World jr prist the embassy of France in Rome with an impressive trompe-l'oeil

04:35  22 july  2021
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Haiti President's killing followed by fierce chase and gun battle -- exclusive

  Haiti President's killing followed by fierce chase and gun battle -- exclusive The plot to kill Haiti's President allegedly spanned multiple countries and involved highly experienced former military officers and months of planning, according to local officials. Yet the primary suspects in the case appear to have been unprepared for their fierce pursuit by Haitian security forces. © David von Blohn/CNN CNN has obtained exclusive information about the hunt for the killers of Jovenel Moise, a banana exporter-turned-politician who was killed in a hail of gunfire in the bedroom of his private residence in the leafy Port-au-Prince district of Petion-Ville at around 1 a.m.

People visiting museums, cinemas or swimming pools in France without a vaccination certificate have been turned away, after new rules to stop the spread of Covid-19 kicked in. On Wednesday, some people in France were disappointed when they arrived at certain venues, museums, cinemas or swimming pools, to find that they would need to present proof of their The phased introduction of the health pass, which consists of a smartphone QR code, which can also be printed on paper, has caused uproar in France , with thousands taking to the streets to demand the government drop the policy.

The art of trompe l ’ oeil – or fooling the eye – is centuries old, dating back to the discovery of perspective in the Renaissance. The experiments of Renaissance artists enabled them to create illusory three-dimensional spaces in their paintings, making a flat surface appear to be a window to a room or a city or a landscape. The same theory could be used to create optical illusions in buildings or on their facades. In the church of Santa Maria Presso San Satiro in Milan, the Renaissance architect Donato Bramante (a friend of Leonardo da Vinci) designed an eye-fooling trick just as incredible as JR ’s

after the Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence , and the soil of the Trocadero , in Paris, JR bring together this time Italy and the France across the art, revealing a fantasy interior of the Palazzo Farnese known to house the French Embassy in Italy. While the end of the work of the palace are planned for 2025, many artists have been invited by the embassy to invest the places to bring a touch of modernity to the historic building and above all maintain the desire and illusion that will remain open during this renovation period. Having obviously responded positively to this challenge, JR offers a spectacular contemporary reinterpretation. Using a technique similar to the two previous achievements - and now its artistic signature - made of millions of leaves representing a breach in black and white, the French artist reveals a gigantic trompe-l'oe about 600 square meters. This approach is modernizing the imposing palace while magnifying its Renaissance style. Revealed on Instagram, the artist invites as usual the passersby to appropriate this facility quite denial.

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OPJ (France 3): The police series settles daily on the chain! .
© Ronan Lechat - FTV - Terence Movies OPJ (France 3): The police series settles daily on the chain! She comes back ... and is preparing to settle daily on France 3! What do you have the OPJ season, launched this Monday, July 26? that you have discovered it in 2019 on France O or more recently on France 3, OPJ is preparing to settle daily on the third chain of France.

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