World G7: Climate Emergency at the Summit Given the Multilateralism

16:45  13 june  2021
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Progressive groups are “fed up” with Biden’s infrastructure playbook

  Progressive groups are “fed up” with Biden’s infrastructure playbook Progressives want Biden to stop negotiating with Republicans and embrace budget reconciliation.Progressive groups, who cheered Biden passing his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 stimulus bill through Congress with only Democratic support early on, are growing increasingly frustrated over Biden’s prolonged infrastructure negotiations with Senate Republicans.

  G7: urgence climatique au sommet faisant la part belle au multilatéralisme © provided by the point

F ACE to the climate emergency, the leaders of the Great Powers of the G7 decline their plan of action Sunday, last day of their summit In England having marked a new dynamic for Western multilateralism, United States in the lead.

In the aftermath of the announcement of joint initiatives to meet the major global challenges, such as the response to the growing international influence of the China and the prevention of pandemics, the industrialized countries strive for the climate emergency. From their meetings at Carbis Bay (southwestern England), the first in almost two years.

The time press, warned the Naturalist British Star David Taissiborough, 95 years old. "The decisions we take during this decade - in particular the decisions of the most economically advanced nations - are among the most important of human history".

Biden to get warm welcome from relieved but wary allies

  Biden to get warm welcome from relieved but wary allies LONDON (AP) — When U.S. President Joe Biden flies to Europe this week, he will find his hosts welcoming but wary. His predecessor Donald Trump may be gone, but he leaves a long shadow. Biden’s first foreign trip as president starts Wednesday and includes a gathering of the Group of Seven wealthy nations by the seaside in southwest England, a NATO summit, a meeting with European Union chiefs, and then a tete-a-tete in Geneva with his Russian counterpart and adversary, Vladimir Putin.For most of America’s allies, Biden is a relief.

The stakes are of size for the United Kingdom , who wishes to lay the foundations for a consensus a few months before the Great Climate Conference (COP26) he will host in November in Glasgow .

The aim is to limit the increase in temperatures below 1.5 ° C relative to the pre-industrial era, threshold beyond which scientists believe that climate change will become uncontrollable.

To achieve this, G7 leaders will decide for a reduction of about half of their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a goal that some countries intend to go beyond.

Coal is in their viewfinder, especially the power plants powered by this fossil energy, the most polluting - unless environmental compensation measures are in place, such as CO2 capture. Public aid will be stopped this year.

Biden pitched a bold climate vision. He may be watching it die in Congress.

  Biden pitched a bold climate vision. He may be watching it die in Congress. Climate hawks are starting to worry that their issue is getting thrown under a fossil-fueled bus. For all of Biden’s green goals, green team and green executive orders, the centerpiece of his green agenda is his proposal to throw hundreds of billions of dollars at the climate crisis through his American Jobs Plan, and it’s hard to see a path where a Republican-supported infrastructure bill would spend that freely to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) sounded the alarm in a Twitter thread Tuesday, declaring himself “officially very anxious” about the fate of climate legislation.

In this context, leaders plan to sign a check up to $ 2 billion to support green transition in disadvantaged countries.

"There is a direct relationship between emission reduction, nature restoration, job creation and the guarantee of long-term economic growth," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

video: G7 summit in the United Kingdom: pandemic and climate emergency at the heart of the discussions (France 24)

"New impetus"

Since the beginning of the summit Friday, the leaders wanted to offer L Image of a united forehead on large files.

according to work sessions and apartments, the US President Joe Biden has endeavored to rally his allies against Moscow and Beijing, a major objective of his European tour that must mark the "return" of the United States on the United States. international scene after the trump era.

His arrival in power brought "a new momentum" to the work of the G7, welcomed the German Chancellor on departure, Angela Merkel, who had very difficult relations with his predecessor.

4 climate obstacles Biden facing at the G-7

  4 climate obstacles Biden facing at the G-7 Here’s what to watch for as the president tries to find common ground with world leaders.Biden came into office promoting climate action as one of his major priorities, while proposing trillions of dollars in spending on the issue, rejoining the Paris agreement and hosting his own global climate summit in April. But the United States and other G-7 nations are falling short of their past pledges for international climate aid, and the Biden administration has cautioned European leaders against a controversial plan for carbon tariffs that could burden U.S. manufacturers.

But it's not the taste of Beijing, which denounced decisions made by "a small clique of country".

This image of good agreement has, however, been ecorned by the dissensions, exposed to the open, between Europeans and British on the Brexit and the thorny file of Northern Ireland.

The leaders of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Germany and Japan will also address the climate component of the vast global infrastructure plan on Saturday for Disadvantaged countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America, to encourage green growth and try to counter Beijing on its own ground.

The G7 will also commit to increasing its contributions for the purpose of the developed countries to finance $ 100 billion a year by 2025 the climate policies of poor countries.

For environmental activists, these ads are too soft or too fuzzy: they want more acts and fewer words. Greenpeace denounces "old promises" warmed and rebellion extinction described the summit of "Flop".

On the front of the pandemic, after the promise of sharing a billion doses of anti-Covid vaccines to poor countries, lagging behind in their immunization campaigns, the G7 has adopted a battle plan to prevent future pandemics. .

It's insufficient, ticked the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Sky News: "Millions of people will not be vaccinated and millions will die."

After the final press release and the traditional press conferences, Joe Biden will take the tea with Queen Elizabeth II at the Castle of Windsor, before the NATO summit in Brussels then a very scrutinized meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday in Geneva .

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AP PHOTOS: Biden wraps up 1st overseas trip of presidency .
Joe Biden wrapped up the first overseas trip of his presidency Wednesday after rallying allies and facing off with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The eight-day, three-country swing included meetings with leaders of the Group of Seven wealthiest democracies in scenic Cornwall, England, and a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. In Brussels, Biden huddled with nearly a dozen NATO allies and met with the leadership of the European Union. The stop was meant to convey a united front among alliance members in standing up to Russian aggression and human rights violations. © Provided by Associated Press People watch Air Force One, carrying U.S.

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