World actions in more than 80 countries: Fridays for Future calls to worldwide protests for climate protection on

13:45  24 september  2021
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The budget bill could be the last hope for climate action from Congress

  The budget bill could be the last hope for climate action from Congress After decades of inaction from the United States on climate, President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats face a reckoning. © Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg/Getty Images Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outside the Capitol in June. Biden has big climate ambitions, vowing in April to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The world is watching closely to see whether the US will deliver on that promise, as the President's climate envoy, John Kerry, prepares to meet with global leaders in November for the United Nations climate summit.

More than 450 actions plan the activists on this Friday alone in Germany alone - two days before the general election. But there is also criticism of the "climate strike".

Eine Klimademonstration von Fridays for Future im März 2019. © Michael Kappeler / DPA A climate demonstration of Fridays for Future in March 2019. Fridays for Future calls to worldwide protests for climate protection on

The activists of Friday's for Future call for more climate protection for this Friday for their eighth worldwide protest for more climate protection. As the organization announced on Thursday, at least 1400 "climate strings" and actions are planned in more than 80 countries. In all EU countries, the activists want to go to the street in order to demand an ambitious climate protection policy by the political people.

Advocates fear US weighing climate vs. human rights on China

  Advocates fear US weighing climate vs. human rights on China U.S. envoy John Kerry’s diplomatic quest to stave off the worst scenarios of global warming is meeting resistance from China, the world's biggest climate polluter, which is adamant that the United States ease confrontation over other matters if it wants Beijing to speed up its climate efforts. Rights advocates and Republican lawmakers say they see signs, including softer language and talk of heated internal debate among Biden administration officials, that China’s pressure is leading the United States to back off on criticism of China’s mass detentions, forced sterilization and other abuses of its predominantly Muslim Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang region.

Even in Germany, the climate protectioners only want to set a clear sign two days before the federal election next Sunday and sensitize people for the topic. So far, more than 450 actions are registered in all federal states. Especially large rallies await the organizers in Hamburg, Berlin, Freiburg and Cologne. In Berlin, the initiator of the movement, the Swedine Greta Thunberg, will be a guest and at noon together with the German activist Luisa Neubauer go to the street.

Under the motto "All for the climate", according to Fridays for Future, have also affiliated civil society organizations such as environmental associations and churches. In addition, more than 4,000 companies should participate. The last worldwide protest action was on 19 March this year.

Climate change tops agenda as Iceland heads to elections

  Climate change tops agenda as Iceland heads to elections REYKJAVIK , Iceland (AP) — Climate change is top of the agenda when voters in Iceland head to the polls for general elections on Saturday, following an exceptionally warm summer and an election campaign defined by a wide-reaching debate on global warming. All nine parties running for seats at the North Atlantic island nation’s Parliament, or Althing, acknowledge global warming as a force of change in a sub-Arctic landscape. But politicians disagree on whether Iceland should take more urgent action to help curb climate change, or capitalize on it as an opportunity for economic growth — as the melting of glaciers and warmer weather offer immediate gains for Iceland’s key

Video: Worldwide climate strike: "Fridays for Future" calls for the protest for more climate protection (GLOMEX)

2021 was the most expensive since the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima

The French Climate Expert Laurence Tubiana warned of the high financial consequences that a hesitation in the climate protection policy for society could have. The world's most expensive since the nuclear disaster in Japanese Fukushima 2011 was already the world of natural disaster insurance this year, said the economist and managing director of the European Climate Foundation on Friday the German Press Agency. Tubiana said, also for the German insurers, in the face of extreme weather events such as the flood this summer, the most expensive year has been the most expensive year.

The Economically Veronika Grimm criticized the discussion about climate policy in the election campaign as a one-sided national measures. "Unfortunately, we often discuss national and small parts in Germany in Germany, so we are not on the right path," she said the Augsburger General . "It would be counterproductive, Germany to make climate-neutral, if companies move away at the same time, our innovative strength decreases and emissions only shift, ie other countries eject more emissions."

Which US state reps have the best records on climate policy?

  Which US state reps have the best records on climate policy? A new report evaluates elected officials in 25 state legislatures on their records on climate change policy.The average American isn’t paying much attention. Fewer than 20% of US citizens can name their state legislators, while one-third don’t know their governor, according to a study by John Hopkins University. But state senators and representatives are often the ones making decisions about land use, extractive industries, energy efficiency, and more with the most immediate impact on constituents’ quality of life.

The German Teacher Association criticized the participation of students at the protests. "We reject it that the compulsory education in favor of political actions - such as a so-called climate strike - is repealed," said President Heinz-Peter Meidinger the editorial network Germany. He justified this with the endangerment of the necessary political neutrality of the state, which is responsible for school operations.

"Otherwise, the question arises, for which political actions one would get school-free and for which not. If one can then school-free for a demo against the glader, for peace in the world, for the liberation of Palestine or against" surprise " take? ", says Meidinger. The school should not distinguish between "good" and "bad" unauthorized actions. "Now for a strike to tap the lessons, is not appropriate," Meidinger said the newspapers of the Funke Media Group. Pupils who failed a classic work or a clusurer risked a six.

Neubauer demanded the next Federal Government to act: "The upcoming legislative period is historical. In the next four years, climate protection must be implemented faster, more compliant and consistent than ever before," she said the German Press Agency.

Pressure builds to address climate-induced migration .
When Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez, D-N.Y., witnessed the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, she noticed a connection between two of the thorniest issues facing lawmakers. A Puerto Rican native, Velázquez was struck by the move north of large numbers of Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of the devastating 2017 storm, and she told Speaker […] The post Pressure builds to address climate-induced migration appeared first on Roll Call.

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