establish evidence of French complicity in the killings that took place between April and July 1994.

Perspective of "reconciliation"

"I think France did not participate in the planning of genocide and that the French did not participate in the killings and the abuses," reacted the Rwandan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vincent Biruta, in an interview on a daily bas The world, ensuring that "the Rwandan government will not bring this issue to a court."

What's behind Armenians' long battle to secure a U.S. designation of genocide?

  What's behind Armenians' long battle to secure a U.S. designation of genocide? A prospective U.S. designation of Armenian genocide is bitterly opposed by Turkey but supported by many members of Congress.This far-reaching yet deeply intimate trauma has echoed down through the generations, including in the large Armenian diaspora in Southern California. As is done every year, Saturday will be solemnly observed in Armenia and by the diaspora around the world as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

Kigali has in the past on several occasions accused France of complicity in the genocide of Tutsi. In 2014, President Kagame had denounced the "direct role" of France "in the political preparation of genocide" and its "participation (...) at its very execution".

For the head of Rwandan diplomacy, the publication of this report will "contribute to reconciliation between France and Rwanda".

while raising the "exceptional quality" of the muse report, the Rwandan government has also hailed in a statement "Positive initiatives undertaken by the French government under the direction of President Emmanuel Macron" and "the prospect of a new chapter in the relations "between the two countries.

The French Presidency has withdraw "the will expressed by Rwandan authorities to write a shared story and to project themselves in a common future" and announced the coming to Paris on May 18 of President Kagamé as part of a summit on the financing of African economies. Emmanuel Macron has intended to "go to Rwanda this year".

the Duclert and Muse reports "give rise to conclusions that are not the same but have the common point to move the lines and open a new political space," welcomed the French presidency, noting that "the Report Duclert dismisses the notion of genocide complicity and the Rwandan authorities do not retain it either. "

While the Muse report accuses France for conducting the last 25 years "a camouflage operation in order to bury its past in Rwanda," Paris announced on 7 April opening to the general public of important archives, especially those of Mr. Mitterrand, 27-year-old day for the day after the start of the genocide.

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ISTANBUL (AP) — A small group of Turkish protestors gathered outside the American consulate in Istanbul Monday to protest U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to call the Ottoman Empire's mass deportations and killings of Armenians a century ago a “genocide.” A few dozen protestors held banners and chanted slogans. “Genocide is a lie, it’s an American plan,” they said. Demonstrators also demanded an end to the American military’s use of Incirlik airbase In southern Turkey, shouting: “American soldiers, get out of Turkey!” © Provided by Associated Press A U.S soldier guards the grounds of the U.

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