World Macron announces 30-billion-euro plan to re-industrialise France

15:11  12 october  2021
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  Indigenous leader to France's Macron: Save the Amazon PARIS (AP) — Decrying the “predation” of his homeland, a Brazilian Indigenous leader is appealing to France’s president to use his global sway to fight the deforestation of the Amazon. Ninawa, a leader of the Huni Kui people who uses just one name, delivered a letter on Saturday to the office of French President Emmanuel Macron. He urged the French leader to lean on the whole 27-nation European Union to limit trade linked to deforestation. His appeal also called for pressure on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to halt logging, farming and development projects that are destroying the Amazon rainforest.

President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday announced a plan worth 30 billion euros ($35 billion) to re-industrialise France, saying the country should reclaim its crown as a global leader in innovation.

Macron deplored a French 'growth deficit' © Ludovic MARIN Macron deplored a French 'growth deficit'

Speaking at the Elysee Palace six months before a presidential election and one month ahead of a UN climate summit, Macron said France had taken key decisions "15-20 years later than some of our European neighbours" and now needed "to become a nation of innovation and research again".

The spending was to address "a kind of growth deficit" for France brought on by insufficient investment in the past, he told an audience of company leaders and university students.

French President Emmanuel Macron hit by egg thrown from crowd in Lyon

  French President Emmanuel Macron hit by egg thrown from crowd in Lyon French President Emmanuel Macron was hit by an egg while taking part in a food event in Lyon on Monday. © @BorisKharlamoff/Twitter The egg "bounced off Macron's shoulder and burst on the floor right in front of me," Florence Lago, a journalist for French publication Lyon Mag, told CNN. Lyon Mag shared a video of the incident at the SIRHA food and hospitality fair on its Twitter account. The clip showed the egg bouncing off Macron's shoulder before the camera panned to officials detaining a man in the crowd. The motivation behind the incident remains unclear.

France, he said, needed to return to "a virtuous cycle" which consisted of "innovating, producing and exporting and in that way finance our social model" as part of a new "France 2030" plan.

Over the next decade, France would aim to become a global leader in green hydrogen, which companies and governments are increasingly putting at the centre of efforts to de-carbonise economic sectors that rely most on fossil fuels for their energy needs.

Macron singled out steel production, cement and the chemical sector, as well as truck, bus, rail and air transport.

He said that following the Covid-19 pandemic, "which put us face to face with our vulnerabilities", France had to work towards French and European productive autonomy.

France also needed to invest heavily in medical research, Macron said.

Burkina students see no change four years after key Macron speech

  Burkina students see no change four years after key Macron speech Nearly four years ago, President Emmanuel Macron made a historic speech in the heart of the Sahel, where he vowed that France would never again interfere in its former colonies. "The aims that President Macron sketched (in his November 2017 speech) were unable to stand up to reality of the job of being president," said Bayala.His address at a university in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, was heralded by Paris as the death knell of "Francafrique" -- the decades-old strategy by which France meddled in Africa, often supporting strongmen who backed French interests.

After the global Covid outbreak, French pharma giants were unable to come up with a vaccine, unlike biotech startups BioNTech and Moderna.

The aim was now for France to develop "at least 20" biotech drugs against cancers, as well as against emerging and chronic illnesses, including those associated with ageing, Macron said.

"We need to concentrate all our efforts on this objective," he said.

- A new revolution -

A French presidential official, who asked not to be named, said Macron had laid out the plan in the wake of the Covid crisis "which showed our vulnerability and our dependence on foreign countries in some key sectors but also the importance of innovation which can change everything."

French officials believe that France needs to act rapidly to close the gap and not surrender more ground to emerging powers, notably China.

French carmakers, which Macron said had suffered "cruelly" over the past 30 years, should redirect their efforts towards cleaner vehicles, with a target of putting two million electric or hybrid cars on the roads.

Macron confronts anger, impatience of young Africans

  Macron confronts anger, impatience of young Africans President Emmanuel Macron vowed Friday a full reckoning with the legacy of colonialism as young Africans assailed France's "arrogance" and "paternalism" at a conference aimed at forging a new partnership with the continent. "We as Africans feel the pain of colonisation every single day," Adelle Onyango, a Kenyan media figure, told Macron during a panel discussion, accusing France of living in "denial" of its "destructive past". "What we end up"We as Africans feel the pain of colonisation every single day," Adelle Onyango, a Kenyan media figure, told Macron during a panel discussion, accusing France of living in "denial" of its "destructive past".

Macron said France would also invest 1 billion euros by 2030 in "disruptive innovation" to produce atomic power, notably by designing small-size nuclear reactors with improved nuclear waste management.

Disruptive innovation was also needed in agriculture, where two billion euros would be earmarked for new technologies, he said, especially in robotics.

France should start "a new revolution" in food production which should be "healthy, sustainable and traceable".

This would also rely on investment in "three revolutions" which he said were digital, robotics and gene technology.

Agriculture would become cleaner, phase out "some pesticides", enjoy greater productivity and develop "bio-solutions" that would be "more resilient and more solid", the president said.

Macron's plan also called for a boost in French deep sea exploration over the next decade.


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