World in Cuba, the Calvary of the families of imprisoned protesters

23:22  23 july  2021
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Demonstrators block traffic in Miami area to support Cuban protesters

  Demonstrators block traffic in Miami area to support Cuban protesters Demonstrators block traffic in Miami area to support Cuban protestersThe Miami area has long been home to the largest Cuban exile community and a focal point for anti-Castro sentiment.

  A Cuba, le calvaire des familles des manifestants emprisonnés © AFP

M Anuel Diaz has been trapped for twelve days to Cuba and needs that three people testify that he has properly manifested on the 11th of July at the moment of Unpublished social mobilization on the island, to hope at least appearing free to its trial.

This employee of a 59-year-old pastry, which manifested in his village in Bauta, 25 kilometers southwest of Havana, is one of the Cubans arrested among the thousands of protesters who had invaded the streets to the cries of "Down with the dictatorship!", "We're hungry!".

Inmates are accused of contempt, public disorder, vandalism or propagation of the epidemic to have visited these gatherings without mask while the epidemic of COVID-19 is growing.

Voice of America report favored Castro regime in Cuba protests

  Voice of America report favored Castro regime in Cuba protests When I was in charge of Voice of America broadcasts to Poland in the 1980s, while the independent Solidarity trade union led by Lech Walesa launched its struggle for freedom and democracy, the news the Polish Service received from the central English VOA newsroom was not always well presented, but it was not slanted and biased in favor of the communist dictatorship. The same cannot be said for the VOA report on the Cuban protests, which shows that it was updated at 4:20 a.m., July 12, 2021, but was still misleading and lacking balance.

"For the moment, no one wanted to testify and manual is still in pre-trial detention, accused of public disorder. He is at Caimito Prison, (West), we are desperate," says Miami on the phone at the phone. ' AFP Brother Roberto.

More than ten days after this protest movement, the government did not give the official number of arrests. The High Commissioner for Human Rights on the , Michelle Bachelet , called for the immediate release of "all imprisoned persons for exercising their rights".

According to a list broadcast on Twitter by opposition groups as the collective of 27N artists and independent media as "Periodismo de Barrio" (neighborhood journalism), more than 600 people were arrested.

Cuban Diplomacy, Bruno Rodriguez, said Thursday that the majority of the detainees had been released, after "having been sanctioned with a fine or placed under residence". He denied the presence of minors among the prisoners.

Cuba Protests Could Presage Brighter Regional Future | Opinion

  Cuba Protests Could Presage Brighter Regional Future | Opinion Were the protests to topple the regime, the benefits could prove transformative within and beyond Cuba. In the 2021 edition of Freedom in the World, pro-democracy NGO Freedom House labeled Cuba "not free" in terms of political rights and civil liberties. It reported that "Cuba's one-party communist state outlaws political pluralism, bans independent media, suppresses dissent, and severely restricts basic civil liberties." Over the last year, the regime expanded "interrogations, threats, detentions, raids, and exorbitant fines" against journalists and activists, and prevented more of them from traveling abroad.

He added that there were "no trial without the guarantees necessary for their smooth running and that no detainee had disappeared.

Video: Events in Cuba: Families looking for their loved ones (AFP)

on the Facebook Group "Desaparecidos #Soscuba", Roberto, whose 92-year-old mother also lives in Cuba, explains that for his brother to appear to justice, he needs, according to his lawyer, that "two or three witnesses" tell that he has "manifested peacefully and causes people do not resort to violence" During mobilization.

"It would help get that he can go out on bail, he is placed in housed or liberated residence," he says. "There is someone who can help us, please," he implies.

trials already finished

on Facebook and Twitter the messages to claim the release of relatives or friends are multiplying. Claudia Salazar requires that of her husband, Yarian Sierra, who "is the subject of an unfair trial (...) because he thinks differently".

Mexico Seeks to Renew Ties With North Korea, Also Backs Cuban Government: Foreign Minister

  Mexico Seeks to Renew Ties With North Korea, Also Backs Cuban Government: Foreign Minister North Korea has, like Mexico, thrown its support behind Cuba's government after recent protests in Havana.Mexico's support for Cuba's government, as well as its desire to reopen ties with North Korea, put the key U.S. trading partner at odds with leaders in Washington, D.C. The U.S. has for decades had tense relations with Cuba due to Washington's opposition to the communist government there, while also technically remaining at war with North Korea despite the conflict's unofficial end in 1953.

The photographer and videographer Anyelo Troya, 25, arrested with his camera during the event on the edge of the Capitol, the seat of Parliament in Havana, was sentenced to one year in prison for "public disorder", according to his family.

He is one of the filmmakers of the Cuban rappers' song "Patria y Vida" (the homeland and life), which has become a hymn of the protestors and considered as a controversy for its reference to the famous "the homeland or death" launched by Fidel Castro.

It was judged Wednesday before a court of the capital in immediate appearance, with 12 other protesters, according to his relatives.

"We have never been prevented from the trial," says his brother Yuri, 32 years old. "We ran to court with a lawyer but when we arrived, the trial was already over," he says.

"Where is the right (my son) to have a transparent trial?" Ask Facebook their mother Raisa Gonzalez, while the lawyer appealed.

Several figures of dissent are always imprisoned, as the political opponent José Daniel Ferrer and the artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, one of the leaders of the San Isidro protest movement (MSI), intellectuals and academics who argue for more freedom expression.

Tuesday, the movement did on Twitter that Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara had been "transferred to Guanajay High Security Prison" in the province of Artemisa.

23/07/2021 18:28:06 - The Havana (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Biden keeps pressure on Cuba, meets with Cuban American leaders .
In recent days, the Biden administration has begun to roll out its Cuba strategy, which includes targeted sanctions and ongoing efforts to secure internet access and remittances for the Cuban people. The Treasury Department on Friday slapped individual sanctions on the Cuban police force, known as the Policia Nacional Revolucionaria of the Cuban Interior Ministry, and two of its leaders — Oscar Callejas Valcarce and Eddy Sierra Arias. The sanctions were imposed under the Global Magnitsky Act, which allows the U.S. to impose economic sanctions on individuals believed to be engaged in human rights abuses and corruption.

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