World Referendum of Independence: Arm of Iron Between London and Edinburgh

14:50  09 may  2021
14:50  09 may  2021 Source:   liberation.fr

Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis

  Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis LONDON (AP) — Not long ago, London was booming. Now it fears a bust. Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic have hit Britain’s capital in a perfect storm. In 2021, the city has fewer people, fewer businesses, starker divisions and tougher choices than anyone could have expected. On May 6, Londoners will elect a mayor whose performance will help determine whether this is a period of decline for Europe’s biggest city — or a chance to do things better.“It’s going to be rough, definitely,” said Jack Brown, lecturer in London studies at King’s College London. “Those two quite seismic changes” — Brexit and the virus — “will be a lot to cope with.

La Première ministre écossaise, l'indépendantiste Nicola Sturgeon (G) félicite la candidate du parti indépendantiste Kaukab Stewart, qui a remporté un siège à Glasgow, le 8 mai 2021 © Andy Buchanan The Scottish Prime Minister, the independentist Nicola Sturgeon (G) congratulates the candidate of the independentist Kaukab Stewart, who won a seat in Glasgow, the May 8, 2021

The Iron Arm begins between the British Government of the Conservative Boris Johnson and the Scottish Prime Minister, the Indoorist Nicola Sturgeon, who presses for a referendum of self-determination, with the victory of his party in the local elections.

Boris Johnson, who has the last word to authorize this referendum or not, is firmly opposed. If the Scottish National Party (SNP) of Mrs Sturgeon tries to legislate to obtain a referendum but that the British government does not cooperate, the conflict could settle before law.

Explainer-Scotland's difficult route to another independence referendum

  Explainer-Scotland's difficult route to another independence referendum Explainer-Scotland's difficult route to another independence referendumLONDON (Reuters) - Scottish independence supporters are calling Thursday's election the most important in the nation's history as they vow that if they win a majority in the devolved parliament, they will push for another referendum on breaking from the United Kingdom.

"It would be absurd and completely scandalous," Sturgeon said on the BBC Sunday. If this happens, "it would mean that a Conservative government refused to respect the democratic will of the Scottish people," she warned.

for Boris Johnson, a referendum is "irresponsible". The Conservative leader believes that the priority is to tackle the economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic that has made more than € 127,000 in the United Kingdom and put the country on his knees. He invited Ms. Sturgeon to "working together" against their "common challenges", inviting her to a meeting with other local governments leaders.

"Instead of focusing on what divides, concentrate on what unites", supported Michael Gove, Minister responsible for coordinating the government's action, interviewed Sunday on Skynews.

COVID-19 overshadows independence in key Scottish election

  COVID-19 overshadows independence in key Scottish election EYEMOUTH, Scotland (AP) — James Cook was an enthusiastic supporter of Scottish independence, but now he’s not so sure. As Scotland holds an election Thursday that could be a stepping stone to the breakup of the United Kingdom, the seafood wholesaler has more urgent things on his mind. Britain’s exit from the European Union and the coronavirus pandemic have caused economic upheaval, and he says it’s not the right time to gamble on independence. “A third major event could be cataclysmic for us,” Cook said.The question of independence overshadows the election for the 129-seat Scottish Parliament.

- "Choosing your future" -

Video: In Scotland, the victory of the Independentists opens the question of a new referendum (France 24)

Nicola Sturgeon explained Sunday that the release of the pandemic remained his priority but "after the crisis" she intended to "give the Scottish people the opportunity to choose his own future in a referendum".

Such consultation has already occurred in 2014. At the time, 55% of the Scots had opted for maintaining within the United Kingdom. Building on this recent vote, Boris Johnson argues that such a referendum can occur "once per generation".

The SNP considers, however, that Brexit has changed the game, the Scots opposite 62%. The purpose of the SNP is that Scotland joins the European Union as an independent state.

Mr. Gove pointed out that as the difference in the 2011 local election that had seen a broad victory of the independence and leads to organizing a referendum 3 years later, this time "the SNP did not obtain the majority" .

Iron ore is saving Australia's trade with China. How long can it last?

  Iron ore is saving Australia's trade with China. How long can it last? Wine and wheat. Lobsters and logs. Beef and barley. If Australia exports it, China has likely put up barriers to entry over the past year, as diplomatic relations between the two countries rapidly deteriorated. © Ian Waldie/Bloomberg/Getty Images Iron ore falls from a conveyor to a stockpile at the port in Port Hedland, Australia, on Monday, March 18, 2019. Now, one commodity is almost single-handedly keeping the trade relationship afloat: iron ore.

The SNP has failed by one seat the absolute majority, obtaining 64 seats on the 129 of the Scottish Parliament, according to the final results announced on Saturday, the timer of the elections. However, it can comply with the Greens, also in favor of a separation from the United Kingdom, which have obtained eight seats.

"This gives us two parties to Parliament who support independence, who will take this result as a mandate for another referendum." AFP Lynn Bennie, the University Policy and Relations Department of the University of Aberdeen.

"The problem is that the Conservative government in Westminster will refuse in the short term. We therefore have this debate on a democratic demand for referendum, but this legal position that prevents the referendum from happening because in the end it is Belongs to the British government to grant it, "said Lynn Bennie, believing" very difficult "to predict how it can resolve.


Scottish Leader Nicola Sturgeon Weighing Independence Vote for Country in 2022 .
Sturgeon's office told the Associated Press that "her intention [is] to ensure that the people of Scotland can choose our own future when the crisis is over."Sturgeon said she wouldn't rule out legislation paving the way for a vote at the beginning of 2022, a move Johnson has called "reckless" in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, coming off her fourth consecutive parliamentary win, said that while Scotland's recovery is an immediate priority, a vote to break away from Britain is a matter of "when, not if." Results from Scotland's local elections last Thursday show that the SNP took 64 of 129 seats in the Parliament.

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