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10:15  18 september  2021
10:15  18 september  2021 Source:   afp.com

Thousands gather for Crete burial of composer Theodorakis

  Thousands gather for Crete burial of composer Theodorakis Thousands of people have turned out on the southern Greek island of Crete to pay their final respects to Greek music great and politician Mikis Theodorakis, who is to be buried in a village near the city of Chania in accordance with his last wishes. Theodorakis, an integral part of the Greek political and musical scene for decades, died last Thursday in Athens at the age of 96. His body lay in state in a chapel of the Athens Cathedral for three days from Monday to Wednesday, before being transported to Crete by ferry overnight.

Greece on Saturday inaugurates the first of five new "closed" migrant camps, opposed by rights groups who say the strict access measures are too restrictive.

a small boat in a body of water: Greece will inaugurate the first of five new © Theophile Bloudanis Greece will inaugurate the first of five new "closed" migrant camps on its Aegean islands on Saturday

Barbed wire fencing surrounds the new camp on the island of Samos which is also installed with surveillance cameras, x-ray scanners and magnetic doors.

The EU has committed 276 million euros ($326 million) for the new camps on Greece's five Aegean islands -- Leros, Lesbos, Kos, Chios as well Samos -- that receive most of the migrant arrivals by sea from neighbouring Turkey.

Aid groups decry migrant camp conditions a year after fire

  Aid groups decry migrant camp conditions a year after fire ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A year ago Thursday, on Sept. 9, Greece’s notoriously squalid refugee camp of Moria burnt down on the island of Lesbos, leaving nearly 12,000 people in need of emergency housing as winter approached. As the camp’s remnants smoldered, European leaders vowed such squalid facilities would be a thing of the past. But aid agencies say the conditions for asylum-seekers on Greek islands have barely improved. “A year after the (European Union’s) promises for a new start in the migration issue, European and Greek leaders continue to deny asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants seeking safety in Europe their dignity, while the catastrophic plan for the construction

The Samos camp, which will serve as a pilot for the other so-called closed and controlled-access facilities, has a detention centre and will only be accessible via electronic chip.

Gates will remain closed at night.

"The model of the controlled structures will be gradually transferred to all the islands and Greece's mainland," Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said a few months ago.

The Leros camp is expected to be finished next month, while on Lesbos -- home to Moria, Europe's largest camp and destroyed by fire last year -- work has yet to begin.

- Living conditions -

With better quality accommodation, running water, toilets, separate areas for families and more security, the Greek government assures that the camps will meet European standards.

Greece's economy to grow 5.9% in 2021, prime minister says

  Greece's economy to grow 5.9% in 2021, prime minister says THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — Greece's economy will grow 5.9% during 2021, far more than the original 3.6% estimate, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Saturday. Mitsotakis gave the keynote address at the Thessaloniki International Fair, where heads of government traditionally announce the coming year's economic policies. Mitsotakis noted that despite there are about 70,000 more people employed than before despite the pandemic; 46,000 additional businesses, and bank savings increased by 35 billion euros ($41 billion), of which 20 billion ($23 billion) were from additional household savings.

They replace previous facilities that became infamous for their living conditions.

On Samos, the facility near the port of Vathy had been designed for about 680 people but, at one point, was home to nearly 10 times that number.

Up to 600 asylum seekers still live there  -- rats, improvised wooden barracks without heating and a lack of toilets and showers continue to be part of their daily lives.

Video: Nearly 7,000 migrants waiting at the border to be apprehended (FOX News)

But from Monday, residents will be transferred to the new facility some five kilometres (3.1 miles) from Samos's main town of the same name.

Τhe old camp will be closed by month's end, according to the migration ministry.

And the Greek army will dismantle the buildings, remove the containers and decontaminate the area, which will then be passed on to the municipality.

"This is a promise to the local community, but also a commitment of our ministry," Mitarachi said, responding to anger among the local community who, for years, watched as the camp ballooned on the outskirts of their village.

White House Proposes Sending Some Asylum Cases to Immigration Services to Clear DOJ Backlog

  White House Proposes Sending Some Asylum Cases to Immigration Services to Clear DOJ Backlog "Individuals who are eligible will receive relief more swiftly, while those who are not eligible will be expeditiously removed," DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said. For more reporting from the Associated Press, see below. Advocates for the change see it as a way to help those with legitimate claims for protection while allowing officials to more quickly deal with people who do not qualify for asylum or are taking advantage of the long delay to stay in the United States. The proposal must go through a public comment period before it can be adopted as a new policy.

- 'Camps should be open' -

NGOs and aid groups however have raised concerns about the new camps' structure in isolated places and residents' confinement.

Last week, dozens of NGOs, including Amnesty International, accused Greece of pursuing "harmful policies focused on deterring and containing asylum seekers and refugees".

Some 45 NGOs and civil society groups urged the EU and Greek government to abandon plans to restrict the movement of people in the camps.

In a report, they said the new structures "will impede effective identification and protection of vulnerable people, limit access to services and assistance for asylum seekers, and exacerbate the harmful effects of displacement and containment on individuals’ mental health."

The UN refugee agency's representative in Greece also expressed reservations.

"The word 'closed' comes up often and this is concerning," Mireille Girard said, adding "asylum seekers need protection, they are not criminals or a risk for the community, they are people who need help."

"For us, camps should be open. The government has assured us that they will be."

Greece was the main point where more than one million asylum seekers -- mainly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans -- entered Europe in 2015.

The crisis in Afghanistan has prompted fears of a new migration wave.

Mitarachi said this week that the flow of new arrivals had been reduced by 90 percent compared to 2019.

However, humanitarian organisations say the drop is due to systematic and illegal pushbacks of migrants to Turkey by Greek authorities which Greece's conservative government has repeatedly denied.


Why is the Biden administration turning its back on asylum seekers? .
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