World Stepmother Drowns Toddlers, Claims Snake Bite Killed Them

10:11  09 june  2021
10:11  09 june  2021 Source:   newsweek.com

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An Indian stepmother allegedly killed two toddlers by submerging them in a tub and proceeded to deny the killings by convincing family members that the children were bitten by a poisonous snake . An Indian stepmother has reportedly been arrested for deliberately drowning two toddlers in a tub and framing their unfortunate deaths as caused by a poisonous snake bite before unceremoniously burying their bodies, local authorities confirmed. The horrifying incident reportedly happened in Sharam Village, Dungarpur District, Rajasthan, India late last week.

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A woman in the Sharam Village in Rajasthan, India was arrested for drowning two toddlers in a tub, says Latin Times. According to the outlet, the woman originally claimed the children died from a poisonous snake bite. Shortly after burying their bodies, however, the family and local authorities learned the tragic truth.

a car driving on a city street: An Indian woman was arrested Monday for drowning two toddlers. She originally claimed that the kids died from a poisonous snake bite; however, she later told family members what she'd done when the children's grandfather pressured her for answers. © Oleksandr Filon/Getty An Indian woman was arrested Monday for drowning two toddlers. She originally claimed that the kids died from a poisonous snake bite; however, she later told family members what she'd done when the children's grandfather pressured her for answers.

Times of India reports the woman, Durga, married Badri, the childrens' father, two years prior after Badri's previous wife left him for another man. His children, Nisha and Vishal, remained in the custody of Badri and Durga after their mother left. According to Latin Times, the children were "routinely left in Durga's care" as Badri commuted to and from the state of Gujarat for work.

Unsuspecting Woman Almost Sits on Snake in Beach Chair

  Unsuspecting Woman Almost Sits on Snake in Beach Chair Gerri Womack Garon was enjoyed a beautiful day in Orange Beach, Alabama when she spotted the reptile.Louisiana woman Gerri Womack Garon was about to settle down in one in the seaside town of Orange Beach, Alabama yesterday when she noticed something slithery sunning itself in the seat, according to FOX 10 News. In a picture Garon shared in Facebook's OBA Group, which describes itself as "a community for people who love the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast," a pale brown snake can be seen draping itself over the one of the chair's wooden struts, staring off into the distance.

May 11—What was supposed to be a fun Mother 's Day at Lodi Lake turned into a tragedy for a San Joaquin County family. The Lodi Police Department announced on social media Monday morning that officers and Lodi Fire Department crews responded to a drowning on the southwest side of the lake at 4 Arriving officers performed life-saving measures on a male toddler , and were relieved by a citizen who happened to be a doctor. That citizen also attempted life-saving measures on the boy until fire department paramedics arrived, police said. The boy was rushed to Adventist Health Lodi Memorial

Doctors and snake experts say snake bites are common in the summer months but deaths were uncommon. It's suspected Sinita was bitten by a brown snake . Source: 7 News. "Early on in a brown snake bite we have had cases of cardiac arrest," Royal Perth Hospital clinical toxicologist David McCoubrie said. Sinita was 31 weeks pregnant and had recently moved from Hamilton Hill to be closer to her family. Her body will be brought back to Perth for a post-mortem. That will confirm if it was a snake bite that killed her, but toxicology results could take months.

Though the children had been left with Durga many times before, she did the unthinkable on June 3, and drowned them both in a plastic tub, says the outlets. She later told Badri's father a poisonous snake had killed his grandchildren and, believing her, the family buried the bodies of both children.

But both outlets report that Badri's father became suspicious of Durga's behavior in the days following the death of the children. On June 5, the family said she disappeared for the day without telling them. The next day, after she returned, Badri's father pressured her, and she tearfully confessed to drowning the children, says Latin Times. The family then notified the Ramsagada Police Station and police arrested her on Monday.

Said Deputy Superintendent of Police Rameshwar Lal via Times of India: "The incident happened on June 3, however, we got the report Monday by the kids' grandfather Chhagan who said his daughter-in-law killed his grandchildren by drowning them. The bodies were exhumed in the presence of the SDM and sent for autopsy. The FSL team has also been called to collect samples, an investigation is underway. The accused has been detained for interrogation."

According to multiple reports, Durga told the family the reason she drowned the children was she no longer wanted the responsibility of raising them. Times of India also reports via sources close to the family Durga eventually wanted to have her own children but was worried they would not receive as much attention or be as important to Badri as his own children. This concern, coupled with limited land assets, are believed to be additional motivators behind the drownings.

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