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12:20  16 may  2021
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White House migration strategy faces new backlash from Central American leaders

  White House migration strategy faces new backlash from Central American leaders President Joe Biden wants to stem soaring migration levels through aid to Central American countries and by targeting corruption, efforts that have shown mixed results in years past while stoking new opposition in a region that feels scapegoated by the new U.S. administration. © Provided by Washington Examiner Buy-in from leaders in the countries people are leaving is "fundamental" to achieving success, said Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington. But the new U.S.

25380_1498139_k2_k1_3467483.jpg © Rosemarie Stennull / Alamy / Hemis.fr 25380_1498139_K2_K1_3467483.jpg OECD Current Current, the Trudeau Government wants to accommodate 1.2 million new residents by 2023. An economic necessity for the country, which targets "essential" trades.

In immigration, Canada's countercurrent. While most OECD countries tightened the screw with the pandemic, the Trudeau government has announced that it hoped to enter 1.2 million new residents by 2023, or 3% of the population.

According to Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration, this choice is a "key element" for the country's economic recovery and long-term prosperity. Without this contribution, Canada would grow. In the fifteen years, the ratio between assets and retirees will increase from 3 to 2 for 1. The pandemic has not only strengthened the determination of Ottawa to import foreign talents. She has also changed her design of what these talents are. On April 14, Marco Mendicino announced open the status of permanent resident at 90,000 only benefiting from a temporary residence permission. But not to anyone. Principals concerned: health care system staff or those who exercise other "essential activities", such as truck drivers or masons. The balance is reserved for foreign students graduates from a Canadian university.

Shane Wright's Run With Canada Was Something Special

  Shane Wright's Run With Canada Was Something Special Connor Bedard may have been the center of attention, but Shane Wright finished the U18s with one of the best performances Canada has ever seen at the tournament. It's yet another piece that makes Wright one of the best hockey prospects in the world right now. © Provided by Hockey News on Sports Illustrated Rob Wallator/Hockey Canada Shane Wright did not play a game of competitive hockey for 415 days. Naturally, in his first game back in a meaningful fashion, Wright scored a hat-trick against Sweden in a 12-1 win. The last time he scored in the OHL, he also had a hat-trick 422 days earlier.

Point Ranking This opening tends to erase the old distinction between two types of foreigners: permanent residents, most of which will become citizens, and authorized persons to come to work or study in Canada, but supposed to leave. These temporary residents are vital for the economy, reaching 1.6 million people, more than permanent. In 2018, the 700,000 foreign students spent $ 22.3 billion (€ 15 billion), the equivalent of 1% of GDP. But this temporary status has a dark face. Many workers have licenses that bind them to collaborate with some employers, exposing them to abuse. Last year, 2,000 agricultural workers caught Cvid-19 in Ontario, after being confined to the farms that hired them. Students are not safe. Some who have a delivery activity exhaust the task in the hope of being named managers, an often misleading status supposed to facilitate access to permanent residence.

Separated at the U.S.-Canada border: For a father and son, 90 miles is a distance too far

  Separated at the U.S.-Canada border: For a father and son, 90 miles is a distance too far Family separations don't occur only at the Mexican border, as Carlos Rivera and his young son discovered when they crossed into the U.S. from Canada.U.S. officials then sent Rivera to his native Honduras rather than back across the border into Canada, where he had been granted asylum the previous year based on his being persecuted by gangs back in his homeland.

In addition, and most importantly, this country carefully chooses foreigners likely to stay on its soil. The permanent resident title is prioritized by economic migrants based on the score obtained in a point ranking noting their level of training, their ease in English or French, their profession. And according to job offers corresponding to their skills. But Ottawa also plans to grant this status within two years to 312,000 parents of recent immigrants or people living in the country, as well as 181,000 refugees. Stories of reduced doctors to make taxi drivers pushed the government to relax the point system to welcome more people whose economy needs. According to several experts, this point system gives too much importance to skill level.

Pilot devices

Gold The pandemic learned to Canadians the value of people with a more modest level of education. "These people continue to work and take the risk of contracting the virus so we have every day what to eat", observes Harald Bauder, Professor of Geography at Ryerson University. The Government had already begun, as early as 2008, to propose permanent resident status to workers who have engaged in activity in the country, provided they are qualified and know how to speak English or French. Pilot devices also provide 5,500 perpetrats per year with caregivers to the person and 2,750 to agricultural workers. Canada has decided to be more flexible. In February, he invited 27,000 economic migrants to apply for permanent residence as part of his Express Entry program. To achieve it, it has lowered 461 to 75 the number of points needed to qualify. This is the lowest figure ever reached.

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Après le trou d\'air de 2020, le pays veut plus de migrants actifs. ​​© Provided by Challenge After the 2020 air hole, the country wants more active migrants.

After the 2020 air hole, the country wants more active migrants.

Spain's migrant drama highlights EU outsourcing policy flaws .
BRUSSELS (AP) — The sight of hundreds of migrants swimming or climbing fences separating the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from the rest of Africa this week is a stark reminder of just how dependent the European Union can be on the whims of countries it chooses to pay to enforce its migration policy. Since well over 1 million migrants entered the EU in 2015, most of them refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, the world’s biggest trading bloc has spent vast sums trying to ensure that migrants no longer set out for Europe on arduous overland treks or dangerous sea journeys.The EU granted billions of euros and other incentives to Turkey, for instance, to stop people leaving for Europe.

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