World Serbia: Revolt against the government and its mining projects

08:25  04 december  2021
08:25  04 december  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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Des manifestants opposés aux expropriations pour de nouvelles exploitations de lithium ont bloqué une autoroute à Belgrade le 27 novembre. © Reuters protesters opposed to expropriations for new lithium farms blocked a highway in Belgrade on November 27.

demonstrations against the authorization of new mining concessions have been shaking the country for a week. The organizers call for radicalizing this "ecological uprising" this weekend.

It's a "green revolt" that shakes the Serbia. thousands of people blocked roads and bridges in the country, last weekend. In the city of Sabac in the northwest, hooligans close to the regime, armed with sticks and hammers, attacked the protesters, one of them fusing even in the crowd driving a shovel. On November 28, 2021, the protesters were even more numerous to denounce these violence in the center of Belgrade, and the next day, new processions paraded in the streets of Sabac and Loznica, in the west of the country. Far from calming, the "ecological uprising" calls for a radicalization of the movement this weekend.

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An uprising against what?

In issue, a new expropriation law that must allow the generalization of mining concessions. It is the lithium exploitation projects by the Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto in Western Serbia that set fire to the powders.

In the Jadar Valley, where these expropriations have begun, already prevails, because of the preparatory work, a desolation landscape: ruined villages, flooded and polluted land. A rock called Jadarite has been discovered in 2004. It presents an exceptional lithium concentration, which is essential for the operation of the batteries of electric cars. According to some estimates, Serbia would hold 10% of global reserves.

villagers enter resistance

The Serbian government is convinced of having found its Eldorado, except that the population does not hear this ear. The villagers in the Jadar region came into resistance, and the vote of the expropriation law gave national magnitude to their struggle. On behalf of the green transition, the local communities are expropriated and the environment is destroyed, Natalija Simovic, the Ecologist Movement Do Davimo Beograd.

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A movement denied by power

as always, the media related to the regime have ignored the events of the weekend but, in the face of the magnitude of the Fronde, it is President Aleksandar Vucic himself who has committed against -attack. He assured that the capital Gazela, the wider of the capital, had been blocked only by 50 people on one side, 70 on the other, while millions of people live in Serbia .

The next day he posted on Instagram, of which he is a great user, a photo where he takes the break in jogging, with the Minister of Finance and former Mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, in front of the very controversial complex Belgrade Waterfront, who Defigured the center the Serbian capital, commenting on: they have the roads, they will not deprive us of this walk. Long live the free Serbia!

The Orthodox Church condemns

a few months from the general elections - presidential, parliamentarians and municipal - from April 3, 2022, this revolt could refattate some cards and has something to worry. Even the influential Orthodox church condemned lithium exploitation projects, just like the violence of the last weekend.

Environmentalists lay traffic in Belgrade Lahm .
thousands of people have demonstrated in Serbia against environmental pollution. Their anger is directed against new laws that, according to their view, promote environmentally harmful projects and large foreign investors. © Imago Images / Aleksandar Djorovic Provided by Deutsche Wave The demonstrators put the traffic on the Belgrade Stadtautobahn for two hours, on the most important Danube Bridge in the North Amerbian Novi Sad and central bodies in many other cities of the country Lahm.

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