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As Merkel prepares to leave office, many think Germany's 'golden age' is over

  As Merkel prepares to leave office, many think Germany's 'golden age' is over Many Europeans believe the Germany's "golden age" is over just as Chancellor Merkel prepares to leave office — including a majority of Germans, a poll shows.Now she's leaving office after 16 years, many Europeans believe the country's "golden age" is over — including a majority of Germans, according to a recent poll.

“Wir schaffen das” — the German equivalent of Barack Obama’s “Yes we can” — was her characteristically colorless way of countering fears of the wave of asylum seekers, a phrase that became a sort of motto for her leadership. There will be many more assessments of her 16-year reign after the political harmony under her stewardship. Part of it is the genuine political skill concealed behind Ms. Merkel ’s lack of interest in the trappings of power. Her demeanor may be that of a naturally modest woman raised in a Protestant home in a police state, and her nonconfrontational style may be

Advertisement. German election. Clear victory for Merkel but uncertain results. The center-right Christian Democrats have won Germany 's federal elections. But with the FDP no longer in parliament, coalition negotiations with the center-left could prove tough for Chancellor Merkel . There were moments on election night, when Chancellor Merkel 's Christian Democrats seemed close to winning an absolute majority in parliament by just one or two seats.

  L'Allemagne tourne la page Merkel dans un scrutin incertain © German vote are called to the urns on Sunday to turn the long page Merkel in the most undecided ballot of their history, opposing social democrats and conservatives to the elbow-to-elbow. Before the opening of the polling stations at 06:00 GMT, the suspense is total in the first European economy, which still had about 40% of undecis among the 60.4 million voters.

The Social Democrats of the current Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz ahead, with 25%, the Conservatives of Armin Laschet, credited from 22 to 23%, a historically low score, according to ultimate surveys.

The gap, however, is too tenuous between the center-left and the center-right of the Chancellor to dare a prognosis.

Two votes and coalition talks: How the German election works

  Two votes and coalition talks: How the German election works BERLIN (AP) — German voters elect a new parliament on Sept. 26, a vote that will determine who succeeds Chancellor Angela Merkel after her 16 years in power. While it should be clear within hours of the polls closing how the parties fared, it may take longer to find out who the next chancellor will be — and what the political complexion of his or her government will be. Here's a look at how the process works. WHO CAN VOTE, AND WHEN? GermanWhile it should be clear within hours of the polls closing how the parties fared, it may take longer to find out who the next chancellor will be — and what the political complexion of his or her government will be. Here's a look at how the process works.

Germany needs a change, but will the new government deliver? I don't know about you, but I've lost track of the number of — mostly rather lame — metaphors used by journalists (yes, guilty) to describe Chancellor Angela Merkel 's influence and legacy in German politics. A rock, a hill or a mountain is an immovable object. Applied to the center-right Christian Democrats (CDU), inflexibility and complacency in a post- Merkel world spell stagnation or a further downslide for this once-mighty Volkspartei (major party), reminiscent of the decline of the other major party, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD).

Chancellor of West Germany and reunified Germany (1930–2017). She was called "the leader of the free world" as authoritarian populists were on the march in Europe and the United States, but Angela Merkel is wrapping up a historic 16 years in power with an uncertain legacy at home and abroad. Instead, Merkel will pass the baton as the first German chancellor to step down entirely by choice, with a whole generation of voters never knowing another person at the top. Her supporters say she provided steady, pragmatic leadership through countless global crises as a moderate and unifying figure.


The publication of the first estimates at the release of the polls at 16:00 GMT should not necessarily allow to see more clearly: number of voters, including Angela Merkel , have indeed chosen the vote by correspondence, not taken into account in this first photograph of the ballot.

The name of the future Chancellor and the composition of its probable majority may not be known as early as Sunday night.

long tractings will be necessary in the coming months to form the future hitch in power, at the risk of leading to European paralysis until the first quarter 2022. Angela Merkel, which is preparing to withdraw from Political life, may have to stay in orders by the end of the year to ship current affairs.

After held out of the election joy, the Chancellor, who will equal with 16 years at the Chancery his mentor

What does life after Merkel look like? Germans are set to decide in a tight election

  What does life after Merkel look like? Germans are set to decide in a tight election Germans will file into polling stations to vote in an unpredictable federal election on Sunday -- but for the first time in nearly two decades, their longtime leader won't be in contention.Chancellor Angela Merkel has been a symbol of stability in Europe since she took on the role in 2005; the chemist-turned-political mainstay has withstood a wave of populism, a financial crisis, a pandemic and Brexit to carve out an impressive legacy as the world's most successful female leader.

