World "How GLUT in a Fire Pit": Chernobyl's nuclear fuel floates again, say researcher

10:25  18 may  2021
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Spikes in Radioactivity at Chernobyl Prompt Fears of Future Accident

  Spikes in Radioactivity at Chernobyl Prompt Fears of Future Accident There are concerns an increase in nuclear activity could damage the old container built to house the power station.The nuclear plant, located in northern Ukraine, was the site of the world's worst-ever nuclear accident in 1986 when a runaway nuclear reaction partially destroyed a reactor unit.

in an inaccessible basement space of the nuclear power plant Chernobyl in the Ukraine Sleeve again nuclear reactions, reports the website for science messages " Livescience ". In 1986, there was already an catastrophic explosion in Chernobyl. Researchers on site recently measured an increase in the neutron number in an underground area called 305/2, so livescience. An increasing number of neutrons can signal new cleavage reactions.

The Radioactive Waste Glow "As Glut in a Fire Pit," said Neil Hyatt for the renowned scientific journal " Science" . Hyatt is Professor of Nuclear Energy and Engineering at the English University of Sheffield. It is possible, other scientists believe that the glow can completely ignite. This could lead to another explosion. "There are some ambiguities," said the scientist Maxim Saveliev, also compared to "Science". Maxim Saveliev is a senior researcher at the Institute of Security Problems of Nuclear Power Plants (ISPNPP) in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The researcher added that he could not exclude the possibility of an accident.

Nuclear Fission Reactions Are Happening at Chernobyl Again

  Nuclear Fission Reactions Are Happening at Chernobyl Again Scientists are scrambling to neutralize the threat.Ukrainian scientists recently realized that leftover nuclear fission fuel made of uranium has begun reacting again in an“inaccessible room” deep within a damaged area of the shuttered plant. The telltale sign is increased readings of neutron activity—a measurable byproduct of nuclear fission, according to the scientists from Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants (ISPNPP) in Kyiv, Ukraine, who held discussions about dismantling the reactor last month, according to Science magazine.

should happen this, but it is very unlikely that the explosion would be so devastating as the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. At the nuclear catastrophe, about 50 people came to life at that time. The radioactive radiation released by the explosion caused thousands of death in the obvious areas in the next time. In 2019, therefore, a 1.5 billion euros of expensive shelter, the New Safe Confinement (NCS), was built. With the shelter, the release of radioactive radiation should be prevented.

Thus, according to "Science", the lowest protection room should also keep the neutron values ​​low. While this has worked in most areas covered by the NCS, the neutron values ​​in room 305/2 have risen into four consecutive years. The increase could continue for a few years without causing an accident.

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  Colonial Pipeline shutdown: Expect fuel shortages to go away by Memorial Day, expert says Colonial Pipeline will likely resume over the next two days, but consumers may have to wait longer in line, experts say.The shut-off of the pipeline, the primary fuel conduit serving the East Coast, spurred many people on the east coast and in the southeast into panic-buying — with some hoarding gas — and drained supplies at thousands of gas stations. Average gas prices are above $3, and some stations in the Southeast are running out or low on fuel.

There is also the possibility that the rising values ​​of themselves regulate again, so Saveliev. However, scientists must keep in mind - and intervene if the neutron values ​​continue to rise, the researcher warns. Ukraine is already working on a detailed plan for this case, " Science" .

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