World of because of Kazakhstan or Iran - in the USA is booming the bitcoin mining

15:49  19 july  2021
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Bitcoin: USA holt bei Mining auf. © Shutterstock Bitcoin: USA gets up at Mining.

Even before the China Crackdown, the USA was on the way to the new Bitcoin Mining Mecca. The US content on the global hashrates is increasing. That could also be good for the climate balance.

of the broad public rather unnoticed, the US and Canada have developed into new hotspots for the bitcoin mining in recent months. In April, the share of the US is expected to be 17 percent at the industry behind it - an increase of 151 percent compared to September 2020. after the so-called China-Crackdown , ie the beat of the Chinese government against the active miners , should the US share of the gobal hashrates has increased significantly.

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Bitcoin Mining: China's share breaks an

currently looking for 500,000 in China active mining rigs a new home in the US. If these devices go to the grid, the US could be responsible for just under 40 percent of the global hashrates until the end of 2022, as Fred Thiel explains from the holding company Marathon Digital to CNBC . Meanwhile, the proportion of Chinese mining activities is constantly breaking. Even in September 2020, China was according to data from the University of Cambridge with 67 percent by far the largest bitcoin mining location. This share returned to 46 percent until April 2021. There are not newer numbers yet, but The Chinese Share should continue to have fallen sharply.

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So far, observers were assumed that countries such as Kazakhstan or Iran because of the low-level electricity available there as a target of the miners distributed there come into question. But it seems like a large part of them would like to go to North America - and especially in the US. That has several reasons. On the one hand, political stability and the larger legal certainty are likely to be the rule. In addition, according to CNBC, US companies have put a lot of money in the expansion of the corresponding infrastructure in the years since the course breakdown of the Bitcoin in early 2018. Much of the new equipment should have been sent to the US and Canada in recent months.

USA scores with favorable eco-electricity

for the United States also speaks that there is also very favorable electricity there - a part of it also renewable. According to industry, most of the miners, who now lay their activities in the US, are likely to operate their mining farms there with renewable energies or compensate for energy consumption at least via certificates. For Nic Carter, partner at Castle Island Ventures, the removal of the miners from China in the US, Canada and Russia will at a total of an significantly better climate balance .

Square wants to offer hardware wallets for bitcoin .
The mobile payment service Square is targeting Krypto investors as customers and develops a hardware wallet to provide them with a possibility of "supported self-help". © Provil by Finanzen.net Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images • Square wants to make bitcoin storage mass suitable • Square developed own hardware wallet • Approach is the assisted self-preservation If you want to acquire crypto feeds, which requires a so-called wallet - This is comparable to an electronic wallet.

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