The German official commission set up to study the nuclear issue after the crisis at Japan's Fukushima plant called for pragmatism. It wants the route to a nuclear-free future to be planned away from the hothouse of electoral politics. Chancellor Angela Merkel said the intention was to devise a system Wind power is a great hope of the Green movement which has put pressure on Chancellor Merkel 's government by beating the ruling coalition in a string of regional elections. But that raises issues of what Mrs Merkel calls the "architecture" of the distribution grid. The big wind farms are planned for the

That's how German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted when she discovered her mobile phone had been bugged by American spies in 2013. So claims that her country's own secret service spied on its European neighbours on behalf of the US have caused embarrassment and outrage in Berlin. image captionDie Tageszeitung devoted its front page to a wanted poster showing mug shots of the country's top politicians. It is not so long, after all, since citizens of former East Germany were routinely spied on by their own government. Angela Merkel 's spokesman maintains that the chancellery was unaware of

Helmut Kohl

, did not spare his efforts in the last straight line

during his last Meeting as Chancellor, Mrs. Merkel, 67, including more than 30 in politics, called on Saturday in Aachen to vote for Mr. Laschet in the name of "the future" of the country.

The commitment of a chancellor whose popularity remains at the zenith will it suffice to prevent the victory of the SPD? Nothing is less sure. Long stuck to third place polls, the SPD made from mid-August an improbable Remontada.

The errors of his opponents, conjugated to the almost without-fault of his leader, a centrist trend, made it possible to bring the predictions that promised one of the oldest parties of

a slow death.

A bitter taste

former Mayor of Hamburg, his candidate, although devoid of charisma, led a campaign without a hitch, not hesitating to land, even in the gesture, in a real heir of Merkel.

Long at the top of voting intentions, Christians-Democrats are likely to fall for the first time since 1949 under the symbolic bar of 30%. In addition to the wear of power, the Conservative Union suffered from the bad campaign of its leader, clumsy and unpopular.

How Germans will look back on Angela Merkel

  How Germans will look back on Angela Merkel When the German chancellor steps down, how will history remember her? Four experts have their say.When Mrs Merkel steps down after 16 years in power, how will history remember her?

Germany is at a turning point. Angela Merkel has secured a fourth term, but she knows she has presided over the CDU's worst electoral performance since 1949. But this was the first federal vote since the Merkel government opened Germany 's doors to an influx of migrants and refugees in 2015, letting in over around 1.3 million people. The conservative chancellor promised Germans they would manage, and they did. Asylum applications have fallen dramatically in the past year and Mrs Merkel has taken a tougher line on deportations.

Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans Saturday to give her would-be successor Armin Laschet their vote to shape Germany 's future, in a last-ditch push to shore up his beleaguered campaign 24 hours before Germans vote. Laschet, 60, has been trailing his Social Democrat challenger Olaf But Laschet was seen chuckling behind President Frank-Walter Steinmeier as he paid tribute to victims of deadly floods in July, an image that would drastically turn the mood against him and his party. As polls showed the lead widening for the SPD, the conservatives turned to their greatest asset -- the still

President of the CDU and the largest region, North Rhine-Westphalia, Mr. Laschet has the reputation of always falling back on his feet and getting rid of the newest adversaries.

But the march seems this time high for the Conservative candidate, who has imposed his candidacy during a terrible war of the chiefs against the Bavarian leader Markus Söder, much more popular than him.

The scarecrow of a left-wing coalition, agitated by the Conservatives, could, however, mobilize the undecis.

Greens should be content with third place, with about 17%.

This score would be historic for Grünen who have so far exceeded the 10% mark in 2009. But he would leave them a bitter taste because they were still at the top of the polls, in an


worried climate change.

Their leads of File Annalena Baerbock, 40, has multiplied the couracs before the summer, between accusations of plagiarism and undeclared premiums.

The Greens want to participate in the government, if possible with the Social Democrats. For the first time since the 1950s, the extra party should, however, be necessary. The Liberals of the FDP already appear as a potential "king maker".

The radical left Die Linke seems to be ready to participate but will have to give up his criticisms against NATO.

The Far Right AFD, entry for the first time to the Bundestag four years ago, should confirm its parliamentary anchor with about 10% but remains excluded from any possible coalition.

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As curtain falls on Merkel era, Germany’s largest parties set to vie for power .
Germans will elect a new federal parliament in a vote that will determine who could succeed Angela Merkel. Sunday's general election saw Scholz's SPD win 25.7% of the vote, closely followed by the conservative CDU at 24.1%, according to official preliminary results released Monday morning. However, they alone don't have the majority needed to rule and will have to form strategic coalitions that will determine who will govern the country.

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