World Failed World Championship: "Vladimir Putin wants a Russian Batt Magnus Carlsen»

20:15  25 november  2021
20:15  25 november  2021 Source:   lefigaro.fr

EXPLAINER: Is Russia going to invade Ukraine?

  EXPLAINER: Is Russia going to invade Ukraine? MOSCOW (AP) — Ukrainian and Western officials are worried that a Russian military buildup near Ukraine could signal plans by Moscow to invade its ex-Soviet neighbor. The Kremlin insists it has no such intention and has accused Ukraine and its Western backers of making the claims to cover up their own allegedly aggressive designs. It’s unclear whether the Russian troop concentration heralds an imminent attack or represents an attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin to persuade the U.S. and its NATO allies to refrain from sending soldiers and weapons to Ukraine, and drop plans for its eventual integration into NATO.

Du 26 novembre au 16 décembre 2021 le championnat du monde d'échecs Carlsen-Nepomniatchtchi se déroulera à Dubaï. La championne Almira Skripchenko livre au Figaro les enjeux de ce match. © AFP from November 26 to December 16, 2021 The Carlsen-Nepomniatchchi World Championship will take place in Dubai. The Almira Skripchenko champion delivers in Figaro the stakes of this match.

Their battlefield is a square of 64 black and white boxes. Friday starts in Dubai the World Championship of Chess that opposes the title holder, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, to his Challenger, Russian Ian Nepomniatchchchi. In preview Almira Skripchenko, Sextuple Champion of France chess and professional poker player at his lost hours, official match commentator alongside the Indian legend Viswanathan Anand, delivered to the Figaro the keys of this game to the stakes both excuned and policies.

Why chaos in eastern Europe is never bad news for Vladimir Putin

  Why chaos in eastern Europe is never bad news for Vladimir Putin Alarm bells are ringing in Europe's halls of diplomacy. In recent days, senior Western officials have expressed their concern at the thousands of Russian forces that have appeared near the eastern borders of Ukraine. © Sergei Malgavko/TASS/Getty Images Armored personnel carriers take part in an amphibious landing exercise held by army corps and naval infantry units of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at the Opuk range in Crimea in October 2021.

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for the Franco-Moldovan Star of Chess, which has just released at Larousse the Initiation Manual Start at Chess , The match Carlsen-Nepomniatchchi will not only oppose two players with diametrically opposite styles, a Scandinavian hyper-strategist against a bubbling Russian tactician appearing out of a Diltoyevski novel, but will also be a kind of reminiscence of the ideological struggles of Spassky-Fischer matches Or later Karpov-Kasparov: " Nepomniatchchi is supported by Vladimir Putin and all the Russian people. Carlsen is perhaps the favorite on paper but Ian is bubbling, impetuous and it is not negligible has a positive score against the world champion. From a psychological point of view, it is not a negligible factor. »

To start the Chess World Cup: Why Carlsen against Nepomnjaschi no spectacle is

 To start the Chess World Cup: Why Carlsen against Nepomnjaschi no spectacle is The chess World Cup between Magnus Carlsen and Jan Nepomnjashchi is above all a missed chance. Sporty interesting it will still be. A comment. © Photo: DPA Chess fans must be satisfied from Friday with the World Cup Match Carlsen, 30, against Jan Nepomnjashchi, 31, It could have been a medial chess spectacle, comparable to the Challenger's World Cup fight against Boris Spasski in 1972 in Reykjavik.

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indeed, bring back " the crown to the Empire ", as pointed out with a very symbolic metaphor Almira Skripchenko, seems to be An obsession with the Russian power that believes that the King of Games has been a patriotic cause since Grand Master Mikhail Botvinnik, a convinced communist, brought back the world scepter to Moscow in 1948, at the time of the Stalinist era.

supported by a whole people, can Ian NepoMniachtchi dominate a Magnus Carlsen who has been showing more than a decade a supremacy without sharing the world of failures. For Almira Skripchenko, the key is in the ability of the Russian Challenger to dominate his nerves: " Ian is bubbling. It is a cultivated person who reminds me of the players of the Renaissance. It's like a "lady enraged" if you allow me this comparison. If he knows how to contain his impulsiveness, he will free his talent. This is the condition sine qua non to bring the crown back to Russia. »Start of the answer on November 26th. The two champions will have fourteen games to find out who is the best player in the world.

The Figaro Live will comment on the first part of the match from 15:30 on November 26th. You will be able to follow the comments of Almira Skripchenko, in English, on the website of the FIDE . Finally the excellent Chess24 site will provide, in the language of Molière, the analyzes of the great international masters Yannick Gozzoli and Adrien Demuth.

The maintenance granted by Almira Skripchenko at the Figaro Live

The many Russian links to the operatives behind the Steele dossier .
The Russian links to the figures behind Christopher Steele’s discredited dossier have come into clearer focus following special counsel John Durham’s indictments. © Provided by Washington Examiner Steele was working for Vladimir Putin-linked oligarch Oleg Deripaska before, during, and after his time targeting then-candidate Donald Trump, and the former MI6 agent was hired to put the dossier together by an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, which was simultaneously working for Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya of the now-infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

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