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03:15  20 april  2021
03:15  20 april  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

John Ratcliffe says law enforcement knows it really is Hunter Biden’s laptop — not Russian disinformation

  John Ratcliffe says law enforcement knows it really is Hunter Biden’s laptop — not Russian disinformation Former President Donald Trump’s top spy chief claims law enforcement knows the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden is indeed the laptop of President Joe Biden’s son, blasting the former intelligence officials, politicians, and members of the media who suggested the laptop story was a Russian disinformation operation. © Provided by Washington Examiner Last week, Hunter Biden falsely claimed the intelligence community publicly concluded that his laptop saga is “Russian disinformation.

During the onset of the Syrian military on Palmyra supported by Russian Air forces than 200 militants have been destroyed. This was stated by the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday. Russian Air Forces carried 90 flights against the terrorist last week. In addition, the Syrian military killed and destroyed more than 180 militants of objects, of which more than 60 are control points, 15 warehouses, 43 armored vehicles and jeeps with machine guns. Now the Syrian troops, backed by Russian Air Force continue offensive in Palmyra. Related links.

The Russian Aerospace Forces are carrying out airstrikes on terrorists, while the Syrian Army is advancing in Aleppo, killing terrorists and their commanders, the Russkaya Vesna information website reported, citing its own military source. Over the past day, about 200 terrorists have been killed and more than 250 others have been wounded, while 32 pickup trucks, armed with heavy machine guns, and 20 pieces of other military hardware of terrorists have been destroyed, as a result of precision airstrikes of Russian fighter jets on positions of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the

Ces bombardements ont permis de détruire « 24 pick-ups équipés de mitrailleuses lourdes et environ 500 kilos de munitions » a précisé l'armée russe (photo d'illustration). © Aaref WATAD / AFP These bombings have destroyed "24 pick-ups equipped with heavy machine guns and about 500 kilograms of ammunition," said the Russian army (photo of drawing).

Moscow indicated that Monday that two bases located northeast of Palmyra housing "about 200 terrorist fighters" were destroyed by the Russian army. The press release does not specify which terrorist group there is a question, nor the accurate date of the bombing.

the army russian announced Monday 19 April you killed "about 200 fighters" in syria during an air bombardment on a basis sheltering «terrorists» northeast of the city of Palmyre .

Syria has used chemical weapons during an attack in 2018

 Syria has used chemical weapons during an attack in 2018 © Copyright 2021, Obs Syrian Air Army has used chlorine during an attack in the city of Saraqeb in 2018, announced the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OCO), on Monday, April 12, after an investigation. This is the second report of the ICO ICI Identification and Investigation Team, which now has the power of to designate the author of a chemical attack .

Up To 200 Terrorists Killed Or Wounded In Clashes 4.7 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. ISIS units attacked the Panorama Army Base earlier today in an attempt to develop further their gains in the strategic Syrian city. Government troops, supported by Russian and Syrian airstrikes, repelled at least two offensive attempts by ISIS terrorists. However, clashes are still ongoing in the area.

In the most recent raids, 200 terrorists were killed when an ISIS convoy was targeted as they headed towards the eastern city. Syrian government forces control around half the city and a nearby air base, both of which are besieged by the militants. 'With the support of the Russian air force, Syrian forces have notched up a series of significant successes and won a major defeat over a big group of Islamic State fighters in the central part of Syria .' With Islamic State fighters concentrated in Deir el-Zour, he said Russia had stepped up its reconnaissance and bombing runs in the area and that the Syrian

"After confirmation by several sources of the localization of terrorist targets, the Russian air forces made several strikes after which two shelters were destroyed and about 200 fighters were killed" , said the Russian Ministry of Defense, In a statement published on Facebook.

It adds that these bombings allowed to destroy "24 pick-ups equipped with heavy machine guns and about 500 kg ammunition and components for the manufacture of improvised explosives.

The press release does not specify which terrorist group there is a question or the accurate date of the bombing. According to the Russian army, the target was an "camouflaged base" wherein "terrorist groups" were formed to lead attacks in Syria and manufacture explosives. destabilizing the elections

Putin and Biden are circling each other warily (opinion)

  Putin and Biden are circling each other warily (opinion) Joe Biden had vowed that Putin would "pay a price" for his actions --interfering with America's elections, aggression and occupation in Ukraine, involvement in the SolarWinds hack, and more -- and is following through with a series of punishing sanctions, writes Frida Ghitis. Will Putin back down? The next move is Russia's.Just two days after President Joe Biden invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in person, the Biden administration is rolling out a series of tough sanctions designed not just to signal unhappiness with the actions of the Russian regime, but to have a significant diplomatic and economic impact.

READ MORE: Russian military needs no second base in Syria – Defense Ministry. More than 320 terrorists were killed over the past 24 hours, according to the Defense Ministry. A number of heavy military equipment belonging to the militants was also destroyed by the Russian jets, including tanks and armored vehicles. Russian military aviation in Syria has conducted 59 sorties over the past 24 hours, having bombed over 200 terrorists ' targets in Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Homs, Raqqa and other provinces, Konashenkov said.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:40 A.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has captured more than 200 Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists alive in the Yarmouk Basin region. According to a field report, the more than 200 Islamic State fighters surrendered themselves to the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division after failing to fend off the government’s large-scale advance earlier this week. Most of the Islamic State terrorists surrendered themselves inside the key town of Shajarah, which was liberated on Sunday by the Syrian Arab Army.

The Russian army adds that

"illegal armed formations" have planned attacks against Syrian public buildings "in order to destabilize the situation in the country in anticipation of the presidential election" , provided for May 26th.

This upcoming election is the second since the beginning in 2011 of an

devastating conflict which has made more than 388,000 dead and threw on the road of the exodus millions of Syrians , refugees abroad or displaced in misery camps on the territory.

In this conflict, the Syria of President

Bashar Al-Assad has benefited since 2015 from Moscow's massive and crucial military support, which allowed him to take over most of the lost territories.

Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense argued that

"terrorists" were formed in several camps in areas not controlled by the Syrian regime, "including in the El-Tanf zone which is controlled by the American forces ».

Osama bin Laden Fast Facts .
Read CNN's Osama bin Laden Fast Facts and learn about the former leader of al Qaeda who was killed in 2011. © CNN/AFP/Getty Images AFGHANISTAN - JANUARY 1: TV grab of Saudi Arabian dissident Osama Bin Laden as he answers a journalist's questions in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. Laden was a billionaire wanted by the United States and Saudi Arabia on charges of financing international terrorism.

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