World Peru: Pedro Castillo Investti promises a country without corruption and a new Constitution

00:50  29 july  2021
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Former teacher Pedro Castillo officially became Peru 's new president on Wednesday. The 51-year-old son of peasant farmers was sworn in inside the Peruvian Congress. Castillo won the June 6 election with a slim majority of just 44,000 votes. He is set to lead a country that was split in half by the Castillo 's electoral win was only finally confirmed last week. His rival in the final round of voting was right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, daughter of jailed former president Alberto Fujimori. Keiko is also facing corruption charges that could land her in jail. She contested the results of the election

But as Pedro Castillo was sworn in as president on Wednesday, he and his 32 million compatriots will survey a society almost brought to its knees by the COVID-19 pandemic, political instability, endemic corruption and a bitter election campaign that has left Peruvians deeply divided. That has led many in the country to question whether Castillo is up to the job of leading Peru out of a deep, multifaceted crisis. Their scepticism has been reinforced by the president’s own erratic, frequently contradictory campaign rhetoric and, since winning, low public profile . The risks to his presidency also have been

Le nouveau président péruvien Pedro Castillo (d) jurant, à côté de la présidente du Congrès Maria del Carmen Alva lors de sa cérémonie d'investiture au Congrès national à Lima, le 28 juillet 2021. © AFP - Handout The new Peruvian President Pedro Castillo (d) swearing, next to the President of the Congress Maria del Carmen Alva at his ceremony of Investiture at the National Congress in Lima, July 28, 2021.

The former teacher Pedro Castillo was sworn in this Wednesday, July 28 as a new president of Peru, saying to wish to end corruption in the country and launch a process for a new constitution .

"I swear before God, in front of my family, the peasants, the indigenous [...] peoples, the fishermen, the doctors, the children, the adolescents that I will exercise my charge by the President of the Republic," said the New Left President in front of Parliament.

Leftist Pedro Castillo declared Peru's next president

  Leftist Pedro Castillo declared Peru's next president Leftist school teacher Pedro Castillo was proclaimed Peru's president-elect Monday, six weeks after a polarizing vote of which the results were delayed by claims of electoral fraud from his right-wing rival, Keiko Fujimori. The 51-year-old trade unionist's victory leaves Fujimori facing an imminent corruption trial. "On behalf of my family I would like to salute the electoral authorities and also to salute the political parties that have taken part in this democratic celebration," Castillo told supporters gathered at the headquarters of his Peru Libre (Free Peru) party in Lima.

Castillo ’s razor-thin win has split the country between those who back his pledge to overhaul politics and the economic system to tackle poverty and inequality, and others who fear his presidency will upturn Peru ’s market-friendly economy and even threaten its democracy. “But Keiko Fujimori and her supporters are not simply copying the Trump playbook,” wrote Jo-Marie Burt, a professor at George Mason University in Virginia and an expert on Peru ’s recent history. “Keiko is drawing on and deploying the lessons she learned at the feet of her father, Alberto Fujimori, Peru ’s last dictator.”

José Pedro Castillo Terrones (born 19 October 1969) is a Peruvian schoolteacher, union leader and politician who is the President-elect of Peru following the 2021 general election. He attained prominence as a leading figure in the 2017 teacher strike and ran in the election as the candidate of

"I swear in front of the peoples of Peru, for a country without corruption and for a new constitution," he added, wearing a black Andinan costume and sporting his now famous white hat. He then received the two-tone scarf from the hands of the new President of Parliament, the centrist opponent Maria del Carmen Alva. The oath performance of the new left president takes place on the day when the Andean country of 33 million inhabitants celebrates the bicentennial of its independence.

festivities are scheduled until Friday. King Felipe VI of Spain, six Presidents of the Region, the US Secretary of State for Education, Miguel Cardona, and the former Bolivian leader Evo Morals were present at the ceremony.

"The biggest challenge of Pedro Castillo is not to disappoint people who need quick answers, because they have no job, are hungry or risk their lives because of CVIV-19," has underlined the Hugo Otero analyst. Peru has been dramatically touched by the coronavirus epidemic, with more than 195,000 deaths, the highest mortality rate in the world with respect to the population. Long months of containment in 2020 caused the loss of two million jobs and a fall in the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020 of 11.12%.

