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14:15  02 may  2021
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Two young French people died in the mountaineer of Mount Meron, in Israel

 Two young French people died in the mountaineer of Mount Meron, in Israel © Copyright 2021, Obs Two young Franco-Israeli brothers died in the giant jostling that was fatal to 45 people Friday at a pilgrimage Jew at Mount Meron, in the north of Israel, Sundayed Sunday at AFP of police and diplomatic sources in Jerusalem. The registers in Hebrew of the Israeli police consulted by the AFP report two French dead in the tragedy, the brothers Moshe and Yosef Elhadad, aged 12 and 18 years old.

  Bousculade mortelle de Méron : Israël, une tragédie si prévisible… © Provided by the point

L The names of the victims, their age and their place of residence slowly paras on television screens. Family Fathers, Talmudic School Students, Teens, Children. These are the 45 victims of the terrible Meron catastrophe. The largest celebration of the Lag B'ome festival on the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, an illustrious Talmudist of the second century of our era, turned into a national tragedy. 45 Mortal lives. But also 150 wounded, of which 16 still in a serious state. Not to mention those who came out unmanned from the appalling jostling, but will keep the images of what they have lived. As this witness, on his hospital bed, tells you heard the calls for those who were crushed by the bodies falling on them: "I'm choking? I'm choking? Help? Cree more and more weak? Then nothing.

Israel plasse its wounds after a murderous jostling during a Jewish pilgrimage

 Israel plasse its wounds after a murderous jostling during a Jewish pilgrimage © Menahem Kahana Ultra-Orthodox Jews during the funeral in Jerusalem of a victim of the Meron furniture jostlade in northern Israel, 30 April 2021 Israel is preparing on Saturday with new funerals in the aftermath of a monster jostling that made 45 deaths during an Orthodox Jewish pilgrimage, one of the "most serious disasters" in the history of the country.

On this Sunday morning, national day of mourning, while the burial continues, all the media? Radio and TV channels have been broadcasting for more than 48 hours continuously? attempt to determine the circumstances of the heaviest civil tragedy in the history of Israel . Was it possible to avoid it? Yes, answer the experts who remind two reports published by the state controller, in 2008 and 2011. They warned against the chaotic situation that reigned on the Meron site. They denounced the almost no safety standards and the most private authorities, all involved in its administration, which could jeopardize the life of the faithful.

Need to limit the number of participants

In conclusion, these two studies claimed that according to the rules of the police in force in the organization of large public gatherings, Meron should not accommodate more than 15,000 people. In 2016, Ilan Mor, a worried police commander, had again thrown a pavement in the pond. In his report, he also affirmed that the infrastructures found on the site could not ensure the safety of the total number of participants in the annual pilgrimage of Lag B'OMer. Not surprisingly, he concluded on the need to limit the number of participants and the appointment of a single organization responsible for the management of the site, instead of allowing each rabbinic court to administer its own space.

Biden speaks with Netanyahu after deadly stampede in Israel

  Biden speaks with Netanyahu after deadly stampede in Israel President Biden offered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu his "profound condolences" on Friday after more than 40 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a stampede during religious celebration on Thursday evening. The White House said in a statement that the president offered assistance to Israel in responding to the disaster and caring for the wounded, as well as working to confirm reports that American citizens were killed or wounded during the ceremony. "Our Embassy and Department of State will provide all necessary support to any U.S. citizens and their family members affected by this sad event," the president said in the statement.

But nothing has moved. In 2019, nearly half a million people made the pilgrimage. In 2020, due to pandemic, the party was canceled. And this year, the health authorities, remained cautious, claimed for the site a very precise gauge of participants (not more than 10,000), on the mode of restrictions applying to sports and cultural events. For example, no more than 5,000 spectators in a 20,000 seater stage. They have not been listened to. All the ultraorthodox parties supported by the extreme right have put pressure on the Prime Minister and his colleague from the inside, Arieh Dehi, to open Meron to everyone, without controls or limitations of any kind. Benyamin Netanyahu and his faithful friend, the Minister of Homeland Security, Amir Ohana , were eager to say yes to their political allies. The very Likoud Minister of Transport, Miri Regev, put her hand in the dough by chairing a 400 bucket fleet as well as special trains to allow a large number of pilgrims to make the trip. Result: 100,000 people made the trip.

EXPLAINER: New players add volatility in Jerusalem tensions

  EXPLAINER: New players add volatility in Jerusalem tensions JERUSALEM (AP) — The holy city of Jerusalem, a tinderbox of competing religious and political claims, has repeatedly triggered bouts of Israeli-Palestinian violence. This time around, there have been some additional sparks, including Jewish extremists who, emboldened by their political patrons’ recent election to parliament, staged a provocative march to Jerusalem’s walled Old City chanting “death to the Arabs.” Over the course of a few days, nightly Jerusalem street brawls between Israeli police and disaffected Palestinian residents of the city escalated to cross-border fighting between Israel and Gaza’s Islamic militant Hamas.

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Faced with the magnitude of the tragedy, and in this time of national mourning, politicians avoid major statements. But already, a battle is emerging. More and more voices require the establishment of an independent judicial investigation commission. Fearing that it does not hurt them, Benyamin Netanyahu and his allies are totally opposed. A huge problem faced by the Prime Minister who, moreover, has only three days to succeed in forming a government coalition . In case of failure, he will have to deliver his mandate to the President of the State.

Israel closes Gaza's maritime area, a retort measure following rocket fires .
© AFP - Mahmud Hams The port of the city of Gaza, April 26, 2021. Israel prohibits any exit at sea. l Gaza's maritime area has been closed since Monday morning. Since 2006, the Palestinian enclave is subjected to the blockade of the Hebrew state. On Monday, April 26, the Israeli army decided to prohibit fishing off the Côtes Gazaouies. A retaliation measure, decided as a result of rocket fire since the Gaza Strip against Israeli territory.

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