World Australia's French-made submarines would have been valuable in the South China Sea

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The technicalities of sound, geography, and submarine operations mean that international security interests in the South China Sea would have benefited had Australia bought some submarines from France.

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France is now deeply upset over Australia's cancellation of a contract to buy tens of billions of dollars worth of submarines from its Naval Group manufacturer. On Friday, France recalled its ambassadors from Washington and Canberra. Instead of the French submarines, Australia will access U.S. nuclear technology and develop a nuclear powered submarine fleet. Whatever the economic considerations, however, Australia's possession of Naval Group's Shortfin Barracuda submarines would have had security value. Again, it's all about the technicalities of sound, geography, and submarine operations.

Biden announces joint deal with U.K. and Australia to counter China

  Biden announces joint deal with U.K. and Australia to counter China The new allies' agreement will include cooperation on nuclear-powered subs, AI and cutting-edge defense tech.The trio, now known by the acronym AUKUS, will make it easier for the three countries to share information and know-how in key technological areas like artificial intelligence, cyber, quantum, underwater systems, and long-range strike capabilities.

Consider that the most likely geographic locale for a U.S.-Australian conflict with China is the South China Sea. That matters because the waters surrounding the PLA-Navy's keystone bases in this area are very shallow. This is especially true in the Gulf of Tonkin waters bounding Hainan island's western coast to the Chinese mainland. Depths here rarely exceed 150 feet, and never more than 300 feet. Much of mainland China's South China Sea coastline is also very shallow. And while the waters immediately surrounding Hainan's Yulin submarine base are deeper, they do not range above 350 feet.

That brings us back to the Shortfin Barracudas that France was set to build for Australia.

Equipped with latest air-independent propulsion systems, those diesel-electric powered boats would have been very quiet. Considering the air, surface, and undersea sensors that China will likely have employed around its naval bases, the French boats would have had an advantage over U.S. Virginia-class nuclear powered submarines. (Incidentally, this utility would also extend to the Strait of Malacca choke point separating Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Were any conflict to extend in duration, the U.S. would likely block Chinese trade flows through the Malacca Strait.) But it is far from inconceivable to think that, in war, bold Australian submarine commanders could have lurked quietly, sinking Chinese submarines and surface warships as they entered and exited port. Instead, in any future conflict, the U.S. and its allies are likely to operate their nuclear attack submarines in deeper waters.

Biden and UK to help Australia acquire nuclear submarines in new pushback on China

  Biden and UK to help Australia acquire nuclear submarines in new pushback on China President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a new effort to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines, a major step toward countering China as he works to build international backing for his approach to Beijing. © Evan Vucci/AP President Joe Biden listens during a visit to the National Interagency Fire Center, Monday, Sept. 13, 2021, in Boise, Idaho. The announcement came as part of a new trilateral partnership among the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom that the three countries' leaders jointly revealed Wednesday afternoon.

Top line: What's done is done. But don't believe those who say that this is the best possible choice. It is not. That would have been for Australia (or even the U.S.) to buy a mix of nuclear and diesel-electric submarines.

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