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02:10  03 may  2021
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Wildfire in Northern Ireland declared a 'major incident'

  Wildfire in Northern Ireland declared a 'major incident' LONDON (AP) — Firefighters in Northern Ireland are spending a second day batting fires across difficult terrain on the Mourne Mountains. More than 70 firefighters and 10 fire trucks from across Northern Ireland were involved Saturday in trying to contain the wildfire, while helicopters from both Britain and Ireland are set to join the effort. The wildfire has been raging since Friday morning in the Slieve Donard area — the highest point in Northern Ireland with a peak of 850 meters (2,780 feet).

En Irlande du Nord, des graffitis révélateurs de tensions post-Brexit. C'est dans ce contexte que la province britannique fête son centenaire. tension background

© Peter Morrison / AP in Northern Ireland, revealing graffiti of post-Brexit voltages. It is in this context that the British province celebrates its centenary.

Northern Ireland celebrates Monday, May 3, the 100th anniversary of its creation and attachment in the United Kingdom. An anniversary not really happy: on the one hand, because of the health restrictions and on the other hand, because North Irish society remains deeply divided between loyalists and nationalists.

with our correspondent in London, Claire Digiacomi . The centenary of Northern Ireland intervenes in a difficult period for the country, where Brexit has awakened community tensions. The province was shaken at the beginning of April by riots: in Belfast, Derry and other cities, scenes of burning cars and clashes with the police. At least 88 policemen were injured.

European Parliament ends Brexit saga with trade deal vote

  European Parliament ends Brexit saga with trade deal vote The European Parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly ratified the EU's post-Brexit trade deal with Britain, but promised to keep a close eye on London with cross-channel tensions still high. The vote approved the bare bones trade deal with the bloc's third-biggest trading partner that was sealed on Christmas Eve after nine months of tough negotiations. The agreement provides the framework for London's new relationship with the 27-member union, five years after British voters shocked the world by voting to end its 47-year membership.

The atmosphere is therefore not at the party but rather to the restraint for this hundredth anniversary because the deep divisions that have been shaking the territory for decades, between supports and opponents of attachment in the United Kingdom, have been revived recently. Especially because of the

Brexit . The government wanted to avoid establishing a physical frontier between the Republic of Ireland, a member of the European Union, and Northern Ireland. Customs controls have therefore been put in place in the North Irish ports. A maritime boundary, in short, between the province and Great Britain, experienced as a betrayal by unionists (also called Loyalists) who support membership in the United Kingdom.

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The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Announces Resignation

 The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Announces Resignation © provided by the Point L A Prime Minister Unionist of Northern Ireland , Arlene Foster, announced on Wednesday, April 28 his resignation, victim of a sling In his party related to the consequences of the Brexit on the British province. Arlene Foster, the key role in the exit negotiations on the United Kingdom , announced that it would leave the head of his party, the DUP, at the end of May and his position as head of the local government in late June, in A statement broadcast by his party.

It is in this context that the Prime Minister, Arlene Foster

, was forced to resign early last week. His party, unionist, is divided and deeply fragile. This could open the way, in the future, to the republicans favorable to a reunification with Ireland.

One Centenary Source of Divisions

Peace is fragile and a gap separates the population from this British province, as shown in this report of our corresponding to Dublin,

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In his small hardware in the heart of the Loyalist Belfast, Jack sells dozens of products dedicated to the centenary. "Mugs, pines, flags ... to celebrate the 100 years of our country. We have planned little parties, games for kids, stuff to eat our fanfares will play, "he explains.

Nothing official, COVID requires. And then everyone does not celebrate the centenary: Muiread, for example, Irish nationalist, commemorates it.

"It's terrible for us," she comments. Ireland should have stayed Ireland. The English took advantage of the famine to send settlers, take our homes and win the majority. But we never wanted to be English. Faced with the temptation of reunification, is it the last major anniversary for Northern Ireland? Not sure, esteem Katy Hayward, sociologist at the Queens University of Belfast. "What did we expect from the North to hold a hundred years old? We are getting closer to a majority in favor of reunification, she says. But that does not want to say that it will arrive tomorrow. The score, it was a process, it did not happen at once. It is an extremely complex subject: in comparison, the Brexit is fun. According to the latest polls, only one in three Northern Irish vote for reunification in case of referendum.

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Northern Ireland lives to an unlikely centennial .
Few expected Northern Ireland to reach its hundredth birthday. When it was born in May 1921, it had a provisional feel. The Government of Ireland Act, under which it was set up, established linked parliaments in Belfast and Dublin, but the second had already been overtaken by events and never sat. Devolution, paradoxically, came to the one part of Ireland that had always vehemently opposed it. © (Getty Images) The 1920 Government of Ireland Act, as well as creating separate northern and southern chambers, established numerous all-Ireland bodies through which the two were eventually supposed to come together.

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