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06:30  22 july  2021
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Angela Merkel receives honorary doctorate of Johns-Hopkins-Universität

 Angela Merkel receives honorary doctorate of Johns-Hopkins-Universität a dinner with spouses, the honorary doctorate of a US Eliteuni, talking over Nordstream 2: The program for Angela Merkel's farewell visit to Washington - including critical points. © Andreas Gebert / dpa Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU ) travels to the most important international partners just before the end of their 16-year term. After visiting British Premier Boris Johnson , a meeting with US President Joe Biden is now on.

Erfurt. With a sustainable vote, the Thuringian AFD Landtags Group wants to bring the red-red-green minority government to the fall and represents its chairman Höcke against the Prime Minister. The CDU does not want to vote. On the other hand, others call for a clear no.

 Über das von der AfD angestrengte Misstrauensvotum gegen Thüringens Ministerpräsidenten soll der Thüringer Landtag am 23. Juli entscheiden. © Martin Reshut About the Feist Strained Vote against Thuringia's Prime Ministers, the Thuringian Landtag is scheduled to decide on 23 July.

The Thuringian CDU LandtagsRaktion does not want to vote with the sustainable vote against Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left) at the DIFE-based vote of Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow and has criticized. "Great idea. Why is not she right with no? ", The SPD state chairman and Interior Minister Georg Maier asked on request. At the vote of the distrust, which is scheduled for Friday, the AFD Land Party and Group Chief Björn Höcke opposes Ramelow. The head of government can only be overthrown when Höcke reaches the absolute majority in parliament - ie 46 votes. The AFD faction has 22 seats.

"Current hour": Lashing harvested Criticism for WDR interview to flood catastrophe

 NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has taken "current hour" again for criticism of his person with an interview in the WDR news program. The CDU Chancellor's candidate kept reading that the black-yellow state government led by his party is a good climate protection policy and would not change the flood disaster in the west of Germany : "Because now such a day is not changing politics . "Also, Lashet supplemented:" The question of how we fight climate change is an international question.

Maier said, through the announced behavior of the CDU faction, the difference between yes and no voices becomes smaller. "The democratic signal becomes weaker." CDU faction leader Mario Voigt justified the decision to do not want to participate in the "Tricks" and "Game" of the AFD. "The most visible sign that can set the CDU faction is that the CDU faction in this farce that the AFD faction is doing, does not participate," Voigt said on the edge of a state meeting.

from CDU circles it was said that it would also like to prevent the CDU after the secret tuning may be mitigated if the hob should receive more voices when there are AFD members. Also, the FDP Group does not want to vote for the hopper, as her chairman Thomas Kemmerich Klarmacht. "We will definitely not choose Mr. Höcke." How the look should - whether by sitting, leaving the hall or with-no voices - will be discussed in the faction.

Flood catastrophe: NRW Cabinet meets for a special session

 Flood catastrophe: NRW Cabinet meets for a special session following the strong rainfall and flood floods in parts of North Rhine-Westphalia with at least 30 dead and 57 injured meet the NRW Cabinet on Friday (10.00 clock) to a special session. The black-yellow government team around Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) wants to analyze the situation in NRW and advise on help for the affected municipalities. The cabinet members should be switched on partly.

Kemmerich had been chosen on 5 February 2020 with the help of AfD votes on the Thuringian Prime Minister. At that time, the event caused protests and indignation nationwide. Three days after his election, the FDP politician returned.

not only the SPD, but also left and green demanded a no at the vote of mistrust and the question Ramelow or Höcke. "What I do not understand is why @CDU_Fraktion_th does not just say no to #hoecke," wrote green faction leader Astrid Rothe-alike at Twitter and pushed the question: "Do not trust your own people?"

The Thuringian Afd was in this year by national constitutional protection as a proven extremist classified. Höcke is founder of the now formally resolved and the Federal Office of the Constitutional Protection as a right-wing extreme "wing". Federal Constitution Protection Chief Thomas Haldenwang had referred him to the right-wing extremist. In the Thuringian Landtag Höcke said on Wednesday: "Parliamentarism lives on the fact that the opposition wants to rule. We want to rule, we want to at least share in government responsibility, and if only indirect. "

Thuringia-election in September falls from

 Thuringia-election in September falls from parallel to the general election should be chosen on September 26, the state parliament in Thuringia. For this, the Parliament should be dissolved. It does not happen, because the consent of the left and green ones are missing.

Left Faction Chief Steffen Dittes said it needs a clear response from Democrats and the hot no. He spoke of a fatal signal that escapes from the behavior of the CDU. "I think that's a political disaster. We expect the company to defend itself against rights and in the state parliament, we are not even able to ensure that there is a clear no of democratic parties, "said Dittes.

The mistrust vote reveals again how fragile are the political conditions in Thuringia. It is likely to prepare little worries from most political actors, because Höeckes candidacy is considered hopeless. However, after the recently burdened state trial, Ramelows red-red-green minority government continues to lack a majority in parliament.

The CDU does not want to support the minority government more contractually assured. Considerations, as for three more years with four votes should be ruled too little in Parliament, are currently running - a result does not exist yet.

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