World Council of the European Union: Emmanuel Macron will hold Thursday a press conference on the French Presidency

08:03  06 december  2021
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Italy, France deepen economic, defense cooperation

  Italy, France deepen economic, defense cooperation ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Mario Draghi said that a bilateral treaty signed on Friday with French President Emmanuel Macron to strengthen bilateral cooperation would also help create a “true European defense." The treaty deepens cooperation “in crucial sectors, from security to justice, from research to industry,’’ Draghi told a press conference. That includes spending to create “a true European defense" that Draghi said “obviously is complementary to NATO" and doesn't substitute the alliance.“To be sovereign, Europe needs to know how to defend its borders. We need to create a real defense,'' he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday , following a week in which he met with numerous European leaders. The French and Spanish prime ministers are among those self-isolating because they had recent contact with Macron . Macron took a test "as soon as the first symptoms appeared" and will self-isolate for seven days, the presidency said in a brief statement. French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal said contact-tracing efforts were in progress. He said Macron , 42, started to feel symptoms overnight and that he will keep working from the Élysée

The French will be holding the rotating chairmanship of the Council of the European Union , one of the EU ’s institutions, from January through June and the presidential election will probably have its second round in May. Macron was sworn in on May 14 2017 last time and the elections for the parliament followed in June. What that coincidence will do to the effectiveness of the rotating chairmanship is an open question. Perhaps little if Macron emerges as victorious with a hefty majority in the legislature again. If someone else is elected, this may lead to a short period of ineffectiveness in th.

The Head of State will expose at 4 pm to the Elysee "the great European priorities that France will wear during the presidency" of 6 months beginning January 1

Les drapeaux de l'UE et de la France à l'Elysée devant Emmanuel Macron. © Nicolas Messyasz The flags of the EU and France at the Elysee in front of Emmanuel Macron. Agenda - The Head of State will expose at 4 pm to the Elysee "the great European priorities that France will wear during the presidency" of 6 months beginning on January 1, on January 1, France will take for six months The head of the Council of the European Union

. This approach approachantly, Emmanuel Macron will hold a press conference on Thursday to present the priorities of this Presidency. At the same time, Prime Minister Jean Castex must bring together the presidents of parliamentary groups of the European Parliament and his President David Sassoli. The Head of State, which will be explained at 4 pm in the Elysee, "will present the great European priorities that France will bring during the Presidency," said Sunday the Presidency, in a context of debate concerning the reception migrants or the EU place in the world. This rotating presidency of the EU Council, which brings together the 27 member countries but does not govern the

Camped in Calais, migrants renew resolve to try for England

  Camped in Calais, migrants renew resolve to try for England CALAIS, France (AP) — At the makeshift camps in France near Calais and Dunkirk, migrants are digging in, waiting for their chance to make a dash across the English Channel despite the deaths of at least 27 people this week when their boat sank a few miles (kilometers) from the French coast. Police have stepped up patrols in recent days and the weather has worsened, making this a bad time to attempt a crossing. But most migrants say the tragedy won’t prevent them from climbing into a flimsy inflatable boat packed with up to 50 people in hopes of reaching Britain.

The 2017 French presidential election was held on 23 April and 7 May 2017. As no candidate won a majority in the first round, a runoff was held between the top two candidates, Emmanuel Macron of En Marche! (EM) and Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN), which Macron won by a decisive margin.

Emmanuel Macron sold himself as both right and left politically and as someone who would fundamentally change a technocratic French government system. A former economy minister in the Socialist Party, he garnered support from all over the political spectrum when he In what’s likely to be good timing for Macron , France will hold the European Council presidency during the first six months of 2022, including in April when the presidential election will happen. A big success for Macron in 2020 was the European stimulus plan, championed by him and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


, will allow France to animate the debates by setting the agenda of meetings. Presidential and Legislative During the Presidency Emmanuel Macron, which comes into a convinced European, has already expressed several times the importance it attached to this semi-annual presidency, which will coincide with the campaigns for the


. April 24 Then for legislation planned in June in France. Its objectives are to "strengthen European sovereignty", in particular by military autonomy, to reform the Schengen agreements, to advance the "climate package" with the carbon tax or to rebuild "a treaty of peace and Friendship with Africa "under the umbrella of the EU. A defense summit is planned in particular during the first three months of the Presidency, during which the most important appointments will be organized before the presidential election. Emmanuel Macron should also give Thursday the list of cities in which several events of the French Presidency will be organized and unveiling the emblem, according to the Elysée.

politic year after the death of Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Emmanuel Macron and the EU pay homage

EconomieLeurope speaks to consumers via a podcast

Macron and Orbán: Yes for nuclear power and external border protection .
It is an unlikely alliance. But France's head of state Macron and Hungary Premier Orbán made their commonalities on Monday. © Photo: Attila Volgyi / dpa France's head of state Emmanuel Macron (left) and Hungary's head of government Viktor Orbán. At first glance, there is not much that Hungary's head of government Viktor Orbán and the French President Emmanuel Macron connects. Before the last European election, Macron said the "Illiberal Democracy" the fight.

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