World NATO tightens the ranks and folds in defense after the debacle in Afghanistan

03:15  22 october  2021
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Amid flurry of Taliban diplomacy, Qatar stresses engagement

  Amid flurry of Taliban diplomacy, Qatar stresses engagement DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Qatar's foreign minister said isolating Afghanistan and its new Taliban rulers “will never be an answer” and argued Wednesday that engaging with the former insurgents could empower the more moderate voices among them. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani spoke amid a flurry of diplomatic meetings taking place in Qatar, where the Taliban have maintained a political office for years in the lead-up to their takeover of Afghanistan in August. The world has been looking to see how the Taliban transition from two decades of insurgency and war to governance after they seized control of Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan as U.S.

The Fiasco in Afghanistan confirmed the will of the Allies to refocus on the defense of their territory in Europe and North America. View on euronews

Les ministres de la défense de l'OTAN, Bruxelles, le 21 octobre 2021 © virginia Mayo / copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NATO Defense Ministers, Brussels, October 21, 2021

NATO posted its unit Thursday, despite the disaster disaster, and decided to fold its strengths and strengthen its Means for protecting them against threats from Russia and China with the adoption of new defense plans by the Alliance Ministers.

"The atmosphere was good and we had an excellent discussion," said NATO's boss, Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, in his report of the first day of the Meeting of the Alliance Defense Ministers.

NATO pans Russian complaints after Lavrov shutters diplomatic offices

  NATO pans Russian complaints after Lavrov shutters diplomatic offices Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has suspended his team’s diplomatic mission to NATO and closed the trans-Atlantic alliance’s two offices in Moscow in the latest dispute about diplomatic behavior and intelligence operations. © Provided by Washington Examiner “We regret these steps,” NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said, referring to the suspension of the Russian mission and the closure of NATO’s military liaison and information offices in Moscow. “NATO’s policy towards Russia remains consistent.

"This was the first opportunity to discuss the problems encountered with the withdrawal of Afghanistan (completed on August 31) and the challenges that country faces, he explained.

The fiasco of NATO's mission in Afghanistan has confirmed the will of the Allies to refocus on the defense of their territory in Europe and North America.

Defensive repositioning

"A transformation is in progress. We have significantly reduced the deployment of the missions outside the territories of the Alliance and we are strengthening the collective defense," said Wednesday Jens Stoltenberg.

"Ministers have endorsed new military capabilities and new defense plans for the Euro-Atlantic Zone," Norwegian announced.

"The goal is to have good strengths in good places at the right time," he said.

"Nobody cares about my family": US troops struggle to get their families out of Afghanistan

  An hour after a suicide bomb exploded outside the Kabul airport on August 26, killing 13 US service members and scores of Afghan civilians, Fahim Masoud, a US military intelligence officer, made a frantic call to his sister. © CNN Fahim Masoud spent weeks trying to get his family out of Afhganistan amid the chaotic US withdrawal. She, along with Masoud's parents and two other siblings, were in a CIA-organized bus navigating the crushing crowds and constant gunfire around the airport, desperately trying to escape Afghanistan.

The meeting started at 1:00 pm (11h GMT) after the arrival of the leader of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin and will continue Friday with debates devoted to the links with the European Union.

A difficult discussion is expected on the will of certain countries, in particular France, to have an autonomous military action capacity when the Alliance can or does not want to commit.

"The efforts of Europeans to reinforce the responsiveness of their strengths and to have additional capabilities are welcome if they provide added value and are available for NATO missions," said Jens Stoltenberg.

The modernization of the arsenals of Russia and China, two countries that are acquiring hypersonic missiles, invest in space and are accused of engaging in computer attacks against Western interests, grow to this defensive repositioning, a- he explained.

"The Allies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of resilience because of the vulnerability of supply chains," he said.

NATO puts clothes, not meat, on its strategic bones

  NATO puts clothes, not meat, on its strategic bones Defense ministers from NATO's 30 member states are meeting at the alliance's headquarters in Brussels.Led by the capable Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance is trying to evolve. Recognizing China's preeminent threat to the democratic international order that NATO stands for, the alliance is paying more attention to Beijing (albeit to the chagrin of France, which worries about losing Chinese trade).

"We need to strengthen our technological advantage with the means of the new $ 1 billion security innovation fund and with the strategy for artificial intelligence," he explained.

Afghanistan, voltage topic

"We sometimes have disputes, disagreements, but the allies have shown that they continued to be united," he said.

Several countries have openly criticized the agreement between Washington and the Taliban power as well as the American refusal to delay the start of allied troops to facilitate the exfiltration of Afghan employees.

Jens Stoltenberg had called for overcoming differences to avoid dissensions between the United States and Europeans.

"The mission in Afghanistan has not been a failure," he supported. "But the way in which the withdrawal consultation was organized upstream was not satisfactory," denounce many allies.

The Europeans intend to apply to the US Minister and the NATO Secretary, whose term ends at the end of September 2022.

"No consultation was organized on the implementation of the withdrawal decision, no schedule Has been discussed, the Secretary General and his deputy were on vacation at the same time during the withdrawal, "denounced a European diplomat.

"The American leadership is questioned", warned the representative of a European country.

Lloyd Austin said he was ready to evoke the "teachings" of the Fiasco in Afghanistan, with the Return to the power of the Taliban after the collapse of the armed forces formed by the mission of NATO Resolute Support.

China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan Move to Create United Front on Afghanistan .
"We should positively view the timely development of bilateral and multilateral dialogues and cooperation with Afghanistan on fighting terrorism," China's top diplomat said.In their second such meeting, the senior diplomats from Afghanistan's six neighboring countries and Russia gathered virtually and in person for a conference in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Wednesday in an effort to further align their views.

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