World an ex-marine risk the prison for the attack of the North Korean embassy in Spain

14:25  04 may  2021
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L'ambassade nord-coréenne à Madrid avait été attaquée en février 2019 par un groupe dont faisait partie l'ancien Marine américain Christopher Ahn. © Manu Fernandez / AP The North Korean embassy in Madrid was attacked in February 2019 by a group of which was part of the Old American Navy Christopher Ahn.

A former US navy is under judicial supervision for helping North Koreans leave their country of origin. Christopher Ahn, descendant Korean risk extradition to Spain, where he incurs a sentence of twenty years in prison. This resumed justice not like the others has recently spoke in different media.

with our correspondent in Seoul, Nicolas Rocca

his life rocks in 2009, during his meeting with a certain Adrian Hong, political activist and creator of the association for freedom in North Korea and then from the Free Joseon group (Joseon Free in French), from the name of a Korean dynasty. A political association whose objective is to take power to the KIM regime. These activists, mainly networks of North Korea, are involved in the defection of many North Korean citizens.

North Korean Defector Faces $27K Fine For Sending Leaflets Into Country By Balloon

  North Korean Defector Faces $27K Fine For Sending Leaflets Into Country By Balloon Park Sang-hak, a South Korean activist, said he and his organization sent 10 balloons that carried leaflets criticizing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his government, and 5,000 $1 bills, from an area near the border. If law enforcement pursues Park under the new South Korean law that prohibits leafleting to North Korea, it would be the first known violation.

Christopher Ahn, the former Marines took part at the start of the nephew of Kim Jong-one, Kim Han Sol. Kim Jong-one's son no longer felt safe in Asia, after the assassination of his father Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur airport in 2017. Currently, we do not know exactly where Here is Kim Han Sol since his departure from Taipei to Amsterdam.

The attack of the North Korea Embassy in Spain

but it is especially for the mysterious attack of the North Korean Embassy in Spain that Christopher Ahn knows his judicial troubles. In February 2019, a few days before a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-one, new assailants enter the building of the Spanish capital. Among them, Christopher Ahn.

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  Biden to veer from Trump, Obama policies in taking on NKorea WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says President Joe Biden plans to veer from the approaches of his two most recent predecessors as he tries to stop North Korea’s nuclear program, rejecting both Donald Trump’s deeply personal effort to win over Kim Jong Un and Barack Obama’s more hands-off approach. Press secretary Jen Psaki announced Friday that administration officials had completed a review of U.S. policy toward North Korea, seen as one of the greatest and most vexing national security threats facing the United States and its allies.

Some are equipped with dummy weapons, knives, compressed air pistol and metal bars. They ligate eight diplomats, but a North Korean employee manages to prevent the police. Men leave with the cars of the Embassy and computer equipment that some, whose sulphureux Adrien Hong will then bring back to the United States and transmit to the FBI.

Christopher Ahn assures on his side that this attack was a mounted shot that aimed to allow diplomats to defect without endangering their families remaining in North Korea. According to El Pais , among the participants of this attack prepared in a martial manner, two would have links with the American secret services.

arrest warrant issued by Spain

Spain issued an arrest warrant, because according to international law, it was his responsibility to secure the embassy. Adrian Hong has not been caught, but he would now be sought by North Korea, Spain and the United States. But Christopher Ahn was arrested in 2019 and after three months in prison, he was released on bail with an electronic bracelet that he still wears.

The United States Department of Justice is studying extradition to Spain, where it risks 21 years in prison for participation in a criminal organization. He also claims to fear for his life if he is extradited, because Spain and North Korea have diplomatic ties and it could be the target of North Korean killers. To see if the United States wants to continue with this procedure.

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