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14:55  25 november  2021
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No time for additions: Sales stop for book by Annalena Baerbock

 No time for additions: Sales stop for book by Annalena Baerbock This due to plagiarism allegations in the criticism of green boss Annalena Baerbock is no longer sold. Baerbock himself decided, the Ullstein publishing house announced on Thursday in Berlin. Actually, Baerbock announced her book "now. How we renew our country "to revise. Still in mid-August, a publisher announced on request, Baerbock work on the supplement of sources. © Picture Alliance / DPA The book of green politician Annalena Baerbock does not exist anymore.

The Joint Chairman of the German Greens (Die Grunen) was nominated to occupy this key position in the coalition government of the Future Chancellor, the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, whose entry into office. is scheduled for 6 December.

Annalena Baerbock, coprésidente du parti vert allemand (Die Gruenen), arrive pour des négociations de coalition avec des représentants des libéraux allemands (FDP) et du parti social-démocrate allemand (SPD) à Berlin, en Allemagne, le 15 novembre 2021. © supplied by the world Annalena Baerbock, co-chair of the German Green Party (Die Grunen), arrives for coalition negotiations with representatives of German Liberals (FDP) and the German Social Democrat (SPD) in Berlin, Germany On November 15, 2021.

a social democratic to the Chancellery and an ecologist with foreign affairs: after the Tandem Gerhard Schröder-Joschka Fischer (1998-2005), such a hitch is preparing for the second time to take the reins of German diplomacy. And, unless surprised, it is Annalena Baerbock, the former candidate of the Greens to the Chancery, who should inherit foreign affairs in the Government of Olaf Scholz, whose entry into office is scheduled for 6 December.

How Germany's New Government Plans to Be the Greenest One Yet

  How Germany's New Government Plans to Be the Greenest One Yet "We have a whole roadmap for a post-fossil future based on renewable energy"Though the Greens’ performance wasn’t enough to win them the chancellorship, it gave them significant clout in coalition negotiations, which they promised to use to push through parts of their radical climate action program.

In Germany, Olaf Scholz presents a coalition agreement under the sign of "progress"

if his appointment is confirmed, Annalya Baerbock will be the first woman to occupy such a position in Germany. At only 40 years, she will also be her youngest holder. A real challenge for her, who has never been minister. But a calculated risk: since his election to the presidency of the Greens, in January 2018, she specialized in foreign and defense issues. Themes on which she spoke more often than her "binomial" at the head of the party, Robert Habeck, who should come back a major Ministry of Economy, Energy and Climate.

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armed drones

Read the "Coalition Agreement" unveiled Wednesday, November 24, the role of Germany on the international scene should not decay, however, with the departure of Angela Merkel. "As a stability pole, Germany must continue to play a leading role in Europe," can be read in the document, which parallels Berlin's attachment to the transatlantic relationship. On this point, if the objective set by NATO to its members to devote 2% of their GDP to their military spending is not explicitly mentioned, another percentage is given: 3% of the budget for foreign policy , security and development. This allows SPD and Greens - reluctant on 2% - not to expand, without worrying Washington. Another point that will reassure the allies of Germany: acceptance - under conditions - armed drones to equip the Bundeswehr. One point on which the SPD had slowed down from the four irons in recent years.

nights of the traffic light

 nights of the traffic light This week, the coalition agreement will be presented. Still silent everyone while the personnel carousel turns. For Olaf Scholz it should be a nice Nikolauswoche © Kay Nietfeld on the way towards traffic light coalition: The Green Chefs Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, SPD Chancellor Candidate Olaf Scholz and FDP Chairman Christian Lindner You sit all in the writing chamber . Text work. A hard job. Above all, these texts should hold four years of government in which a lot can happen.

With regard to relations with China, a country describes as "systemic rival", the tone is, without surprise, firmer than in the past. It is the same with Russia, as, more broadly, with all countries that do not respect the fundamental rules of the rule of law. From this point of view, the moral dimension of German foreign policy is further highlighted than in "coalition contracts" of previous legislatures.

New reverse for the North Stream 2

pipeline However, such a document is sometimes just as revealing by its silences than by the intentions it displays. This is how we will see in vain allusion to North Stream 2, this controversial pipeline between Russia and Germany, whose German network agency has just suspended approval, but remains an apple of Concurd between SPD, favorable to the project, and the Greens, which have opposed it from the beginning.

"gifted communicator": Habeck defends decision Özdemir as green agriculture ministers .
Habeck justify disregarding Toni Hofreiter in traffic cabinet. Özdemir understand it well, "different interests together,". © Photo: AP / Kay Nietfeld Green leader Robert Habeck with the future Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir. The Green Party Chairman and Vice-Chancellor-designate Robert Habeck has the personnel decisions defended his party for future traffic-government.

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