World In Mali, the official Islamic Council officially responsible for negotiating with the jihadist leaders

13:00  21 october  2021
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Mali: The transfer of Kidal's French military base started

 Mali: The transfer of Kidal's French military base started © Philippe de Poulpiquet The Barkhane force in operation. (Drawing). LP / Philippe de Poulpiquet. This is a key step of French military disengagement at Sahel . The anti-jihadist force Barkhane began on Tuesday morning the final phase of the transfer of Kidal's base, in northern Mali, towards the United Nations force (UNMUSMA) and the Malian army, said the state. -Major French. "The last logical convoy has gone for Gao this morning at 5:00.

the opening of a dialogue with armed Islamists could increase tensions with France, forever opposed to such negligence.

Des soldats maliens avec des membes de la mission Takuba, dans le cercle de Dansongo, au Mali, le 23 août 2021. © supplied by the world Malian soldiers with Mission of the Takuba mission, in the circle of Danongo, Mali, August 23, 2021.

in Mali, the official appointment of the Higher Islamic Council (HCI) as the authority responsible for "Negotiate with Malian Jihadists", confirmed Tuesday, October 19 by the transitional government, has been formalizing an existing situation for several years. The Malian power since 2017, expressed its willingness to open up trades with armed Islamists, affiliated with Al-Qaeda, which have steadily increased their range in the North and the center of the country. At the same time, the HCI, a hyphen between political authorities and religious associations, had already multiplied the contacts.

Mali's Timbuktu fears jihadis as France reduces troops

  Mali's Timbuktu fears jihadis as France reduces troops TIMBUKTU, Mali (AP) — It’s been nine years since Islamic extremists in northern Mali arrested Zahra Abdou on charges of showing her hair and wearing an outfit they said was too tight. The al-Qaida-linked militants who had seized control of this fabled desert center in 2012 whipped Abdou in front of a throng of people in her neighborhood. Older women tried to stop the flogging but were prevented by the extremists. “I received dozens of lashes in front of a large crowd and because of the pain I passed out," she recalled. “It was a total humiliation for me. For a long time, I felt ashamed in front of the people of my neighborhood.”The trauma still torments her, she says.

Under the direction of his former boss, Imam Mahmoud Dicko, this structure had negotiated, in 2012, the release of soldiers. The religious Wahhabite then presented itself as the best tool to "bring back to the right way his lost brothers", in the first place Iyad AG Ghali, the emir of the support group of Islam and Muslims, and his lieutenant Amadou Koufa to The head of Katiba Macina.

The Imam Mahmoud Dicko, maker and rombier of kings in Mali

since 2019 under the ferule of Chérif Ousmane Madani Haidara, a preacher of Malikite rite, very popular in Mali, the HCI has not lost its status as a facilitator. But this role had not been formally formalized, neither by the former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, overthrew in August 2020, who did not believe in dialogue with jihadists, nor by the first transitional authorities who left this project in fallow. This function is now openly recognized, the HCI having, according to an internal source, received its mandate on July 14 by mail from the Minister of Religious Affairs and Worship.

Three policemen killed in Niger jihadist assault

  Three policemen killed in Niger jihadist assault Jihadists attacked a police post overnight in Niger's troubled frontier zone with Burkina Faso killing three policemen and wounding seven others, local officials told AFP on Monday. Petelkole is a western border post located merely 10 kilometres from Burkina Faso, which is also facing a wave of jihadist attacks. The first official said the attackers burnt two vehicles and took away weapons.According to a municipal worker armed men on motorbikes had tried to attack the post on Saturday afternoon but fled after the police fought back.In May 2017, two policemen and a civilian were killed at the same post.

Position of weakness

"We will find a Malian solution to prevent the blood from the Malians still running. We will sit without intermediary, "promises Moufa Haidara, the first secretary of HCI. Member of a team of negotiators of the Organization, he had obtained in March a local ceasefire agreement between traditional hunters Dozos and Jihadists of Katiba Macina in the Niono Circle, in the center of the country. He has since shattered.

Mr. Haidara does not say when could the discussions begin, nor what will be the perimeter. "We will discuss everything. There are red lines but have not yet been fixed by the government. The bottom line is that we have the bonds of blood and fraternity between Muslims, "he says in a pledge of compromise. Iyad AG Ghali, he was more explicit about his conditions for peace: the departure of foreign troops, especially French, Mali and the application of Sharia, Islamic law.

Mali asks for religious dignitaries to negotiate with Al Qaeda

 Mali asks for religious dignitaries to negotiate with Al Qaeda Mali-Securite / (Photo): Mali asks for religious dignitaries to negotiate with Al Qaeda Bamako, October 19 (Reuters) - The Government of Bamako announced Tuesday have mandated the main Muslim religious institution of Mali to negotiate with the local branch of Al Qaeda to try to end the conflict that has been in the country for a decade.

In Mali, a dialogue with pressure jihadists

against armed Islamists, the transitional authorities are present in a weak position, without territorial reconquest to oppose, in a form of capitulation which does not say its name. "One of the limits of this dialogue is that the desired purpose and the offer that the government can produce have not been defined, is worried about Baba Dakono, Executive Secretary of the Citizen Observatory on Governance and Security. Another is to place this issue in the hands of the religious as the problem can not be reduced to this dimension.

The prospect of these negotiations may even remove Paris from Bamako, in a context of tension around the possible arrival of Russian mercenaries in Mali. By diplomatic pressure or by public exit - "no dialogue and compromise" with the jihadist leaders, exhorted in June Emmanuel Macron - France has so far endeavored to deter Malians from moving forward in this direction. But no one can say that it still has the means.

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