World IOC Examined Case Timanowskaya - Belarus threatening sanctions

11:21  03 august  2021
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Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya says democracy will prevail

  Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya says democracy will prevail Thrust into the spotlight, Belarus politician Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya says she's not 'that important,' but her country's fate is.A political neophyte, she stepped into the race on his behalf, garnering heavy support in an Aug. 9 vote, but the country’s dictator of 26 years, Alexander Lukashenko, backed by the full weight of the state, declared himself the landslide winner.

The International Olympic Committee has launched a formal investigation into allegations that Belarus attempted to force an athlete to return home. "We need to establish the full facts, that can take time," IOC spokesman Mark Adams said. "In the meantime our first concern is for the athlete." Ms Timanovskaya said she was taken to the airport against her will after criticising coaches, and voiced fears for her safety. Japan's foreign minister has said the sprinter is now safe. The IOC has requested that the Belarus National Olympic Committee submit its report on the incident by the end of Tuesday.

The International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) has opened a formal investigation into the case of Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, a spokesman announced Tuesday. The Belarusian Olympic Committee said Tsimanouskaya had been examined by a doctor and would not participate in the 200-meter heats because of her "emotional-psychological condition." Tsimanouskaya denied the allegations and told the radio station Euroradio in an interview: "They just told me to pack my things and fly home."

The suspected attempted abduction of Sprinterin Kristina Timanovskaya Among Tokyo plays has an aftermath for the Belarusian sports tip. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has initiated a formal investigation.

Kristina Timanowskaja betritt die polnische Botschaft in Tokio - die belarussische Olympia-Sprinterin hat dort humanitäres Visum erhalten. © uncredited / ntv / ap / dpa Kristina Timanovskaya enters the Polish Embassy in Tokyo - The Belarusian Olympic Sprinterin has received humanitarian visa there.

athlete representatives also require an immediate lock for the NOK from Belarus (Belarus). The athlete, according to the Belarussian opposition, should be forced "forcibly" to return to Minsk will soon be released into Polish asylum. Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki demanded that the "Aggression of the Belarusian security services in Japanese territory" must encounter "decisive contradiction of the international community".

When Will the IOC Finally Take a Stand and Protect Its Athletes?

  When Will the IOC Finally Take a Stand and Protect Its Athletes? The organization rarely enforces basic standards for the athletes participating in the Olympics and refuses to take a stand on issues related to politics. View the original article to see embedded media.Sign up for our free daily Olympics newsletter: Very Olympic Today. You'll catch up on the top stories, smaller events, things you may have missed while you were sleeping and links to the best writing from SI’s reporters on the ground in Tokyo.TOKYO — The Olympics are one of the world’s great sporting events. The Olympic Movement is a marketing scheme. You must understand both to understand either.

The International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) has launched an investigation into the case of sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, who took refuge in the Polish embassy in Tokyo on Monday after refusing her team’s orders to board a flight home from the Olympic Games. IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said the committee had spoken to the athlete twice on Monday, that she was in a safe, secure place, and that the IOC needed to know all the facts before taking further action.

The International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) has also become involved in the case following an appeal from the athlete. The incident prompted the European Union to ban Belarusian airlines, urge EU airlines not to cross into Belarusian airspace and threaten tough economic sanctions on Lukashenko's government. The British Government instructed all UK planes to cease flying over Belarus .

Timanovskaya was in the visor of the Belarussian authorities for his homeland for physical statements against sports officers of their homeland. At Haneda Airport she had denied the return flight and turned to the Japanese police.

"You're fine"

"She's exhausted, scared, but very grateful for our help in this extremely difficult time in her sports career," said the Polish ambassador in Japan, Pawel Milewski. Poland had granted a humanitarian visa 24-year-old. Milewski posted a picture together on Tuesday and wrote: "You're fine."

also the IOC staffed, Timanovskaya have said in several conversations, they feel "safe and protected". By Tuesday, the Belarusian Olympic Committee should relate to the position. "We have to find all the facts and listen to all participants before we take further action," said Ioc spokesman Mark Adams. When the IOC will conclude his investigation, Adams did not want to say. "These things need time. We have to go for the cause, "he explained.

Los Angeles Times, BBC Staff Receive Death Threats Over Reporting on China Flooding

  Los Angeles Times, BBC Staff Receive Death Threats Over Reporting on China Flooding "The BBC has a long history of ideological bias against China," China's Foreign Ministry spokesman said.The professional group of Beijing-based journalists tweeted that it is "concerned to witness the recent online and offline harassment of journalists covering devastating floods." The province's Communist Youth League asked its 1.6 million social media followers to help locate the whereabouts of a Shanghai BBC reporter who was harassed online, the group said.

