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06:43  22 july  2021
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Angela Merkel receives honorary doctorate of Johns-Hopkins-Universität

 Angela Merkel receives honorary doctorate of Johns-Hopkins-Universität a dinner with spouses, the honorary doctorate of a US Eliteuni, talking over Nordstream 2: The program for Angela Merkel's farewell visit to Washington - including critical points. © Andreas Gebert / dpa Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU ) travels to the most important international partners just before the end of their 16-year term. After visiting British Premier Boris Johnson , a meeting with US President Joe Biden is now on.

Bodo Ramelow of Die Linke won 42 votes in the 90-seat state legislature, enough to be elected by a simple majority after Angela Merkel’s CDU party abstained. It was the second attempt in a month to form a working government in the former East German state, after CDU MPs there set off an earthquake With no majority possible in Thuringia without either AfD or Die Linke, the state became a unique crucible for the CDU ’s repeated declarations that it would work with neither. Wednesday’s re-run of the vote pitted the far-left Ramelow against the AfD’s candidate, the far-right Björn Höcke

The 2019 Thuringian state election was held on 27 October 2019 to elect the members of the 7th Landtag of Thuringia . The outgoing government was a coalition consisting of The Left, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), and The Greens, led by Minister-President Bodo Ramelow .

with a mistrust vote plans the AfD around Björn Höcke, bringing in Thuringia Minister President Bodo Ramelow. The CDU wants to be included in the vote: The AfD abuses the state day as a show stage.

  Thüringen: CDU will sich bei Misstrauensvotum gegen Bodo Ramelow enthalten © Martin Schutt / DPA

The Thuringian CDU fraction wants to remain sitting against Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Linke) at the mistrust vote for Friday and not with vote. The Votum had been requested by the AFD Group . Whose faction leader Bernd Höcke would replace Ramelow as a head of government, he should be 46 votes and thus an absolute majority.

However, the undertaking is considered hopeless, as the AFD faction only comes to 22 seats in the Erfurt Landtag. All other factions had announced not to support hats. "The most visible sign that can set the CDU faction is that the CDU faction in this farce, which does not participate in this farce the AFD faction here," said Thuringia's CDU faction leader Mario Voigt now on the edge of a state meeting.

"Current hour": Lashing harvested Criticism for WDR interview to flood catastrophe

 NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has taken "current hour" again for criticism of his person with an interview in the WDR news program. The CDU Chancellor's candidate kept reading that the black-yellow state government led by his party is a good climate protection policy and would not change the flood disaster in the west of Germany : "Because now such a day is not changing politics . "Also, Lashet supplemented:" The question of how we fight climate change is an international question.

FILE PHOTO: Thuringia 's newly elected Prime Minsiter Bodo Ramelow of the Left Party (Die Linke) rings the bell at the first cabinet meeting in Erfurt, Germany, on March 4, 2020. © Reuters / Martin Schutt. Follow RT on. The German political elite still considers AfD, a party known for its strong anti -immigrant position and blamed for the rise of far-right extremism, a pariah and still believes it is a taboo to cooperate with its members on any issues. Ramelow himself, who described AfD as a party “trampling on democracy” that cannot expect to be “treated normally,” is hardly an exception here.

They want to burn it down, and that is why the Democrats are standing here together." Meanwhile, the AfD described it as undemocratic that Kemmerich had to resign, following an appeal from Angela Merkel for the results to be undone. Party leader Alexander Gauland called Kemmerich's election "the most natural and democratic thing in the world," for a democratic member of CDU Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak, however, rejected suggestions that the simplest solution would have been for the CDU to support the socialist candidate and incumbent Ramelow in the vote , providing him a majority.

Your attitude wanted to document the CDU deputies by leaving your plenary banks during the vote, the group shared in the Thuringian state parliament. The mistrust vote is a named vote, to which each deputy is called individually - the CDU parliamentary members want to escape. Voigt spoke of an attempt of AFD to "make this Parliament contemptuous". "We will not make ourselves part of this staging".

After the failure of the planned state-of-the-art and subsequent new elections, the AFD Group had filed the application for a constructive vote of mistrust. This is due to Ramelow as a head of government of the red-red-green minority registration.

The Thuringian state policy has been in unrest since the state election in 2019. At that time, the hitherto ruling red-red-green coalition lost its majority. In February 2020, the state parliament briefly chose the votes of the AFD and the CDU the FDP parliamentary leader Thomas Kemmerich to Prime Minister, which witnessed nationwide for outrage. Kemmerich came back a little later, Ramelow then decided another vote against AFD faction leader Höcke in the third ballot for himself and has since runs with a minority government from left, SPD and Greens. This actually wanted to put forward new elections on the way.

Flood catastrophe: NRW Cabinet meets for a special session

 Flood catastrophe: NRW Cabinet meets for a special session following the strong rainfall and flood floods in parts of North Rhine-Westphalia with at least 30 dead and 57 injured meet the NRW Cabinet on Friday (10.00 clock) to a special session. The black-yellow government team around Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) wants to analyze the situation in NRW and advise on help for the affected municipalities. The cabinet members should be switched on partly.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) got 23.4% against 22% for the Christian Democrats ( CDU ). The AfD more than doubled its vote , from 10.6% five years ago. The AfD is stronger in ex-communist eastern Germany than in western states. No mainstream party is willing to do a coalition deal with the AfD, which is anti -immigration and anti -establishment. The Thuringia AfD is led by Björn Höcke, 47, who heads a stridently nationalist group called Flügel and has been accused of inflammatory rhetoric.

Bodo Ramelow , 58, a former trade unionist, was voted into office in a second-round ballot in Thuringia to applause from the parliament in the city of Erfurt. He takes power amid charges that his party has not distanced itself sufficiently from the former communist regime. Never before in a fully democratic Germany has a regional election triggered so much protest, with tThousands of people protested against Ramelow ’s election outside parliament in Erfurt on Thursday evening ahead of the vote , declaring that the “perpetrators” were heading back into office.

FDP threatens loss of faction status

Thuringia's Landtag President Keller said she could understand that many citizens are upset about the failure of the new elections. The state members a common goal of strengthening confidence in Parliament. "What Thüringen needs is a strong parliament that our state leads well through the challenges."

The FDP Group in the state parliament will probably last her status as such. background is the departure of the deputies Ute Bergner. She had already left the party beginning of the month. Bergner also announced that wanted to vote for the dissolution of the Thuringian Landtag . The other four deputies of the faction did not want that. For the recognition as a group, at least five deputies are necessary.

Value Union would accept AFD votes for majority .
Cologne. The ultraconservative value-Union calls for the establishment of a CDU candidate for the Office of Prime Minister in Thuringia. You have to choose from all democratically legitimized members of the state parliament - also from the AFD. © Karlheinz Schindler Max Otte, German-American economist and boss of the Value Union (archive image). That said the new chairman Max Otte on Monday of the German Press Agency. "If I'm chosen, I do not care about whom I'm chosen," Otte said.

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