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19:20  30 november  2021
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Suspect arrested in deadly movie theater shooting in Southern California

  Suspect arrested in deadly movie theater shooting in Southern California Joseph Jimenez was booked on charges of murder, attempted murder, and robbery.Joseph Jimenez, 20, was arrested at his home in nearby El Cerrito on Tuesday night, the Corona Police Department said in a news release. Detectives located Jimenez after receiving witness statements, authorities said. They added that a firearm and additional evidence related to the crime scene were discovered during a search of the residence, and that the firearm matched the caliber of the weapon used in the murder.

Berlin. Corona has the country firmly under control. The policy is located in transitional mode between two governments - and much in Berlin runs chaotic. Why that harms the country.

 Scholz und Merkel im August gemeinsam im Bundestag. (Archiv) © Tobias Schwarz Scholz and Merkel in August together in the Bundestag. (Archive)

It's another one of those days in Berlin, which has returned since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic in beautiful regularity. Hectic communication, especially behind the scenes, virtual meetings, pierced papers. But in the time between two governments, the hassle increases again - into chaos. The current inability of politics to respond appropriately to the dramatic corona figures is particularly reflected in the communication to this meeting. A classic "Prime Minister Conference" should not be the federal-country conversations with the managing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the future Chancellor (SPD), rather a "caming discussion", which should initially not reveal public decisions. For real? In view of the situation alone the request is amazing.

100,000 Dead: Germany complains fourth highest numbers of Corona victims in Western Europe

 100,000 Dead: Germany complains fourth highest numbers of Corona victims in Western Europe 100,000 people died in Germany in less than two years in connection with the Corona Pandemic , which corresponds to the population of cities such as Cottbus, Kaiserslautern or Siegen. Currently, the fourth wave of the pandemic rolls through the country. © DPA In Germany, more than 100,000 people have died in connection with Corona. Once, Germany received a lot of recognition for its effective pandemic fighting internationally. Those days are over.

that decisions were now posted on Thursday is a communicative poverty certificate, especially since it apparently gives unity of the federal government and countries in some points.CSU boss Markus Söder even manages to thank Scholz for his mediation. But why was there no preparation in the run-up to the meeting?

The traffic light has laid an egg into the nest with the end of the epidemic situation of national scope. As soon as the Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann expressed so beautiful: He could now close theater and cinema, but must have brothels open. You need now "a systematics in the crisis".

is exactly due to this system. The uncertainty at all political levels is huge. It seems. In the case of the change of the epidemic situation, sometimes the state law firm is not exactly what is so possible in detail.So may also exist in each federal state a bit the yearning that Berlin meets the unpopular measures for all - would the displeasure of the Note then Gen's capital. All the more urgent is a coordinated instruction statement. You can only hope that there are this on Thursday.

Before the Bund Country Round: Chancellor's Chief Calls Corona "Emergency Brake" before Christmas

 Before the Bund Country Round: Chancellor's Chief Calls Corona less contacts, football without viewers: Helge Braun wants rapid measures to curb Corona. From Tuesday afternoon, Merkel, Scholz and the countries advise. © Photo: DPA / Boris Schackow Laying a Corona Patient from Thuringia to Hannover Before an Waistband Country-Switch to the Corona Crisis , the managing chancellor's chief Helge Braun has a "emergency brake" to become of the infection position Lord .

Because the lack of incomprehension in the population is growing rapidly. The policy rules in disordered panic mode, no one wants to go. And she breaks word: school closures, so it was almost from all parties, should be avoided. But what are early Christmas holidays other? It sounds friendly. The fact is: The parents again have a care problem, the children miss again school lessons, their social contacts are resurrected again. Also from Lockdowns should no longer be spoken, instead of "shunting", "Christmas rest" or the like. No matter how it says: it should bring something. And fast.

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