World Noise in the night? Palestinian tactics to push settlers from

13:20  24 june  2021
13:20  24 june  2021 Source:   lepoint.fr

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  Du bruit dans la nuit? Tactique palestinienne pour pousser des colons à partir © provided by the point

S ur a hill of West Bank, green lasers, fireworks and guide songs pierce the dark and quiet night ... a new tactic d 'A Palestinian village to make the life of Israeli settlers insupportable installed in front, and push them from.

In Beita, near Nablus in the West Bank, a Palestinian territory occupied by the Israeli army for more than 50 years, the manifestations of Palestinian inhabitants against the "wild" colony, Eviatar, punctuate the lives of the 50 families who live there. since early May.

In one month, four Palestinians were killed during clashes with the Israeli army on the margins of protests and 300 wounded, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Israel-Palestine: Attempt to attack the West Bank

 Israel-Palestine: Attempt to attack the West Bank © Provided by the point West Bank, Conflict, Israel, Palestine L E Climate of Voltage persists. Palestinian was killed Wednesday, June 16, 2021 in the West Bank occupied by the Israeli forces, the Ministry of Health Palestinian reported, while the army reported an attempt to attack against soldiers.

Most diurnal gatherings took place on Friday, weekly rest day, as elsewhere in the West Bank to protest against Israeli colonization judged illegal under international law.

But for a few days, Palestinians in Beita (17,000 inhabitants), innovate: often young people, they find themselves from the sunset in the early morning to disrupt the sleep of Eviatar settlers on the hill opposite.

When the sun envelops the hills with a rosy light, they burn dozens of tires. The sky becomes black and the air irregular.

then at night fallen, they turn on small lights on the ground and brandish torches. Some projects green laser rays to the colony, others draw fireworks.

and until the sunrise, they sing and shout that this land is to them.

"When they installed their caravans at the foot of the hill, we thought they would stay one day or two," says Raad, a Palestinian at the thick black beard. But in less than 48 hours, "they have put in place more than 20 mobile homes, which means they intend to stay".

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The young man, who prefers to silence his last name, ensures that he will continue to fight to see them leave. "These caravans will not stay on our land."

"It can not last"

some 475,000 people live in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, where more than 2.8 million Palestinians live, a coexistence marked by strong tensions and sometimes violence.

There are two types of colonies: those approved by the State of Israel and those that are not. The latter, qualified as "savages", are often mobile homes laid on hillside like that of Eviatar, named after an actor and colon stabbed by a Palestinian near Beita in 2013.

A small number of Israelis settled there after death early May of a young colon killed by a Palestinian nearby.

The Minister of Defense Benny Gantz had ordered his evacuation but this decision had been frozen by Benjamin Netanyahu , then Prime Minister.

The new government, led by the head of the radical right Naftali Bennett which once led a settler organization, must decide this delicate issue.

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The maintenance of the colony weakens the "possibility of a future peace" between Palestinians and Israelis, considers the Israeli organization Anticolonization of Peace now, which calls for its dismantling.

"We live in a cloud of carcinogenic smoke (...) It can not last," has tweeted a settler of Eviatar, TSVI suction. "We are talking about expelled, destroying our community. It's their village (Palestinians) that should be destroyed."

"Guardians of the mountain"

"They will leave", assures Ghaleb Abu Zeitoun, a 77-year-old Palestinian, contemplating the opaque smoke escaping from burned tires.

"This peaceful action will force them to leave, it's better than a physical confrontation because like that, we do not lose our young people," adds the man wearing a white keffieh.

"We have weapons, we could use them", but "what is better in this form of resistance is that it is not carried out in the name of a faction but by the inhabitants themselves" , says a young manifest, masked face and clothes covered with soot.

"We will continue to do so until the smoke reaches their bedrooms!", "He throws, pushing a tire into the fire.

Most protesters, some of which wear a barred t-shirt on the back of the "Mountain Guardians" inscription, hide their faces in order not to be identified by the Israeli soldiers who have arrested five protesters in recent days.

and when protesters approach too close to the colony, the army deployed at its surroundings draws tear gas.

then dawn point, and we come home. Until the evening after.

24/06/2021 09:13:23 - Beita (Palestinian Territories) ( AFP ) - © 2021 AFP

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