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23:03  15 october  2021
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Burkina students see no change four years after key Macron speech

  Burkina students see no change four years after key Macron speech Nearly four years ago, President Emmanuel Macron made a historic speech in the heart of the Sahel, where he vowed that France would never again interfere in its former colonies. "The aims that President Macron sketched (in his November 2017 speech) were unable to stand up to reality of the job of being president," said Bayala.His address at a university in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, was heralded by Paris as the death knell of "Francafrique" -- the decades-old strategy by which France meddled in Africa, often supporting strongmen who backed French interests.

Le saviez-vous ? Brigitte Macron a été au cœur d’une arnaque malgré elle © Eric Tschaen / Pool / Bestimage Did you know? Brigitte Macron has been at the heart of a scam despite her Victim of cruel pikes on her age, Brigitte Macron made the fortune of crooks having benefited from these mockery to make money on her back, as revealed by her "Madam President".

In 2019, the journalists Ava Djamshidi and Nathalie Schuck slipped into the daily life of the first lady of France through their book Madam President . Throughout the discussions, it was learned that Brigitte Macron had been Victim of multiple identity usurpations , of which a scam based on his age that makes so much debate . "Duperie is well crazy. It is a question of making the French believe that the jealous though it has become the muse of an anti-wrinkle cream, produced by a start-up of which it is the boss ", thus revealed the authors of the book.

Emmanuel Macron at the Offensive on European Autonomy

 Emmanuel Macron at the Offensive on European Autonomy © Ludovic Marine Rain drops on the European flag before a summit at the castle of Brdo, near Ljubljana, on October 6, 2021. The debate is well launched but The French President Emmanuel Macron will have to fight in the coming months so that Europe decides to strengthen its military autonomy against the United States, an ambition that still worries certain countries of the Union.

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fake articles praising the merits of miracle miracle miracle miracle miracle cream then swallowed, as revealed by the book: "This cream was sold as the anti-wrinkle solution that could change L ' care industry for the skin forever. " The trap closes then: some of these sites will propose the sale of this alleged care for the sole purpose of to reap the bank details of buyers . Since then, the information has been going back to the earr's wife's ears that has immediately closed these sex sites . An age always at the heart of the debates The

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separating Brigitte Macron from his husband have still not ceased feeding the exchanges . The Journalist Corinne Lhaik thus revealed in 2020 that this generational gap had even given birth in French-speaking Africa to the term "macronize" , designating a woman choosing a younger partner she . "This is Not something I did. I'm going to grow old, we do not choose , "said the first lady of France in Madam Chair About These remarks moved . article written in collaboration with 6Medias

new biden-macron exchange to appease Franco-American relations .
© Adam Schultz The American President Joe Biden talks by phone with her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, September 22, 2021 US President Joe Biden and her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday by telephone, continuing their efforts to flatten the Franco-American disputes after the Australian submarine crisis, the White House confirming the next trip to Paris from Vice President Kamala Harris.

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