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13:30  14 october  2021
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Norway: Bow-and-arrow attack victims likely stabbed to death

  Norway: Bow-and-arrow attack victims likely stabbed to death HELSINKI (AP) — Norwegian police say the Danish man suspected of killing five people and injuring three others in an attack last week also used “stabbing weapons" along with a bow and arrow to kill his victims. Police inspector Per Thomas Omholt said it was likely the 37-year-old suspect, identified as Espen Andersen Braathen, first used arrows to wound his victims and then killed them by stabbing them with an unspecified weapon or weapons in Wednesday’s attack in Kongsberg, a town of 26,000 southwest of the capital, Oslo. “When it comes to weapons, we have previously stated that a bow and arrow has been used," Omholt told a news conference Monday.

La police a établi un périmètre de sécurité autour de la zone où a eu lieu l’attaque, à Kongsberg en Norvège, le 13 octobre. © Terje Pedersen / AFP The police established a security perimeter around the area where the attack took place in Kongsberg In Norway, October 13th.

Tuesday, October 13, an armed man with a bow killed 5 people and made several wounded in the city of Kongsberg in Norway. Norwegian police held a press conference on Thursday, the day after the killing.

An armed man with a bow killed five people and injured several others in Norway , Wednesday, October 13 in the evening. Norwegian police held a press conference on Thursday, October 14, to try to provide answers about the identity and motivation of the killer.

"radicalization fears"

Danish man held over deadly bow-and-arrow attack in Norway

  Danish man held over deadly bow-and-arrow attack in Norway COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A 37-year-old Danish man is in custody in Norway suspected of a bow-and-arrow attack on a small town that killed five people and wounded two others, police said Thursday. The man, who was not further identified, has confessed to going on a rampage in Kongsberg, southwest of the capital Oslo, prosecutor Ann Iren Svane Matthiassen said, adding he was was questioned overnight. Several of the victims were in a supermarket, police said. The man, who lives in Kongsberg, is known to the police, Svane Matthiassen told Norwegian broadcaster TV2. Norwegian news agency NTB cited police as saying the suspect also used other weapons.

arrested in the stride of the attack, the killer was quickly identified. It is a 37-year-old Danish resident in Kongsberg, Norway.

If the terrorist track was first privileged, it would appear Thursday that the police are planning it now.

" Given the progress of events, it is natural to assess whether it is a terrorist attack ," said a police chief on Wednesday. In press conference Thursday, OLE BREDRUP SAEVERUD, a Norwegian police officer explained that the suspect was converted to Islam and that the police had already identified him in the past for " radicalization fears ". These concerns had given rise to a follow-up by the police before 2020. " We had not had a report on him in 2021, but before ," added the police officer.

According to his lawyer, Fredrik Neumann, the suspect is cooperative: " It explains in detail and he speaks and cooperates well with the police. »

Custody hearing for Norway bow-and-arrow suspect

  Custody hearing for Norway bow-and-arrow suspect KONGSBERG, Norway (AP) — The suspect in a bow-and-arrow attack that killed five people and wounded three in a quiet Norwegian town this week is facing a custody hearing Friday. He won't appear in court because he has confessed to the killings and has agreed to being held in custody. Espen Andersen Braathen, a 37-year-old Danish citizen was arrested Wednesday night, 30 minutes after he began his deadly rampage targeting random people. Police have described the attack as an act of terror.

According to the first information Wednesday, the man would have acted alone. "We are investigating to confirm that the man acts alone, we do not have any information indicating the opposite, but we are continuing the investigations to be completely safe ," added Ole Bredrup Saeverud Thursday.

An arc and arrows

Man struck in several places in the city center of Kongsberg, including a supermarket. The killer has used a bow and arrows to attack passers-by. The police also evoked other weapons.

The press has published photos of black arrows, visibly from competition, lying on the ground or, for one of them, firmly stuck in a wall. And testimonies begin to emerge.

Man Armed With Bow and Arrow Kills Five People in Norway Attacks, font Say

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october 14, 2021

A woman , Hansine, who has partly attended the attack, told TV2 having heard din and saw a woman getting sheltered as well as "

a man at the corner of the street with arrows in a quiver on the shoulder and a bow in the hand ". She added, " after, I saw people run for their lives. One of them was a woman who held a child by the hand. »

The Norwegian police of the police requested that weapons be distributed across the country to all police officers. Most of them are usually not armed in Norway.

Norway probes bow and arrow suspect’s sanity .
Psychiatrists examine a man suspected of killing five people with a bow and arrows in Norway.A court is to decide on Friday how long Espen Andersen Brathen, a 37-year-old Danish citizen and Muslim convert, can be kept in custody.

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