World Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos

00:36  14 july  2021
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Afghan president slams Taliban; rockets target Kabul palace

  Afghan president slams Taliban; rockets target Kabul palace KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — At least three rockets hit near the presidential palace on Tuesday shortly before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was to give an address to mark the major Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. There were no injuries and the rockets landed outside the heavily fortified palace grounds, said Mirwais Stanikzai, spokesman for the interior minister. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the rocket attack, but police quickly fanned out across area. One car parked on a nearby street was completely destroyed; the police said it was used as launching pad for the rockets.

Videos show the commandos ' bodies strewn across an outdoor market. After a fierce battle to hold the town, they the commandos had run out of ammunition and were surrounded by the Taliban fighters , witnesses said.

Taliban being a religeous loyalty is an American media drilled concept. When they talk about CCP talking to the ' Taliban ', they mean they made business deals with the local leaders, not a centralized Afghan organization called ' Taliban ' the West believes exist. The video implies that it was foreign fighters who killed these commandos . And the lack of air or ground support for these guys is pretty infuriating. A question that I have is was there any coordination and planning done between the commandos and their supporting elements prior to conducting such an operation?

The Taliban shot 22 Afghan commandos on Tuesday in the northern province of Faryab, the Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed to Fox News.

The Special Force members' ammunition ran out as they fought with terrorist militants, leading them to surrender.

The Taliban told them to take off their bulletproof vests amid the surrender and then shot the 22 troops, including the son of a top Afghan general, the Ministry of Defense said. There is purportedly unverified video of the incident circulating online.


In what appears to have been a separate Tuesday attack against an Afghan convoy, commandos driving in Humvees were trying to extract a wounded police officer captured by the Taliban when they were caught up in gunfire and explosions, Reuters reported.

China could soon have an unlikely supporter in Central Asia -- the Taliban

  China could soon have an unlikely supporter in Central Asia -- the Taliban Editor's note: CNN has launched the Meanwhile in China newsletter, a three-times-a-week update exploring what you need to know about the country's rise and how it impacts the world. Sign up here. © Wali Sabawoon/NurPhoto/Getty Images Afghan Taliban fighters and villagers attend a gathering as they celebrate the peace deal signed between US and Taliban in Laghman Province, Alingar district on March 2, 2020. One is a government accused of detaining more than 1 million Muslims in a vast system of internment camps. The other is one of the world's strictest Islamist militant groups.

CNN's Anna Coren is in Kabul with new evidence of the atrocities committed by the Taliban as video emerged of Afghan commandos being shot dead after an apparent surrender.

Who is funding and arming the Talibans , seems to be doing a better job than the Afghan government itself. After America leave the Taliban will instaure the real démocratie and prosperity.

Video: Taliban advances, seizes over a dozen districts in Afghanistan (FOX News)

The violence comes just days after Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on June 9 described the Taliban's "concerning" advancement in Afghanistan as the U.S. military pulled troops out of the country after 20 years.


Government officials dismissed the Taliban's claim that it had taken control of 85% of territory in Afghanistan at the time, saying it was part of a propaganda campaign, according to Reuters.

The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) estimates that the U.S. military has completed more than 90% of the withdrawal process, the command said in a July 6 update.

Opinion: The many US blunders that contributed to looming disaster in Afghanistan

  Opinion: The many US blunders that contributed to looming disaster in Afghanistan Peter Bergen writes that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is likely to result in civil war and effectively hands a victory to the Taliban.On Friday, the last US soldiers left Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, which was once home to tens of thousands of American troops.

The two Taliban commanders who executed a helpless 22 -year-old Afghan woman because 'they could not decide who could have her' have themselves been put to death, it has emerged. Taliban commanders in love triangle with executed Afghan woman, 22 , have also been 'put to death'. Two commanders reportedly executed for their barbaric actions. Footage posted online of burqa-clad woman being gunned down by AK47. Baying villages cheer in delight as she is shot in the head and her back.

A total of 22 Afghan police and soldiers have been killed in Taliban attacks, according to local media. It came just one day after the group announced its annual spring offensive, vowing to target “American invaders.” Nine policemen were killed in one of the attacks, which occurred overnight on Wednesday in northern Faryab province, according to an official cited by 1TV. Photos reportedly released by the group appear to show Taliban fighters wearing camouflage uniforms and posing with guns in preparation for the fighting season.


The Foundation for Defense of Democracies' (FDD) Long War Journal described the security situation in Afghanistan as "rapidly" deteriorating, noting that in the six days ending July 5, the Taliban had taken control of nearly 10% of the entire country.

In total, the Taliban controls 195 of Afghanistan’s 407 districts and contests another 129 as of July 5 compared to its control of just 73 and contest of 210 on May 1, according to the FDD's real-time assessments.

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