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01:03  14 october  2021
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Russian state news outlets covered the Pandora Papers, but made no mention of the involvement of Putin's inner circle

  Russian state news outlets covered the Pandora Papers, but made no mention of the involvement of Putin's inner circle In their reports on the Pandora papers leak, Russian media deflected or ignored information about Putin's inner circle.Among the revelations in the trove of leaked financial records is that a woman who reportedly had years-long a clandestine relationship with Putin, Svetlana Krivonogikh, is the owner of a luxury property in Monaco.

President Vladimir Putin said such claims were "complete rubbish and politically motivated tittle-tattle". The European Commission has been outlining measures member states can take to combat rising prices. The wholesale price of gas has increased by 250% since January, triggering a knock-on spike in costs for consumers and businesses. Mr Putin stressed that Gazprom, Russia 's gas giant, was supplying gas to Europe at maximum levels under existing contracts, and was ready to provide more if requested.

Image: Mr Putin said Russia can give Europe more gas . He said Russia was ready to increase gas supplies further in line with requests and would also increase gas transit via Ukraine this year. He revealed the EU's plans for a cross-border carbon tax, adding the country would continue to cooperate with the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) once oil output returns to pre-crisis levels. Earlier, the president's spokesman said that the Russian gas giant Gazprom was supplying gas to Europe at maximum levels under existing contracts, confirming that any increase would need to

Le président russe Vladimir Poutine lors de la Semaine de l'énergie russe à Moscou le 13 octobre 2021. © - Mikhail Metzel Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Russian Energy Week in Moscow on October 13, 2021.

in Russia, Vladimir Putin reacted this Wednesday 13 October on the rise in gas prices in Europe by proposing an increase in Russian gas exports. These statements arrive after several days of criticism from Moscow on the energy policy of the European Union.

with our correspondent in Moscow, Paul Gogo

It was already doing several days that Vladimir Putin multiplied the statements, to comment on the rise in gas prices in Europe. The Russian President finally declared Wednesday afternoon that he would agree to increase his gas exports to the west. Russia provides more than one-third of the gas requirements of European states.

Putin's Comments Drive Down Europe's Gas Prices as Blame Game Continues Over Rise in Costs

  Putin's Comments Drive Down Europe's Gas Prices as Blame Game Continues Over Rise in Costs The Russian president said a spot-buyer solution, in addition to existing long-term contracts, could help the 27-member European Union. "I would like to underline that the situation in the European energy markets is a bright example of the inadmissibility of hasty and politically motivated moves in any sphere, particularly in energy issues that determine stability of industries and welfare and life quality of millions of people," Putin said in response to EU leaders moving the process too quickly for industry adjustment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia stands ready to help Europe as its energy crisis continues. He denied that Russia was using energy as a "weapon" against its neighbor. Last week, Putin offered to increase gas supplies to the region, a move that helped to stabilize prices. However, critics of the Kremlin said Russia had purposefully undersupplied the market in order to manufacture the crisis in order to accentuate and highlight Europe 's dependence on its supplies, an accusation Russia denies.

President Vladimir Putin has rejected accusations that Russia is deliberately driving natural gas prices higher in Europe by withholding exports . Last month, the International Energy Agency called on Russia to supply more natural gas to Europe to help alleviate the crisis, saying that although Russia is meeting contractual obligations to European customers, exports are down from their 2019 level. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Wednesday that Russia has increased gas supplies to Europe to the maximum possible level under existing contracts and cannot exceed those

For several days, the Russian Gazprom giant draws in its resources to stabilize the market. But the head of the Kremlin would like the Europeans first and foremost that the Europeans retain a lesson. He hammers, the European Union is, according to him, the only person responsible for this crisis. It would not have been able to protect yourself from price increases by keeping long-term contracts with Moscow. The Europeans would have committed "the error" to "rest on the invisible hand of the market", according to his words.

The reason is obviously geopolitical, the issue of the energy dependence of the European Union vis-à-vis Russia reappears with each friction between the union and the Kremlin

Moscow, which is defined as a stable partner and sweeps any Responsibility in flight of courses, therefore intends to impose its conditions. According to the Minister of Energy Nikolai Choulguinov, a boost of Russia must necessarily go through new contractual conditions.

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How the West made the most dangerous version of Putin .
Over the past decade, Vladimir Putin's resurgent Russia has been a perpetual concern for many in the West. © VLADIMIR SMIRNOV/AFP/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen in Sochi, Russia, in September. These concerns are not baseless. It's undeniable that Putin and the President's inner circle have grown in confidence during this period.

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