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08:25  04 december  2021
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  Après Chypre, le pape attendu à Athènes, à la rencontre des orthodoxes grecs © AFP

a near two days to Cyprus , Pope Francis arrives Saturday morning in Athens meets the orthodox Christians of Greece , A first in two decades in the Greek capital placed under high security because of the pupper climate which reigns there traditionally.

If the Sovereign Pontiff went to the Greek Island of Lesbos in 2016, it is the first visit of a pope in Athens in twenty years, since the displacement of Jean Paul II in May 2001.

as He did it for two days in Cyprus, Francis comes "quench his thirst for the sources of fraternity" and strengthen his ties with his "brothers of faith", the Orthodox Christians, separated from the Catholic Church since the schism of 1054 Between Rome and Constantinople.

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In a published video shortly before his departure from Rome, the Pope presented "Pilgrim" at the meeting of "all, not just Catholics", a minority of 1.2% in a largest majority of Orthodox religion, not separated from the state.

He will meet Saturday with the President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou and the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as well as with the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Greece II, before meeting the Catholic community, for which " The presence of the Holy Father in Greece is an encouragement, according to Markos Foscolos, theologian and priest on the island of Tinos.

"At the sources of humanity"

his stay of two and a half days in Greece will also be marked Sunday by a new light visit to Lesbos, emblematic of the migration crisis, where he said he would go "to the sources of the humanity "plead for welcoming and" integration "refugees.

With migrants in mind, Pope Francis visits Cyprus

  With migrants in mind, Pope Francis visits Cyprus With migrants in mind, Pope Francis visits CyprusNICOSIA (Reuters) - Pope Francis visits Cyprus this week to lend his support to a conflict-riven island now on the front line of a new migratory route for people fleeing their countries for Europe.

About forty migrants' defense NGOs have asked to meet him, exhorting him to intervene for the alleged represss of exiles at Greco-Turkish borders.

Video: Cyprus: The Pope calls "Unity" in the Full Migration Crisis (France 24)

The "Spiritual Father" is awaited impatiently in Lesbos, where about thirty new applicants? 'Asylum have gone through Wednesday.

"We are waiting for them open arms," ​​said Berthe, a Cameroon waiting for the Pope "that he prays for us because of the insecurities we have lived and helps us overcome that in faith".

During his "brief" visit of the Mavroovouni camp, "he is clearly interested in the refugees" which he will meet two families "chosen at random", said Friday on the Greek TV channel Ert Dimitris Vafeas, Deputy Director of the camp.

Some 900 policemen must be deployed the time of travel on the Greek island and around the camp erected after the September 2020 fire that destroyed the structure of Moria, that the Pope had visited five years.

Pope Francis begins a four-day trip to the Mediterranean

 Pope Francis begins a four-day trip to the Mediterranean © Reuters - Yara Nardi Pope Francis, December 1, 2021, at the Vatican. Pope Francis is expected this Thursday, December 2 in Cyprus, then in Greece Saturday where he will carry out his 35th apostolic trip since his election. A four-day trip to the mainly orthodox to Nicosia, Athens and the island of Lesbos, where he will meet again migrants.

high security

drones, armored vehicles, cut roads: the capital will also be placed under high security until the departure of the Sovereign Pontiff Monday at the end of the morning, in anticipation of possible anti-placipper events.

Even if the climate is better than in 2001, during the first visit of a Pope to Greece, there is, inside the Greek synod, "some reputable anticatholic fanatics," said AFP Pierre Salembier, Superior of the Jesuit community in Greece. The most famous being the metropolitan seraphim of Piraeus, who described the visit of Pope Francis of "Immoral", according to the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

up to 2,000 police officers are planned for Athens in anticipation of protests of Orthodox fundamentalists. "They will be few but noisy", warns the theologian Petros Panagiotopoulos, professor at the Artistote University of Thessaloniki.

20 years ago, John Paul II had asked for "sorry" for the sins of Catholics against the Orthodox, with reference to the bag of Constantinople of 1204.

Despite this repentance, the Catholic Archbishop of Athens Theodore Kodidis expects also that "people or groups protest and come back on the weight of history". But he does not judge "their significant influence" and sees in this meeting with the Orthodox Church "a sign of hope and progress".

If the visit of the Pope has been described as "significant" of government source, many Greeks are "not interested in this event", according to Bishop Kodidis. Because "here it is an orthodox country, the Pope remains a distant figure".

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Pope Francis visits migrant camp on Greek island of Lesbos .
Pope Francis visits migrant camp on Greek island of LesbosLESBOS, Greece (Reuters) - Pope Francis will travel to Lesbos on Sunday to meet asylum-seekers at a migrant camp there on his second visit to the Greek island that was at the forefront of Europe's refugee crisis.

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