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19:10  20 october  2021
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Afghan forces fold as rapid Taliban advances test will of government troops

  Afghan forces fold as rapid Taliban advances test will of government troops WE’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE: The rapid territorial gains of the Taliban in Afghanistan has eerie echoes of the 2014-2015 ISIS takeover of much of Iraq. Then, as now, a vastly smaller, ideologically driven force defeated a numerically superior and better equipped U.S.-trained Army by breaking the will of their enemy. © Provided by Washington Examiner DOD header 2020 As of this morning, at least four provincial capitals have fallen to the Taliban over the past four days, and the key northern city of Kunduz appears to be the fifth.

Le Qatar affrète un vol pour évacuer des athlètes afghanes de Kaboul (image d’illustration). © Amit Dave, Reuters Qatar has a flight to evacuate Afghan athletes from Kabul (image of illustration).

Qatar continues to evacuate Afghan athletes. After the evacuation of footballers a few days ago, it is again several dozen athletes who were evacuated on a flight chartered by the Qatari country.

dozens of Afghan athletes left Wednesday their country aboard a flight Kabul-Doha, as part of a series of evacuations organized by the Qatar government.

These semi-regular flights chartered by Qatar have become one of the only reliable outlet doors for Afghans with a visa or considered particularly threatened after the Taliban power outlet.

Isolating Afghanistan Could Lead to World Security Threat, Counterterrorism Official Warns

  Isolating Afghanistan Could Lead to World Security Threat, Counterterrorism Official Warns Mutlaq bin Majed al-Qahtani pointed to what happened when Al-Qaeda used Afghanistan as a base to plot the September 11 terror attacks on the U.S. as to why isolation is bad policy.Qatar's policies and perception have been closely observed since the U.S. withdrawal because the oil-rich nation has played a large role in war-torn Afghanistan."If we are going to disengage and not to engage with them [the Taliban], I think again we are committing the same mistake that we did in 1989...when we abandoned Afghanistan, the Afghan people," al-Qahtani said.

"Our journey can finally start"

after music students and their teacher on October 5th, it was Wednesday the Tour of the Stars of Women's Sport, including the Tahera Yousofi, Herat (West) basketgeuse, expected in Canada.

It's a very nice day for all of us, because after many weeks of waiting, our journey can finally begin and we are very happy, said the 28-year-old athlete at the airport.

The Taliban government does not leave us playing and does not let us find a job and unfortunately we have to leave this country, added the one that played until this summer as well in Afghanistan and in international competitions.

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when the Taliban had ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to be driven out of power through a US intervention in 2001, sport was forbidden. Since their return, it is partially tolerated for men, but strictly prohibited women.

Afghanistan women's junior football team granted UK visas

  Afghanistan women's junior football team granted UK visas Afghanistan's women's junior football team and their immediate families will be relocated to Britain from Pakistan "shortly" after being granted visas by the UK government. © Horacio Villalobos/Corbis News/Getty Images Afghanistan women's team captain Farkhunda Muhtaj embraces with members of the Afghanistan Youth Women's National Team in Lisbon, Portugal in September. "We are working to finalise visas to the Afghan Women's Development Team and look forward to welcoming them to the UK shortly," a UK government spokesperson told CNN.

alongside the athletes were also Afghans residing abroad, visiting their country when the arrival of the Taliban in August took them short.

SEF and Zohra Amiri, 22 and 26 years old, who live in the United Kingdom, had planned two weeks. They ended up trapped for two months in Afghanistan.

We finally received a phone call from the British embassy to help us get out of here. Now we can finally breathe and we can go where we want and do what we want, summarizes Zohra.

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since the Taliban took power, his family remained cloistered, fearing the violence of Islamists who crumbles the capital.

It was really scary and sad for us. As women, we want all the freedoms that are due to us, in the same way as boys, adds the young woman.

Qatar flights started on August 31 and leave about twice a week, carrying hundreds of passengers each time.

With the massive start of Afghans educated from the middle class and officials of the former government, the Taliban fears a brain drain, which could slow down the reconstruction of the country after 20 years of war.

But the Talibane authorities said they would not oppose these departures organized by several countries.

China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan Move to Create United Front on Afghanistan .
"We should positively view the timely development of bilateral and multilateral dialogues and cooperation with Afghanistan on fighting terrorism," China's top diplomat said.In their second such meeting, the senior diplomats from Afghanistan's six neighboring countries and Russia gathered virtually and in person for a conference in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Wednesday in an effort to further align their views.

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