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Why Kim Jong Un's Sister Will Not Succeed Him as North Korea Leader

  Why Kim Jong Un's Sister Will Not Succeed Him as North Korea Leader One expert said Kim Jong Un is likely using his sister as a mouthpiece to express any anger and threats aimed at South Korea and the United States. "This way, the comments don't fall directly on him and he can always backtrack through later statements to reopen the door for some form of diplomacy or talks," Bernal said.She said it was unlikely Kim Yo Jong would become the next possible leader of the hermit kingdom for several reasons."One, her gender is a problem in NK given the patriarchal nature of the society.

North Korean defectors in Tokyo symbolically summoned Kim Jong Un to court on Thursday over a repatriation programme they describe as "state kidnapping". The unusual case is a bid to hold Pyongyang responsible for a scheme that saw more than 90,000 people move to North Korea from They have accused Pyongyang of "deceiving plaintiffs by false advertising to relocate to North Korea ", where "the enjoyment of human rights was generally impossible". As there are no diplomatic relations between Japan and North Korea , Kim has been summoned as the head of the North 's government.

North Korea has so far refused. Kim Jong -un didn't just talk about his new military might - he showed it to us. This was the equivalent of a military parade. We have not seen this kind of defence exhibition since Mr Kim took power. Surrounded by intercontinental ballistic missiles and portraits of him dressed in military uniform, he told those gathered that he Yet, just days earlier he urged his officials to focus on improving the lives of North Korean people as they face a "grim" economic situation. With limited funds and under strict economic sanctions, can he really build an "invincible" force and help his people?

Le dirigeant nord-coréen Kim Jong Un, le 25 avril 2021 pendant une réunion avec des responsables militaires à Pyongyang © STR The North Korean leader Kim Jong One, 25 April 2021 During a meeting with military officials in Pyongyang

North Korean Transports Symbolically put the Kim Jong leader one on the bench of the accused Thursday in Tokyo to ask him accounts on a former repatriation program since Japan, qualified as "kidnapping of state".

This unusual judicial case aims to hold the Government of Pyongyang responsible for a controversial program that saw more than 90,000 people leave Japan for North Korea between 1959 and 1984.

This program focused mainly on Koreans installed in the Nippon Archipelago, but also their Japanese spouses, attracted by propaganda promising "paradise on earth" in North Communist Korea.

In Japanese court, 5 ask N. Korea to pay for their suffering

  In Japanese court, 5 ask N. Korea to pay for their suffering TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese court on Thursday is hearing from five people who say there were promised “paradise on Earth” in North Korea but suffered human rights violations instead and now want the country and its leader Kim Jong Un to compensate them. The hearing became possible after the Tokyo District Court in August agreed to summon Kim Jong Un to speak, according to Kenji Fukuda, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs. They are not expecting Kim to appear or to compensate them if the court orders it, but Fukuda hopes the case can set a precedent for negotiations between Japan and North Korea on seeking the North’s responsibility and normalizing diplomatic ties.

A North Korean soldier clad in a super-tight blue outfit in a state media photo has generated a buzz on social media, with some calling him "a superhero," "a captain DPRK," or "a rocket man.". He was among nearly 30 soldiers who posed for a photo with leader Kim Jong Un during an exhibition of weapons systems on Monday. North Korea published photos of the event the following day. They all mostly wore olive green uniforms, the most common colour for North Korean military uniforms.

State media showed the North Korean leader inspecting tanks and missiles, watching a taekwondo display and saluting a military flyover, at an exhibition tied to the 76th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party.

Five participants in the repatriation program which then escaped from the north each claim 100 million yen (762,000 euros) of damages and presented their arguments on Thursday before a Tribunal de Tokyo.

They accuse Pyongyang for "deceived by the complainants by a false advertising for them to be relocated to North Korea" and to have them forced to live in conditions where the enjoyment of human rights was generally impossible " .

As there is no diplomatic relations between Japan and North Korea, Kim Jong one is judged symbolically as leader of the government of Pyongyang.

"We do not expect Northern Korea to accept a decision or that it pays damages," said Kenji Fukuda, counsel for the complainants, at a press point last month. "But we hope that the Japanese government will be able to negotiate with North Korea" if the Tribunal rules in favor of the complainants.

Kim Jong Un Tells Party to Improve North Korea's 'Food, Clothing and Housing' Issues

  Kim Jong Un Tells Party to Improve North Korea's 'Food, Clothing and Housing' Issues Kim confirmed plans to initiate a five-year plan to recover "the national economy and solving the people's food, clothing and housing problems."Kim confirmed plans to initiate a five-year plan to recover "the national economy and solving the people's food, clothing and housing problems," according to Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Kim Jong -un (/ˌkɪm dʒɒŋˈʊn, -ˈʌn/; Korean : 김정은; Hanja: 金正恩; Korean pronunciation: [ kim .dzɔŋ.ɯn]; born 8 January 1982, 1983, or 1984)

A video that shows shirtless North Korean soldiers performing stunts in front of leader Kim Jong Un has gone viral. © Mikhail Svetlov / Contributor/Getty Kim Jong -un watched the odd stunts being performed by apparent members of North Korea 's military. In this photo, North Korean Leader Kim Jong -un speaks during the Russia - North Korea Summit on April 25, 2019 in Vladivostok, Russia. The 133-second clip was shared by North Korea -focused journalist and researcher Martyn Williams on Tuesday, and has been widely shared and viewed since it was uploaded onto Twitter . Load Error.

- "Maybe died of hunger" -

in total, 93,340 people took part in the Pyongyang-funded repatriation program and led by the Red Cross associations in Japan and North Korea. The Japanese government has also supported this plan, denounced by its detractors as a way for Tokyo to reduce the number of Koreans installed in Japan.

Mr. Fukuda stated that the complainants considered the North Korean government as "the most responsible entity of the organization".

Part of the transfer of transfigues is about separating with their families, always blocked in North Korea. "I do not know what happened to my family. Perhaps the coronavirus touched them, perhaps some of them died of hunger," said Eiko Kawasaki, one of the plaintiffs .

"The complainants have the desire to save those who live and still suffer in North Korea," said Thursday at AFP Hiroaki Saeki, head of a group who supports the transferrs who participated in the program.

During the colonization of the Korean peninsula by Tokyo between 1910 and 1945, millions of Koreans left for Japan, or voluntarily, either against them. When Japan capitulates at the end of the Second World War, hundreds of thousands of Koreans of strain remained, reluctant to return to their devastated country.

They were deprived of their Japanese nationality and became stateless. Many of them believed to propaganda films depicting an idyllic life in North Korea, with free health and education systems, jobs and guaranteed housing. But the real situation was very different, dominated by poverty and famine.

The complainants began their procedure in 2018. A date must be fixed Thursday for the judgment.


North, South Korea Open Communication Channels, Military Discuss Fishing Along Sea Borders .
The hotlines are frequently deactivated and then reopened by the North when it wants to win concessions.It's not the first time Pyongyang has used the hotlines as a way to bargain with Seoul, so it's not clear whether relations between the Koreas will improve. The North frequently suspends and then reactivates the phone lines when it benefits the recluse nation.

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