Blinken congratulates Peru's president-elect

  Blinken congratulates Peru's president-elect Secretary of State Antony Blinken congratulated Peru's president-elect Pedro Castillo on Wednesday, after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential election following a six-week vote count. Castillo was officially named the winner of the June 6 runoff election on Monday, after the count became the longest in 40 years, according to The Associated Press. In a statement on Tuesday, Blinken congratulated the people of Peru for "making their voices heard in free and fair presidential and legislative elections.

Socialist Pedro Castillo has been named Peru 's next president, having narrowly defeated right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori in a tense runoff election, marred by allegations of fraud, protests, and an extremely long vote count. “I proclaim Pedro Castillo as president of the republic and Dina Boluarte as first vice president,” elections chief Jorge Salas said during a televised ceremony. The 51-year-old socialist politician has become the first president of the country with no ties to elites, having come from a peasant family.

Peru 's President-elect Pedro Castillo waves upon his arrival at the Palacio de Torre Tagle, in Lima, Peru , on July 28 [Sebastian Castaneda/Reuters]. Peru has sworn in new President Pedro Castillo , a leftist former teachers’ union leader who already faces mounting challenges to build his government, tackle the coronavirus crisis and unite a deeply polarised country . Castillo was sworn in at midday local time (1700 GMT) on Wednesday in the capital, Lima, after weeks of uncertainty following a hard-fought June presidential runoff that saw him edge right-wing rival Keiko Fujimori by about 44,000 votes.

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challenges "ruled by a peasant"

The former 51-year-old trade unionist, who made his whole career in a rural northern school of the country, was officially proclaimed winner of the second round of the presidential election of 6 June than ten days ago. The multiplication of recourse by his opponent, the candidate of the populist right, Keiko Fujimori, in this particularly tight ballot, had delayed several weeks the proclamation of the results. "This is the first time this country is going to be ruled by a peasant," said Castillo during his first speech as head of state.

"During the election campaign, we said that we were going to expropriate. It's totally wrong. We want the economy to be in order, "he continued, in a new attempt to reassure the business circles that fear a possible radical turn left in this country marked by twenty-five years of ultra economic policies. -Liberals. Friday, July 23, Mr Castillo had already excluded any forbidden for copying foreign "models", insisting that he was neither "chavist" nor "communist", with reference to the powers in place in Caracas and at Havana.

After weeks-long wait, Peru's president to be sworn in

  After weeks-long wait, Peru's president to be sworn in Leftist Pedro Castillo is to be sworn in as Peru's president Wednesday with a full inbox: tame the coronavirus epidemic, reactivate a flagging economy, and put paid to years of political turmoil. Leftist Pedro Castillo is to be sworn in as Peru's president Wednesday with a full inbox: tame the coronavirus epidemic, reactivate a flagging economy, and put paid to years of political turmoil.

Peru 's new President Pedro Castillo addresses the nation after being invested as President by Congress President Maria del Carmen Alva (out of frame) during his inauguration ceremony at the National Congress in Lima on July 28, 2021. © AFP. Pedro Castillo on Wednesday vowed to tackle what he said were persistent social divisions in Peru that dated back to colonial days as he was sworn in as the country 's president, but pledged he would make no radical changes to the economy.

Pedro Castillo has been declared president-elect of Peru , weeks after winning the popular vote in a tightly-contested run-off election. "We are going to reject anything that goes against democracy." In a tweet, Peru 's current President Francisco Sagasti said he welcomed the announcement. "May this be the beginning of a new stage of reconciliation, consensus and unity," he added. Mr Castillo burst onto the national scene four years ago when he led thousands of teachers on successful strike over pay.

A mandate start probably difficult

According to Lissell Quiroz, Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Cergy Paris Questioning on RFI, Pedro Castillo is going to have to deal with an assembly where he has no majority: "The beginning of Pedro Castillo's mandate is particularly difficult because you have to reassure and deal with the opposition of the Peruvian right that has accepted the outcome of the polls without conviction. Peruvians and Peruvians are waiting in particular that we remain on the economic model Peru since the end of the 20th century. And that it does not rock to a chavist model or a Castrist model. »

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Peru's new leftist president prioritizes China ties during early days in office .
Peru's new leftist president prioritizes China ties during early days in officeLIMA (Reuters) - In his first week in office, Peru's new left-wing administration under President Pedro Castillo has been quick to extend a friendly hand to China, the Andean nation's most important commercial partner and the main buyer of its copper, a crucial source of tax revenue.

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