Representatives of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee spoke to Belarusian track and field athlete Krystina Timanovskaya, the IOC said on Sunday. Earlier, Belarus ’ opposition Sports Solidarity Fund said that Timanovskaya was allegedly forced to leave Tokyo because of her critical remarks in respect of the national track and field athletics coaches. She told Euroradio she wants to seek asylum in Europe.

The Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation has addressed the IOC demanding a life-long disqualification for Dzmitry Dauhalenak, Yury Maisevich, Arthur Shumak and Vasil Yurchyk. They were involved in the case of the Belarusian athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, Tribuna reads. Yurchyk is the Head of the International Relations Department of the NOC of Belarus , and Shumak is the Deputy Director of the ROC Athletics Department. Both saw Tsimanouskaya off by plane to Belarus today.

Video: Understanding Help: Belarusian Sprinterin should be kidnapped (Camera)

Sportsman Covenants such as Athletes Germany and Global Athlete made a hard attack strong. "The IOC should suspend the Belarussian Olympic Committee immediately and allow all athletes from Belarus to start as neutral athletes under the Olympic Flag," said Global Athlete Director-General Rob Koehler the Canadian TV channel CBC.

The NOK from Belarus has fallen for some time at the IOC in disgrace. Keeper Alexander Lukashenko, who led the NOK for a long time, and his son Viktor, who is now a bidding leader, were excluded from all Olympic activities and thus the Tokyo games. The leadership of the NOK around the Lukashenko has not protected athletes sufficiently against political discrimination within the country's sports organizations, Ioc boss Thomas Bach justified the sanctions last December. All financial benefits for the NOK from Belarus were also set for the time being.

No Schileminute at Olympia for Hiroshima victims

 No Schileminute at Olympia for Hiroshima victims During the Olympic Games in Tokyo, there will be no sweat-premine for the victims of the nuclear bomb draft to the Japanese town of Hiroshima. © Michael Kappeler / DPA Ioc President Thomas Bach wrote a letter Hiroshimas mayor. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided against the official request Hiroshimas the athletes and other participants of the games do not call up a silkine. Ioc Chef Thomas Bach wrote a letter to the mayor Hiroshimas, said Ioc spokesman Mark Adams.

On Monday, International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) spokesman Mark Adams gave an update on Timanovskaya in which he confirmed she had spent the night at an airport hotel. “She has assured us she is safe and secure. We are talking again to her this morning to understand what the next steps will be,” Adams said. The IOC has requested a full report from the Belarusian Olympic Committee on the situation, while Timanovskaya is also being assisted by agencies including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

A Belarusian athlete who reportedly criticized her country's Olympic officials over a lack of doping tests and a decision to move her into a relay race is said to be seeking asylum after being forced to the airport to return home. Runner Kristina Timanovskaya is said to have voiced her dissatisfaction at being added to the 4 x 400m relay team after she reportedly claimed that three Belarusian athletes, named as Maria Zhodik, Anna Mikhailova and Kristina Mulyarchik, were unable to fly to Tokyo to compete because there were not enough doping tests available.

Timanowskaja is waiting for flight to Poland

The Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki spoke in the case Timanovskaya of a "criminal attempt to kidnap a sportswoman, which is critical of the Belarussian regime».

Timanowskaja was also on Tuesday in the Polish Embassy in Tokyo. There they expect the flight to Poland, Vice-Foreign Minister Marcin Przdacz of the BBC said. "She's willing to help to continue its sports career on Polish Earth," he stressed.

The IOC has contacted the National Olympic Committee Poland with the question of how to support Timanovskaya in the future. "Our very first and top priority is the safety of the athletes," said Ioc spokesman Adams. The procedure of the IOC should not only strengthen Belarusian athletes, but all athletes in the fact that they encounter open ears at the umbrella organization with their worries.

Belarus: Opposition leader demands EU to tougher sanctions against Lukashenko on .
"This is just too little": Tichanowskaja throws the west half-hearted measures. The EU calls for a special session for illegal border crossings from Belarus. © Mindaugas Kulbis / DPA Swetlana Tichanovskaya, the Belarussian opposition leader, lives in exile in Lithuania for a year.

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