World Serbia in Efootball: The beginning of an era?

20:19  22 july  2021
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At the latest after her victory at the UEFA Eeuro 2021, 'Kepa' and 'Roksa' are one of the most important names in Efootball. The duo spoke with Kicker Esport.

Frischgebackene Europameister: Marko 'Roksa' Roksic und Stefan 'Kepa' Slavkovic. © UEFA / FSS Freshly baked European champion: Marko 'Roksa' Roksic and Stefan 'Kepa' Slavkovic.

Exclusive conversation to the EEURO

Da is the thing! The Serbian professionals Marko 'Roksa' Roksic and Stefan 'Kepa' Slavkovic will have thought about the final of UEFA Eeuro 2021. They beat Poles in the Final

After she had failed past season in the final of Eeuro 2020, this victory was important for the team, as 'Roksa' emphasized: "It means a lot, especially since we lost unhappy last year , This year everything came together for us and I think we deserve the title absolutely. "

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The players in profile

Who are 'Roksa' and 'Kepa'? The European champion has been playing 16/17 since the season as they met with a tournament for PES 2017. They shaped a strong duo and won many tournaments together in the Balkan region.

The success brought both only to the FC Nantes Esports and then to the AS Roma, where they have been active since November 2020. The 29-year-old Roksic is the captain of the team. Together with the 26-year-old Slavkovic and the German professional Emiliano 'S-Venom' Spinelli they reached the semi-finals of the Efootball.pro tournament.

No trophies despite strong services

The two esportists are a well-rehearsed team and therefore have been representing the Serbian national team for some time. National and on club levels are played in Efootball although different modes are played - it's "a completely different game." Nevertheless, "helps the extra experience" to show strong achievements in both jerseys.

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It was not enough for long time for titles at a European top level. The culminated in the unfortunate final of the EEURO 2020. After an exciting tournament of scarce victories, Serbia failed in the final clearly to Italy and thus missed another title: "We were always very close to a trophy turn, but nothing happened."

However, the lost finale motivated the team even more for this year's Eeuropamisterschaft: "Now we wanted the title more than ever." With this attitude, they went into the largest European tournament in Efootball.

Outstanding performance in the EEURO 2021

The motivation also showed up on the square. From the beginning, Roksic and Slavkovic showed strong achievements and decided to the semifinals every round sovereign for themselves. Only in the leaks round, they came to stumbling against co-favorite France, which also admits Roksic: "It was a balanced match. Would you have won, we could only congratulate them, because they were better than we are to be honest." But this scarce duel decided Serbia with 2: 1 for himself and moved into the final.

Farewell, Pro Evolution Soccer!

 Farewell, Pro Evolution Soccer! © Provided by Sofoot The PES video game disappears and leaves its place at Efootball. PES is dead, long live efootball? This is a page that turns and the curtain that falls throughout a time for many: PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), who had succeeded the international superstar soccer (ISS) license, FIFA historical rival in games football, draws its reverence. Goodbye Master League, Konami Cup, players and teams with false names, castolo, minanda, blue london and red merseyside ...

"We do not have to stop here. We are hungry for more trophies and new ones. "(Marko 'Roksa' Roksic and Stefan 'Kepa' Slavkovic)

There they met the exciting Polish team whose young talents playing a fantastic tournament. Although they belong to them "the future of PES", as the Serbian national player in conversation emphasized. Nevertheless, it was clear to you that "we will win".

While particularly Roksic brilliantly brilliantly brilliantly and became the top scorer. But in the final Slavkovi C, which until then had rather behind the expectations, showed his skills. Their experience, real estate and self-confidence showed particularly in this meeting: "We decided the duel through three routine victories."

The first of many titles?

The Serbian selection has impressive the title of eeuropamistership and earned home. The duo emphasizes that this was only the beginning: "We do not have to stop here. We are hungry for further trophies and new ones."

What stands for Roksi C and Slavkovi C next to? Are you also on club level the new stars on the Efootball sky? That's not sure yet. But one thing is clear: "Now everyone knows who 'Roksa' and 'Kepa'."

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