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Thriller film sinks teeth into Hungary's opposition

  Thriller film sinks teeth into Hungary's opposition It is a film perfectly timed for Viktor Orban's ruling party that could harm the opposition.It shows the outline of former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's head, within which you can make out the dome of the Hungarian parliament, and the profiles of at least four of the lead characters of Hungary's new "political crime thriller".

Peter Marki-Zay has emerged as the first serious opposition challenger to Hungary ' s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban since 2006. One weakness is that he has little experience of working with political parties. Yet as prime ministerial candidate of a six-party opposition alliance, he will have to work very closely with them. Since his landslide victory in 2010, Viktor Orban has reshaped the political and institutional landscape in Hungary in his own image.

The vote, Hungary ' s first ever primary contest, aimed at selecting just one contender to oppose Mr Orban - as well as single candidates in each constituency to go up against Fidesz - in the election due next April. Opinion polls have put the opposition alliance neck-and-neck with Fidesz, and Mr Marki-Zay best-placed to defeat the nationalist premier. After the first primary round last month that saw more than 600,000 people take part, Mr Marki-Zay and Ms Dobrev were the final candidates battling it out.

A unified bloc of Hungarian opposition parties has selected its leader to face Prime Minister Viktor Orban in next year's parliamentary elections.

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Supporters of Peter Marki-Zay, a conservative mayor and devout Catholic, are hopeful that he can siphon support from Orban. Much of the prime minister's political dominance over the past 11 years is rooted in his policy, which reflects widely held, socially conservative views. But in his relentless effort to centralize power and isolate alternate viewpoints, the opposition senses that Orban may have overplayed his hand. The opposition was demolished in the last elections in 2018. This time they're unified. Marki-Zay offers an alternative to conservative swing voters, hence his support from left-wing voters desperate to unseat Orban. It might just work: the latest polls show Orban's Fidesz–Hungarian Solidarity Alliance running neck and neck with the opposition bloc.

Two Orban challengers face off in Hungary primary race

  Two Orban challengers face off in Hungary primary race BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Opposition voters in Hungary on Sunday will have the chance to cast their ballots in a primary to decide between two politicians with different platforms but one important thing in common: they each want to bring an end to the 12-year rule of right-wing populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban. While the two contenders — center-left lawyer and economist Klara Dobrev and moderate conservative mayor Peter Marki-Zay — are both members of a pan-opposition coalition aiming to defeat Orban in a national election next spring, they are in the eyes of some voters two distinct sides of the country's possible political future: a return to Hungary's turbulent

HODMEZOVASARHELY, Hungary — A devout Catholic, he abhors abortion as “murder” and once voted for Viktor Orban , Hungary ’ s pugnacious populist leader , impressed by his promises to root out corruption and end the disarray left by years of leftist rule. On Sunday, however, Peter Marki-Zay, the mayor of this town in Hungary ’ s conservative rural heartland, became the most potent threat yet to the decade-long stranglehold on the Previous challengers hoping to unseat Mr. Orban , who has been prime minister since 2010, mostly channeled the frustrations and anger of a liberal elite in Budapest.

Hungary ' s Prime Minister Viktor Orban seeks to control universities. The Orban government defends the project with arguments similar to those used to defend the foundation model. A world-class university, like Fudan, would make Hungary into an educational destination and make Hungarian universities more competitive. Critics counter that in 2018, Orban pushed out one of the world's best universities, the American Central European University founded by his ideological rival George Soros.

The United States should hope Marki-Zay becomes Hungary's next leader. Unlike Orban, Marki-Zay is pro-American, pro-NATO, and skeptical of Communist China. Orban's pro-Americanism begins and ends with rhetoric. The prime minister's foreign policy record is clear.

Welcoming vast Chinese investments, including an outpost of the Communist Party's academic infrastructure, Orban has made himself a proud trumpeter for Xi Jinping. The Hungarian strongman is happy to criticize his European Union allies (sometimes fairly, it must be said) but loath to criticize China. Orban sees no genocide of the Uyghurs and apparently has no concerns over China's seizure of the South China Sea — and associated threats to the lives of U.S. sailors and airmen. As Xi's friend and ally Angela Merkel leaves office, Orban will be highly valuable in his European Council representation.

Tucker Carlson did PR for Hungary's authoritarian leader, presenting the country as 'freer' than the US

  Tucker Carlson did PR for Hungary's authoritarian leader, presenting the country as 'freer' than the US "Who's freer?" Carlson said while fawning over Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. "If you're an American, the answer is painful to admit."Carlson, who is broadcasting from Hungary all week, accused the US media of lying about Orbán and his repressive, anti-democratic policies. And he presented the US as less free than the Central European country as he attacked a democracy watchdog that's raised alarm about the erosion of democratic institutions in Hungary.

Six Hungarian opposition parties announced Sunday that they will run together in the 2022 parliamentary election in an effort to defeat Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ’s ruling Fidesz party. The opposition parties — which include the left-leaning Democratic Coalition, right-wing Jobbik and The six parties’ leaders also pledged to “put an end to the authorities turning Hungarians against one another.” Hungary ’ s government has come under criticism from international watchdogs and opposition groups over what they describe as democratic backsliding, an uneven playing field for political parties

Viktor Orbán dismantled Hungary ’ s democracy. Pro - Orbán Westerners tend to come from one of two overlapping camps in modern conservatism: religiously minded social conservatives and conservative “ Hungary ’ s leaders have had it with Western liberal condescension and tutelage.”

A similar tale applies to Orban's Russia policy. Orban has prevented more robust European efforts to hold Vladimir Putin accountable for his targeting of Czech ammunition depots and his illicit finance networks. Facing the most immediate of Russian threats to the West, Putin's energy blackmail effort, Orban is a close Putin ally.

It's rightly up to Hungarian voters who govern them. But for U.S. interests, Marki-Zay is the clear preference.

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Tucker Carlson is broadcasting from Hungary because its authoritarian, anti-immigrant leader has set a model for America's far-right .
Many consevatives look to Hungary's Viktor Orbán as a more effective version of Trump - and a model for the future of right-wing politics in the US. Carlson is effectively in Hungary to promote Orbán's nationalism and anti-democratic approach to governance, and authoritarianism experts are concerned - particularly over what this says about the direction of American conservatism.

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