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22:50  01 august  2021
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Lebanon / Virus: Driven hospitals in case of new wave, warns a physician

 Lebanon / Virus: Driven hospitals in case of new wave, warns a physician © AFP the economic collapse and the shortages of electricity in Lebanon make the hospitals very vulnerable and less equipped to deal with a possible new Wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, warns the director of the largest public hospital in the country.

Tony Kayrouz et Georges Nader. © Chloé Domat Tony Kayrouz and Georges Nader.

One year after the explosion of the port of Beirut, in Lebanon, who devastated the capital, even more discredited the political class and accelerated the ruin of the economy, the administrations are struck with paralysis and the officials are hungry.

In a popular district of Beirut, at the Lebanon , Jean (the first name was modified) holds the office of Mokhtar - a local service of the municipality which provides official documents to the inhabitants. His printer has no more ink. "Come back tomorrow, I will try to buy it, says the old man to the administered. It's like the state, nothing works.

Nadschib Mikati is intended to form new government in Lebanon

 Nadschib Mikati is intended to form new government in Lebanon in the middle of the serious political and economic crisis in Lebanon, the billionaire Nadschib Mikati has received the order for government formation. He got a clear majority in Parliament. © Dalati Nohra / Lebanese Official Government / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Lebanon's President Michel Aoun (left) speaks with Ex-Prime Minister Nadschib Mikati of the businessman and two-time prime minister received a clear majority on Monday in parliament. For Nadschib Mikati voted 72 of 118 deputies.

In full bankruptcy, the Lebanese state no longer achieves buying basic supplies such as A4 paper or tax stamps. In departments, electricity cuts paralyzed lifts, air conditioners and computer systems. Halim, who came to seek a proof of address, rejection Bredille: "It's completely crazy what we live", drops.

Salaries divided by ten

The Lebanese are, however, used to the administrative galleys. In 2019, the country occupied the 157th place in the ranking of the World Bank's government effectiveness. Theater par excellence of corruption and clientelism, the public sector employs about a quarter of the population, including 40% in the armed forces. Now, at the debacle of public services, is added the sad fate of officials whose wages have been divided by ten with the collapse of the local currency . A soldier, for example, does not perceive only 50 € per month.

Biden hits resistance from unions on vaccine requirement

  Biden hits resistance from unions on vaccine requirement Influential public sector unions are pushing back on a new vaccination requirement for federal workers in a rare split with the Biden administration. President Biden's latest vaccine push, announced Thursday, requires federal employees to attest that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or be subject to masking, social distancing and weekly testing.While labor groups representing government employees have urged their members to get vaccinated, most of the leading public sector unions either oppose the vaccine requirement or say it must first be negotiated.

in Dekwaneh, disadvantaged Christian suburbs, the waste pins at the edge of the streets for lack of pickup. Georges Nader, 64, receives on the second floor of a decrepit building. Over a chicken restaurant, it meets with the members of the front of October 17, a militant group born during the 2019 events, to which many ex-military participated.

"It's a catastrophe"

"Activity soldiers do not have the right to express themselves, so we do it for them. The economic situation is stifling themselves, " explains this former shaved general. Last year, the army withdrawn the meat from the soldiers rations and since regularly requests humanitarian aid parcels. The tight throat, Georges Nader denounces the inaction of the leaders. "It's a catastrophe, it's shameful ..."

next to him, Chief Warrant Officer Tony Kayrouz, 51, White Beard Necklace, wears the fist of the Revolution on his T-shirt. His retirement of € 1,000 is worth more than 70 €. "The corrupted political class has killed the people and stole the money. I served my country for thirty years and I lost my dignity.

together, they prepare next events. By scrolling with civilians, they hope that the legislative elections, planned for the spring of 2022, will bring change.

Israel Riposte to Hezbollah rockets with strikes on Lebanon .
© Copyright 2021, Obs The Israeli army led to Lebanon on Friday, August 6th, in response to rocket shots coming from this Neighboring country, claimed by the Lebanese Shiite Movement Hezbollah, two days after trade from similar fire. Wednesday, three rockets had been drawn from Lebanon to Israel: two projectiles had fallen into Israel and the third had not crossed the border, according to the Israeli army.

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