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13:10  06 january  2022
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DAKAR-2022: From Villiers opens its counter by car, Al-Attiyah is getting closer to the success

 DAKAR-2022: From Villiers opens its counter by car, Al-Attiyah is getting closer to the success © Franck Fife South African Giniel of Villiers at the 3rd stage of the Rally Dakar between Al-Artawiya and Al-Qaysumah, In Saudi Arabia, January 4, 2022 South African Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) won the 9th stage of the Rally Dakar Tuesday, a special 287 km special around Wadi Ad-Dawasir (South), during which the leader Qatari of General Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) has resumed time to his pursuers.

Giniel de Villiers war in zwei Zwischenfälle mit Motorradfahrern verwickelt © Red Bull Content Pool Giniel de Villiers was involved in two incidents involving motorcyclists

Giniel de Villiers was punished for two incidents involving motorcycles and therefore the leaders in the Dakar rally does not matter more , The Toyota driver has received a time penalty of five minutes and one second of five hours. Thus he dropped back to 38th

The first situation has taken place already during the first stage. touched in a narrow part between rocks de Villiers from behind the motorcycle of Chileans Cesar Zumuran. This came to fall. De Villiers went on.

He had to audition in front of the stewards. The winner of 2009 apologized and stated that the motorcyclist has signaled that he was all right. Nevertheless, the FIA ​​already expressed a penalty five minutes on Monday.

Matthias Walkner About broken Dakar stage: "It was too dangerous"

 Matthias Walkner About broken Dakar stage: © KTM Matthias Walkner is at halftime the rally on second place at halftime the Rally Dakar is Matthias Walkner in second place of the overall standings. His residue on Sam Sunderland (gas gas) is two minutes and 39 seconds at six still outstanding stages. Saturday is the only rest day of the rally. In the bivouac, the day before examined discussions. In the surroundings of Saudi Arabia's capital two different loops had been planned.

The second situation happened during the second stage. On the slope of a dune de Villiers was able to Mohamedsaid Aoluad Ali dodge, but he drove his Toyota on the KTM, which was get damaged. audition

on Wednesday had to de Villiers at the stewards. "We have no alarm signal from the Sentinel heard," is his explanation. "We have no doubt that we have received a signal."

"The problem is the button for the Sentinel on the floor on the passenger side that is. During the trip are whirled the feet of the passenger, the button can be pressed accidentally so."

"When we came over the dune, we saw the motorcyclist and I avoided him, not to hurt him. At the foot of the dune we turned to make sure that the driver was not hurt. When we landed, we felt not that the motorcycle was hit. "

Guillaume Peltier, Ex-number 2 of LR, Rallie Zemmour

 Guillaume Peltier, Ex-number 2 of LR, Rallie Zemmour © Copyright 2022, the Obs engaged at the National Front in his youth before becoming a number 2 of the Republicans, Guillaume Peltier will not support the candidate of the party, Valérie Pécresse. He announced this Sunday, January 9th that he rallied the extreme right candidate to the presidential Eric Zemmour.

"Then we put the section on. It is very embarrassing that something like this has happened. We apologize very much for this incident. We are also willing to refund the cost of rebuilding the bike."

De Villiers takes over cost of broken motorcycle

De Villiers has agreed with Aoulad Ali. He pays for the cost of repairs and the registration for the Dakar 2,023th The motorcyclist from Morocco took on too and was satisfied.

But the FIA ​​was merciless. De Villiers did not comply with safety. According to Article 12.2.1.h the sporting regulations five penalty hours were aufgebrummt him. After the fourth stage he was fourth. With the penalty to be residue now stands at 5 hours and 49 minutes.

"The Sentinel is for the safety of the driver and all the other participants of the Dakar Rally essential," says the FIA ​​document. "Security is a major concern of the FIA. The security remains a key challenge."

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"The FIA ​​is obliged to do everything possible to protect, among other drivers. It is the duty of the crew to respond to the signal of the Sentinel system to avoid danger to themselves and others"

"The race stewards consider the behavior of the occupation as a violation of the rules, the consequences must have. as Mr. de Villiers has voluntarily set by the driver in connection apologized and will pay for the damage, the stewards keep a time penalty for necessary but also for appropriate ".

standings after 4 of 12 stages (Top 10):

01. Al-Attiyah / Baumel (Toyota) - 13:26:02 hours

02. Loeb / Lurquin (BRX) +38: 05 minutes 03

Al-Rajhi / Orr (Toyota) +49: 15

04. Alvarez / Monleon (Toyota) +53: 58

05 Waisljew / Uperenko (BMW) +1: 03: 52 hours 06

Przygonski / Gottschalk (Mini stroller) +1 : 11: 57 07. Halpern

/ Gray (Mini stroller) +1: 17: 23

08 Prokop / Chytka (Ford) +1: 20: 26

09. Terranova / Oliveras (BRX) +1: 23: 42

10. Seaidan / Kuzmich (Mini 4Х- $) +1: 30: 18

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